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Elementary OS Freya: Is This The Next Big Linux Distro?

Friday 19th of June 2015 05:21:47 PM

Elementary OS Freya takes all of the known elements of a good UI, blends them together, and doesn’t toss in anything extraneous that might throw the user for a loop. 

7 Elementary OS Freya Tweaks to Make the Platform Even Better

Friday 19th of June 2015 04:54:26 PM

If you want to skip the exploration phase and get right to the tweaking of Elementary OS Freya, I have a short list of things you should immediately do, upon finalizing your installation. 

This Week in Linux News: Node.js Foundation Launches, Linus Torvalds Considers the Future of Linux, and More.

Thursday 18th of June 2015 07:31:04 PM

Between Bloomberg's interview with Linux creator Linus Torvalds, and the Node.js Foundation launch, this was a big week for Linux news. Catch up on the top headlines below.

Razer and Valve Boost Open Source Virtual Reality at E3

Wednesday 17th of June 2015 09:51:36 PM

At this week's E3 show in Los Angeles, virtual reality took another step toward becoming the real deal as companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Facebook's Oculus showed off VR headsets.

Let's Encrypt Announces Launch Schedule

Wednesday 17th of June 2015 04:21:44 PM

Let's Encrypt Blog: The Linux Foundation Collaborative Project Let's Encrypt is ready to announce its launch schedule.

Linux Kernel Developer Work Spaces Video: K.Y. Srinivasan, Microsoft

Tuesday 16th of June 2015 03:54:58 PM

K.Y. Srinivasan is an architect in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft where he focuses on making Linux run well on the Hyper-V hypervisor and Azure cloud environment. In this video he takes us on a tour of his home office in the mountains near Redmond, Washington, and answers our questions about his work space.

Node.js Foundation Opens Up with Industry- and Community-wide Support

Tuesday 16th of June 2015 03:22:05 PM

We're announcing the Node.js Foundation is formally established as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. 

Startup Offers Fully Supported Linux Laptops for Lease

Monday 15th of June 2015 05:23:37 PM
Transforia is a Silicon Valley-based startup that's offering fully-supported Linux laptops as part of an IT subscription service to corporate clients. In this detailed interview, CEO and co-founder, and former Red Hat employee, Joey Amanchukwu explains their business model, why they use Linux, and who their early customers are.

How OPNFV and ETSI NFV are Advancing NFV Adoption

Friday 12th of June 2015 11:45:59 PM

ETSI was the birthplace of the NFV concept in 2012, and OPNFV was launched just two years later with many of the same members to help bring NFV from specs to reality using open source methodologies. Marc Cohn, who is an active participant in many open communities including OPNFV, OpenDaylight and the Open Networking Foundation, recently published an article for SDxCentral about how OPNFV and...

This Week in Linux News: Microsoft's New Linux Monitoring Tool, Open Source Swift, and More

Friday 12th of June 2015 04:32:13 PM

This week in Linux news, Microsoft releases Linux VM monitoring tool, Apple announces plans to open source Swift, and more! Read on for the top Linux headlines of the week.

Linux Mint 17.1: Simplicity at Its Best

Thursday 11th of June 2015 11:20:53 PM

If you’re looking for a new operating system, one that you can depend on and get up to speed with quickly, you’d be remiss not to give Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” a glance before any other distribution.

Top 10 Linux and Android Hacker SBCs of 2015

Thursday 11th of June 2015 03:38:28 PM

 The results of our reader survey on open spec single board computers, held in conjunction with, are in.

Gallery : Top 10 Best Hacker SBC Boards of 2015

Thursday 11th of June 2015 03:29:25 PM

7 Steps to Start Your Linux SysAdmin Career

Wednesday 10th of June 2015 04:18:42 PM

Recruiters are knocking down the doors of anybody with Linux experience, and there are tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled. But what if you want to take advantage of this trend and you’re new to Linux? How do you get started?

Apple's Decision to Open Source Swift Met with Developer Applause

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 06:06:06 PM
Apple this week made an announcement worthy of applause and, indeed, the news received the loudest applause of opening day at WWDC. The company said it will open source its programming language Swift and allow developers to compile programs on Linux. 

Announcing Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon: Core

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 04:06:10 PM

We’re excited to announce a large change in the structure of the annual ApacheCon events in North America and Europe. After extensive research and discussions with the Apache Software Foundation community, ApacheCon will now consist of two co-located events, called Apache: Big Data, and ApacheCon: Core. 

How Orange is Using OpenDaylight

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 03:56:06 PM

We at Orange have a long history of participating and contributing to open source communities and have been a leading supporter of open standards. 

Fedora 22 Review: A Great Distro, With Some Tweaks

Monday 8th of June 2015 10:44:53 PM
I am truly impressed with Fedora 22. Once you tweak your system with Fedy and Gnome Tweak Tool you will have one of the best Linux distros around.

3 Financial Companies Innovating With Open Source

Monday 8th of June 2015 04:50:33 PM

The financial industry is on the verge of an open source breakthrough. Here are three companies leading the way.

More in Tux Machines

LibreOffice 5, a foundation for the future

The release of the next major version of LibreOffice, the 5.0, is approaching fast. In several ways this is an unique release and I’d like to explain a bit why. Read more

Samsung Continues to Lessen Android Dependence

Samsung's partnership with members of the Linux Foundation appears to be bearing fruit. The partnership's mobile operating system -- dubbed Tizen -- is Linux-based. Samsung's initial Tizen phone rollout was rocky: The company's highly anticipated Samsung Z launch in Russia was quickly canceled last year, and the company blamed concerns about the ecosystem for the delay. Unfortunately, in many cases, ecosystem development presents a "chicken and egg" problem: Developers won't build apps until you have users, and users won't select your product until you have apps. Read more

Linux 4.2 Offers Performance Improvements For Non-Transparent Bridging

The Non-Transparent Bridge code is undergoing a big rework that has "already produced some significant performance improvements", according to its code maintainer Jon Mason. For those unfamiliar with NTB, it's described by the in-kernel documentation, "NTB (Non-Transparent Bridge) is a type of PCI-Express bridge chip that connects the separate memory systems of two computers to the same PCI-Express fabric. Existing NTB hardware supports a common feature set, including scratchpad registers, doorbell registers, and memory translation windows." Or explained simply by the Intel Xeon documentation that received the NTB support, "Non-Transparent Bridge (NTB) enables high speed connectivity between one Intel Xeon Processor-based platform to another (or other IA or non-IA platform via the PCIe interface)." Read more

Benchmarks Of 54 Different Intel/AMD Linux Systems

This week in celebrating 200,000 benchmark results in our test lab, I ran another large comparison against the latest spectrum of hardware/software in the automated performance test lab. Read more