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Build a Real VPN with OpenVPN

Thursday 16th of March 2017 02:00:51 PM
Title: Build a Real VPN with OpenVPN16 MarLearn more

How to Choose the Best Linux Distro for SysAdmin Workstation Security

Thursday 16th of March 2017 01:00:43 PM

Learn how to work from anywhere and keep your data, identity, and sanity. DOWNLOAD NOW

If you’re a systems administrator choosing a Linux distribution for your workstation, chances are you’ll stick with a fairly widely used distro such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, or one of their close spin-offs. Still, there are several security considerations you should weigh when picking which distribution is best for your needs.

You’ll want a distro that:

How to Maintain Open Source Compliance After Code Changes

Wednesday 15th of March 2017 03:00:55 PM
Title: How to Maintain Open Source Compliance After Code Changes15 MarLearn more

6 Operational Challenges to Using Open Source Software

Wednesday 15th of March 2017 02:30:13 PM
Title: 6 Operational Challenges to Using Open Source Software15 MarLearn more

Solving Monitoring in the Cloud With Prometheus

Tuesday 14th of March 2017 05:57:50 PM
Title: Solving Monitoring in the Cloud With Prometheus14 MarLearn more

There’s More to Life Than Code: How to Keep Your Engineers Engaged

Tuesday 14th of March 2017 02:31:56 PM

Building great new things requires hiring great engineers, but growing already great things requires keeping great engineers engaged. The key to that is making sure engineers feel rewarded and respected and to provide a sense of purpose, according to Camille Fournier, at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February.

An Exploration of Citrix Delivery Networks

Tuesday 14th of March 2017 02:30:01 PM
Title: An Exploration of Citrix Delivery Networks14 MarLearn more

Amid Shortages in Apache Spark Skillsets, Training Options Proliferate

Tuesday 14th of March 2017 02:10:38 PM

The open source Big Data scene is red hot, but organizations are now dealing with shortages in people with relevant deployment and management expertise. There are simply not enough skilled workers to go around, especially when it comes to one of the hottest technologies of all: Apache Spark.

How to Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Voice-Enabled Amazon Alexa Device

Monday 13th of March 2017 03:00:49 PM

One of the leading items on embedded developers’ to-do lists these days is to add Amazon’s Alexa voice agent to a hacker board or another Linux device. Of course, you could simply buy an Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo speaker system for $180 -- or a non-speaker Amazon Echo Dot for only $50 -- but what fun is that? For some, the goal is to recreate the basic Alexa Skills of ordering pizza or asking random question like which countries were finalists in the 2014 World Cup.

Opening Up Virtual Reality Development with WebVR

Monday 13th of March 2017 02:42:47 PM

“Virtual reality (VR) is nothing new — people have been experimenting with it for decades. But only recently, we have come to terms with having commercial hardware like Oculus or HTC Vive to experience and enjoy VR content within our home,” says Rabimba Karanjai, a full-time graduate researcher and Mozilla contributor, who will be speaking about virtual reality development at the upcoming Open Networking Summit.

This Week in Open Source News: Vault7 Wikileaks Details & Industry Comments Emerge, Updates to Skype for Linux & More

Friday 10th of March 2017 04:00:41 PM
Title: This Week in Open Source News: Vault7 Wikileaks Details & Industry Comments Emerge, Updates to Skype for Linux & More10 MarLearn more

The Companies That Support Linux and Open Source: Hart

Friday 10th of March 2017 03:00:12 PM

Hart is a medical software technology company that improves the ways in which people inside and outside of the industry access and engage with health data.

Founded in 2012, the startup develops HartOS, an API platform that allows healthcare providers and their vendors and partners to use health data from multiple computer systems in a HIPAA-compliant manner in a range of digital formats. These may include medical records, hospital information, radiology information, laboratory information, picture archiving, emergency department, and other systems.

How to Search for Files from the Linux Command Line

Friday 10th of March 2017 02:30:05 PM
Title: How to Search for Files from the Linux Command Line10 MarLearn more

Growing Up Node: Lessons for Successful Platform Migration

Friday 10th of March 2017 02:06:20 PM

Switching from one technology to another is always going to be hard, and, despite the popularity of Node.js, it does come with its own set of complexities, and the advantages are not always apparent to management, says Trevor Livingston, principal architect at HomeAway, speaking at Node.js Interactive.

Linux Foundation Key to Data Center Networking Evolution Says SDxCentral Report

Thursday 9th of March 2017 03:30:58 PM
Title: Linux Foundation Key to Data Center Networking Evolution Says SDxCentral Report9 MarLearn more

Monitor SATA and SSD Health with SMART

Thursday 9th of March 2017 02:45:43 PM
Title: Monitor SATA and SSD Health with SMART9 MarLearn more

How to Format Storage Devices in Linux

Thursday 9th of March 2017 02:00:38 PM
Title: How to Format Storage Devices in Linux9 MarLearn more

Why Open Collaboration Is Crucial for Blockchain Tech

Wednesday 8th of March 2017 03:45:50 PM

The one-year-old Hyperledger Project has already come a long way in making the innovative blockchain technology used in Bitcoin a viable option for secure business transactions. That was the clear message from Christopher Ferris in his keynote at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February.

Why Using Open Source Software Helps Companies Stay Flexible and Innovate

Wednesday 8th of March 2017 03:30:17 PM
Title: Why Using Open Source Software Helps Companies Stay Flexible and Innovate8 MarLearn more

Establishing a Clean Software Baseline for Open Source License Compliance

Wednesday 8th of March 2017 03:00:38 PM
Title: Establishing a Clean Software Baseline for Open Source License Compliance8 MarLearn more

More in Tux Machines

Leftovers: Software

  • [Video] Linux Audio Programs Compared 2017
    I made this video for those that are new to, or just interested in making music on the Linux OS. I go over the features, goods and bads of Rosegarden, LMMS, Ardour, Mixbus, and EnergyXT, as well as touch on Qtractor. I don't don't go much into details of the particular versions I am using, but the video was made in the early part of 2017 and I'm running Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
  • Green Recorder: A Simple Desktop/Screen Recorder for Linux
    Green Recorder is a simple, open source desktop recorder developed for Linux systems built using Python, GTK and FFmpeg. It supports most of the Linux desktop environments such as Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce and so on. Recently it has been updated to work with Wayland too in Gnome session.
  • Komorebi: A New Way To Enhance Your Desktop Using Animated/Parallax Wallpapers
    In past there were applications that allowed us to run videos/Gif as wallpaper on the desktop and make desktop look much cooler but than all of sudden the development of such Apps stopped and I can't name any App that exist for this purpose. Komorebi is fairly new application designed to make your desktop experience much better and make desktop cool as well, we can say it is kind of 'live wallpaper' situation here or 3D wallpaper. It is developed by Abe Masri and available under GPL license for free.
  • Stacer Sytem Optimizer: A Must Have Application For Ubuntu/Linux Mint
    There are multiple ways to optimize your Linux, the most geeky way is using Terminal, there are also applications available that performs such actions like Bleachbit, Ubuntu cleaner and so on. Stacer is simple, open-source, quick and new application designed to offer you all-in-one optimizer for your Ubuntu/Linux Mint (It's alternative to CCleaner but only for Linux).
  • Qtox: Open Source and Fully Secure Skype Replacement for Linux
    Long years ago, we've talked about a Skype alternative called Tox which was still in its early developmental stages. Tox was supposed to become the anti-thesis of Skype by being a fully open-source video and voice chat client that placed user privacy and security at its center. Well, guess what, there are now fully active and well-maintained chat clients that are built on top of Tox protocol. qTox is one of them.
  • Rclone 1.36 Released With SFTP And Local Symlinks Support, More
    Rclone 1.36 was released recently, bringing support for SFTP, local symbolic links support, mount improvements, along with many other new features and bug fixes. For those not familiar with Rclone, this is a cross-platform command line tool for synchronizing files and folders to multiple cloud storages, which supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Yandex Disk, and more. It can be used to sync files either from your machine or from one cloud storage to another.
  • Streamlink Twitch GUI 1.2.0 Adds Support For Communities And Team Pages, Basic Hotkeys
    Streamlink Twitch GUI (previously Livestreamer Twitch GUI) is a multi-platform browser. The application is powered by Node.js, Chromium and Streamlink, though it can still use Livestreamer (which is no longer maintained) too.
  • Code Editor `Brackets` 1.9 Released, Available In PPA
    Brackets is a free, open source code editor focused on front-end web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
  • Terminix Terminal Emulator Renamed To Tilix, Sees New Bugfix Release
    [Quick update] Terminix, a GTK3 tiling terminal emulator, has been renamed to Tilix due to some trademark issues.

today's howtos

Games and CodeWeavers/Wine

  • A Snapshot of Linux Gamers, Just One Year Ago
    It’s about time we share the analysis of that Q1 2016 survey (fielding occured in March last year), especially as we are about to launch the Q1 2017 one pretty, pretty soon. That way we will be able to compare how things have changed over the course of 12 months. As usual, the whole disclaimer about online surveys is valid here (data is only as good as your n size, the appropriateness of your sampling, and the quality of the responses, etc…), but assuming it’s not all that bad and all that unreliable, let’s dig in the results. As a reminder, most of the respondents for this survey were recruited through the r/linux and r/linux_gaming subreddits, as well as the readership of BoilingSteam. This is not our first survey, and you can see our previous ones done in the second quarter of 2015, and the following one in the last quarter of 2015.
  • Slime-san Coming To PC, Mac and Linux
    Headup Games and Fabraz proudly announce their upcoming action-platformer Slime-san for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam & Humble Bundle. Console releases will follow soon after. Jump and slime your way through 100 levels in a unique 5-colored, pixelated world and escape from a giant worm’s innards. Get your shopping done in Slumptown, a town full of survivors within the worm. Unlock different play styles, outfits, shaders and even multiplayer mini-games! Slime-san is developed by Fabraz, an independent development studio that also released the critically-acclaimed games Cannon Crasha and Planet Diver. Slime-san was minding his own business, sliming around in a peaceful forest when suddenly…A giant worm appeared and gobbled him up! Now deep within the worm’s belly, Slime-san has to face a decision: Be digested by the incoming wall of stomach acid... Or jump, slide and slime his way through the worm's intestines and back out its mouth!
  • CodeWeavers Announces CrossOver 16.2.0
  • The Wine Revolution is ON!
    As you know Codeweavers (and other WINE contributors) have been working on DX11 support for a while – they were supposed to have DX11 support by the end of 2016, but as with all complex projects, timelines tend to slip and only very DX11 titles could run a few months ago. Since then, there was no major announcement, but it seems that the progress has been very significant in the recent WINE versions (2.3 is already out).

Leftovers: KDE