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Features To Look Forward To In Next Month's KDE Plasma 5.10

Friday 28th of April 2017 01:54:53 PM
We are just one month away from seeing the next KDE Plasma 5 desktop release...

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: Windows 10 Creators Update vs. Ubuntu Linux Gaming

Friday 28th of April 2017 09:00:00 AM
Earlier this week I posted some fresh AMD Radeon Windows vs. Linux gaming benchmarks using the newly-released Windows 10 Creator Update and Ubuntu 17.04. For your viewing pleasure today are some fresh NVIDIA Windows vs. Linux benchmarks using a high-end GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

Trying Out Intel's OpenCL 2.0 Beignet On Broadwell-U

Friday 28th of April 2017 07:36:20 AM
Curious about the Beignet OpenCL performance impact on a Broadwell-U laptop/ultrabook and just going through bare metal benchmarking withdrawals while away this week in Russia, I was running some Beignet tests on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon...

SDL Adds Default Steam Controller Mapping For Linux

Friday 28th of April 2017 06:50:39 AM
It seems like it would have been done long ago, but upstream SDL2 now finally has out-of-the-box Steam Controller mappings for Linux and iOS...

Mesa 17.1 Will Use A 1GB Shader Cache Limit

Friday 28th of April 2017 04:56:26 AM
While Timothy Arceri at Valve had just made the change to a 5% cache size limit of your disk space from an original 10% maximum threshold, he's now changed it to just a 1GB cache limit...

VK_KHX_multiview Ready For Landing Within ANV, VK_KHX_external_memory Lands

Friday 28th of April 2017 04:32:26 AM
The VK_KHX_multiview extension that is important for VR games/applications is expected to soon land within Mesa Git for Intel's ANV driver. Meanwhile, the VK_KHX_external_memory extensions have landed for this open-source Intel driver...

CD/DVD Image Changes For The Upcoming Debian 9.0 Release

Friday 28th of April 2017 04:18:04 AM
With Debian 9.0 not being far away from releasing, the Debian CD Images Team has issued an update over their fundamental changes happening for this "Stretch" cycle...

Meson Support Has Landed In The X.Org Server

Friday 28th of April 2017 02:41:05 AM
Initial Meson build system integration has landed in the xorg-server code-base for testing...

Nouveau Re-Clocked With DRM-Next Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev vs. NVIDIA 381 Driver

Thursday 27th of April 2017 09:00:00 PM
A few days back I posted benchmarks of the initial GTX 1050/1060/1070/1080 Nouveau 3D support. As expected, the performance was rather abysmal with re-clocking not being available for Pascal (or Maxwell) GPUs on this open-source NVIDIA Linux kernel driver. For those trying to use Nouveau for Linux games or care about your GPU clock speeds, currently the GTX 600/700 "Kepler" series is still your best bet or the GTX 750 "Maxwell 1" is the last NVIDIA graphics processors not requiring signed firmware images and can properly -- but manually -- re-clock with the current Nouveau driver.

Debian 9.0 "Stretch" Might Not Have UEFI Secure Boot Support

Thursday 27th of April 2017 08:44:20 PM
Debian 9.0 "Stretch" has seen UEFI Secure Boot support no longer being considered a release blocker but is now just a stretch goal for this upcoming release...

GNOME Shell & Mutter 3.25.1 Released

Thursday 27th of April 2017 05:32:43 PM
The first development snapshots of GNOME Shell and Mutter in the 3.25 series were released today in preparation for this week's GNOME 3.25.1 milestone...

Rust 1.17 Released

Thursday 27th of April 2017 05:29:07 PM
Judging by the massive Rust fan base in our forums, those of you reading this will be delighted today about the newest version of Rustlang, v1.17...

GStreamer 1.12 RC2 Arrives For Advancing Open-Source Multimedia

Thursday 27th of April 2017 04:19:39 PM
The second release candidate is now available for GStreamer 1.12, the next version of this widely-used, open-source, cross-platform multimedia framework...

Qt 5.10 Platform Support Changes Being Discussed

Thursday 27th of April 2017 03:50:57 PM
Qt developers have begun a fresh round of discussions over the supported platforms / operating systems of Qt 5.10 that will be released in the later part of this calendar years...

KDE Plasma Getting Chrome Integration, Followed By Firefox

Thursday 27th of April 2017 01:14:18 PM
KDE Plasma is getting web-browser integration initially for Google Chrome and is expected to be followed by Mozilla Firefox support...

Mesa's Shader Cache Will Now Occupy Less Disk Space

Thursday 27th of April 2017 12:50:55 PM
Mesa previously had a hard-coded limit to not take up more than 10% of your HDD/SSD storage, but now that limit has been halved...

Amazon EC2 Cloud Benchmarks vs. AMD Ryzen, Various AMD/Intel Systems

Thursday 27th of April 2017 09:29:23 AM
For putting the AMD Ryzen 7 Linux performance in additional perspective and showing how various Amazon EC2 cloud instances compare to bare metal hardware, here are fresh benchmarks of many different Amazon EC2 instance types compared to various Linux systems in our lab. This comes down to a 29-way comparison of different cloud instances and bare metal systems.

Mesa 17.0.5 RC1 Packing More Than Three Dozen Fixes

Thursday 27th of April 2017 06:02:20 AM
For those sticking to stable Mesa releases, Mesa 17.0.5 is being prepped for release in the days ahead...

Git 2.13-rc1 Released

Thursday 27th of April 2017 05:55:46 AM
Git 2.13 has stepped closer to being released with today's 2.13-rc1 debut...

Epiphany 3.25.1 Released, Ported To Meson

Thursday 27th of April 2017 05:45:00 AM
Epiphany 3.25.1 has been released as the latest update for GNOME's Web Browser in what will be part of GNOME 3.26 this September...

More in Tux Machines

QNX 7 Can Be Fitted With A Qt5 Desktop

  • QNX 7 Can Be Fitted With A Qt5 Desktop
    While QNX remains targeted as an operating system for mobile/embedded solutions, a BlackBerry developer in his spare time has fitted QNX 7 with a Qt5 desktop. QNX 6 and prior had a desktop option, but was removed in QNX 7, which was released this past March. QNX 7.0 also brought support for 64-bit (and maintaining 32-bit) Intel x86 and ARM platforms along with C++14 support. For those wanting to experiment with QNX 7, a BlackBerry kernel developer has been working on making this operating system more desktop friendly.
  • Building a BlackBerry QNX 7 Desktop
    Having Qt allowed me to port one of my favourite applications, SpeedCrunch. It was a simple matter of running ‘qmake’ followed by ‘make’. Next, I ported the QTermWidget library so that I could have terminal windows.

Kernel Space/Linux

  • Kernel explained
  • [Older] [Video] Audio on Linux: The End of a Golden Age?
  • State of Sway April 2017
    Development on Sway continues. I thought we would have slowed down a lot more by now, but every release still comes with new features - Sway 0.12 added redshift support and binary space partitioning layouts. Sway 0.13.0 is coming soon and includes, among other things, nvidia proprietary driver support. We already have some interesting features slated for Sway 0.14.0, too! Today Sway has 21,446 lines of C (and 4,261 lines of header files) written by 81 authors across 2,263 commits. These were written through 653 pull requests and 529 issues. Sway packages are available today in the official repos of pretty much every distribution except for Debian derivatives, and a PPA is available for those guys.

Supporting Burning Platforms

  • Surface revenue does a U-boat, and dives

    Revenue generated by Microsoft's Surface hardware during the March quarter was down 26% from the same period the year before, the company said yesterday as it briefed Wall Street.

    For the quarter, Surface produced $831 million, some $285 million less than the March quarter of 2016, for the largest year-over-year dollar decline ever.

  • Acer said to me: "do not use our products with Linux. Find another manufacturer"
    Last year, I bought an Acer notebook and it came with Windows 10. As I didn't want spyware neither bloatware, I got Linux installed and asked for a refund of the OEM license. After a little of talking, they were wanting to charge me US$100 (to remove the license, which I already had wiped, as I got FDE Linux installed) to refund US$70 of the OEM license. This year, wondering to buy a new Acer notebook, I asked them again if they would refund me the OEM license without all the hassle (as they did pay me the US$70, without me having to pay the US$100).

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