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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 26 min 1 sec ago

RADV Vulkan Performance Appears To Improve With Linux 4.11

Friday 24th of February 2017 08:24:17 PM
A few days ago I posted some results of surprise performance improvements for a Radeon RX 470 when testing the DRM-Next code queued for Linux 4.11. I've now tested that kernel on more systems and can confirm at least benefits more widespread for RADV's Vulkan performance.

Fresh RadeonSI Mesa Git Gaming Benchmarks On 7 Linux Desktops

Friday 24th of February 2017 05:35:00 PM
When posting last week our Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon benchmarks and Windows vs. Linux NVIDIA Pascal benchmarks and then the Windows vs. Linux relative performance analysis, as usual, it didn't take long for some to argue that the Linux gaming performance is actually faster but "Unity 7 is slower" and the similar FUD that is usually waged whenever looking at cross-platform performance.

Fuzzing Mesa Drivers Begin To Uncover Bugs

Friday 24th of February 2017 04:18:47 PM
Last December we wrote about work being done on fuzzing OpenGL shaders leading to wild differences with the work being done at the Imperial College London. While they were testing other drivers on different operating systems, they have now fired up tests of Mesa...

Trying Nouveau With HITMAN On Linux Doesn't Get Too Far

Friday 24th of February 2017 03:45:16 PM
Chances are if you are using a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and planning to game on Linux you are using NVIDIA's official Linux driver, but in case you are trying to use the free software Nouveau driver stack, I tried running Feral's recent HITMAN game release with this open-source NVIDIA driver...

Qt Vulkan Support Demoed On The NVIDIA Shield TV

Friday 24th of February 2017 02:36:55 PM
A mix of Qt5, Vulkan, Android on AArch64, and a NVIDIA Shield TV with Tegra X1 SoC sounds like a fun weekend for those wanting to experiment with the latest Qt tool-kit possibilities in development...

Linus Ends Up Accepting The DRM Changes For Linux 4.11

Friday 24th of February 2017 01:33:39 PM
While Linus Torvalds yesterday was criticizing the DRM code quality using colorful language and threatening not to accept the DRM changes for Linux 4.11, he ended up merging the code to mainline...

New ARM SoCs & Board Support In The Linux 4.11 Kernel

Friday 24th of February 2017 01:14:43 PM
Arnd Bergmann has submitted the big batch of ARM hardware changes for the Linux 4.11 kernel merge window...

GStreamer Now Supports Multi-Threaded Scaling/Conversion For Big Performance Win

Friday 24th of February 2017 01:03:38 PM
With the addition of over two thousand lines of code, GStreamer's video-convert code within gst-plugins-base is now properly multi-threaded...

OpenWRT-Forked LEDE Releases 17.01, Presents At The Embedded Linux Conf

Friday 24th of February 2017 12:55:53 PM
This week marks the 17.01.0 final release of the Linux Embedded Development Environment (LEDE). They also presented at this week's Linux Foundation Embedded Linux Conference about their project that's a fork of OpenWRT and aims for router/embedded use-cases...

SERDEV "Serial Device Bus" Added To Linux 4.11 Kernel

Friday 24th of February 2017 11:37:59 AM
The TTY/serial patches were mailed in earlier this week by Greg KH for the Linux 4.11 kernel merge window. Normally this isn't a pull request with much interest from us as it's generally not too interesting, but this time around it introduces a new bus...

Many KVM Changes Line-Up For Linux 4.11 Kernel

Friday 24th of February 2017 11:21:39 AM
The Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) changes have arrived for the Linux 4.11 kernel and there is a lot of them with over 200 commits and the introduction of new features for many of the supported architectures...

DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.11, Torvalds Explodes Over Code Quality

Friday 24th of February 2017 02:10:00 AM
David Airlie submitted the main DRM driver updates for the Linux 4.11 kernel, but Linus Torvalds isn't happy about the code quality of a new addition and is considering not accepting the DRM changes for this next kernel release...

Ubuntu 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" Spins Do Their Beta Release

Friday 24th of February 2017 01:48:53 AM
Ubuntu derivatives opting to do so have issued their 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" Beta 1 releases tonight...

Serious Sam VR Arrives For Linux; Our Linux VR Testing Begins Tomorrow

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 10:39:33 PM
Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter has been put into public beta today by Croteam for those interested in Linux VR gaming...

Power-Saving PCI Express L1 PM Substate Support Coming To Linux 4.11

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 09:58:25 PM
While hearing "ASPM" may still scare some of you from the Linux kernel power management woes of a few years ago, ASPM PCI-E L1 PM substate support is coming to Linux 4.11 to hopefully help with power savings for idle PCI Express devices...

Fedora Getting Ready For Linux 4.10, F26 Likely Shipping With Linux 4.11

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 08:31:38 PM
Fedora is slowly getting ready for sending the Linux 4.10 kernel down the pipe to supported stable releases of its distribution...

MSAA Compression Lands In Intel's Vulkan Driver, Big Win When Using Anti-Aliasing

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 08:17:09 PM
Intel's "ANV" Vulkan Linux driver has landed the support for enabling MSAA compression...

Realtek ALC299/ALC1220 Support, Intel Audio Updates In Linux 4.11

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 07:02:45 PM
Takashi Iwai has submitted the sound subsystem updates for the Linux 4.11 kernel with most of that work happening in the audio driver space...

RadeonSI Shader Cache May Be Flipped On By Default

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 06:10:31 PM
On Wednesday the RadeonSI/R600g shader cache landed for on-disk caching of TGSI IR while one day later the caching is already being expanded and may soon be enabled by default...

NVIDIA vs. Radeon With HITMAN On Linux: CPU Usage, Memory Usage

Thursday 23rd of February 2017 05:23:29 PM
With the competitive RadeonSI vs. NVIDIA performance for HITMAN on Linux there have been some Premium reader requests for also taking a look at the CPU/RAM usage and other vitals while running this latest Feral game port on the different GPUs/drivers...

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UKSM Is Still Around For Data Deduplication Of The Linux Kernel

Several years back we wrote about Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging (UKSM) for data de-duplication within the Linux kernel for transparently scanning all application memory and de-duping it where possible. While the original developer is no longer active, a new developer has been maintaining the work and continues to support it on the latest Linux kernel releases. Read more

Why Dell’s gamble on Linux laptops has paid off

The whole juggernaut that is now Linux on Dell started as the brainchild of two core individuals, Barton George (Senior Principal Engineer) and Jared Dominguez (OS Architect and Linux Engineer). It was their vision that began it all back in 2012. It was long hours, uncertain futures and sheer belief that people really did want Linux laptops that sustained them. Here is the untold story of how Dell gained the top spot in preinstalled Linux on laptops. Where do you start when no one has ever really even touched such a concept? The duo did have some experience of the area before. George explained that the XPS and M3800 Linux developer’s laptops weren’t Dell’s first foray into Linux laptops. Those with long memories may remember Dell testing the waters for a brief while by having a Linux offering alongside Windows laptops. By their own admission it didn’t work out. “We misread the market,” commented George. Read more Also: New Entroware Aether Laptop for Linux Powered with Ubuntu

A Short MATE Desktop 1.17 Review in February 2017

MATE 1.17 is a testing release, it has no official announcement like 1.16 stable release (odd = unstable, even = stable). But what made me interested is because Ubuntu MATE 17.04 includes it by default so I write this short review. The most fundamental news is about MATE Desktop is now completely ported to GTK+3 leaving behind GTK+2. You may be interested seeing few changes and I have tried Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Alpha 2 to review MATE 1.17 below. Enjoy MATE 1.17! Read more Also: What's up with the hate towards Freedesktop?