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This blog follows the breeding season of Gentoo penguins at the Gars O'Higgins research facility, as well as the King, Adelie, and Gentoo penguins at South Georgia Island. This blog will consist of images taken from the nesting site at O'Higgins Station, the surrounding area on the Antarctic Peninsula, and the beach on South Georgia Island.
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More Gentoos checking out the Rookery

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Penguin Watch

They're Baaaack!

Saturday 3rd of October 2015 10:30:00 PM
Wow. It's been nearly a year since I've posted anything on this blog; how time flies, right? Thanks to a computer meltdown of epic proportions last spring and really bad cam shots, I managed to miss out on the last leg of the Gentoos occupation of Gars O'Higgins Station, which included the chicks first wanderings. I'm hoping for a better year this time, as well better cam shots to highlight a nest or two. Without a cam on a nest, we can't have front row seats for the birth and subsequent sighting of the chicks' first forays.

So, that being said, here's evidence that a few early arrivers are already checking out the rookery, despite the still intense sea ice and subsequent spring weather. I'll have more as the cams catch sight of those gorgeous Gentoos.

Stay tuned! 

Penguin Watch

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