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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 11 min ago

Intel Skylake Graphics: Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux Performance

Sunday 8th of November 2015 07:40:00 PM
As it's been a while since my last Windows vs. Linux graphics comparison and haven't yet done such a comparison for Intel's latest-generation Skylake HD Graphics, the past few days I was running Windows 10 Pro x64 versus Ubuntu 15.10 graphics benchmarks with a Core i5 6600K sporting HD Graphics 530.

Disk I/O Scheduler Tests On Manjaro Linux

Sunday 8th of November 2015 04:37:40 PM
With having an Arch-based Manjaro Linux installation around from the recent large Linux distribution comparison / performance showdown I carried out some extra tests this weekend...

Nouveau NVC0 Enables Compute Support For Fermi GPUs

Sunday 8th of November 2015 04:14:03 PM
The latest Nouveau Gallium3D driver work enables compute support for GeForce GTX 400/500 "Fermi" graphics cards...

Have Troubles With 4K Displays On Intel Linux? Try The Linux 4.3 Kernel

Saturday 7th of November 2015 11:00:00 PM
I've been meaning to pass along a bit of advice if you're trying to use Intel HD/Iris Graphics to drive a 4K display: you may need to use the Linux 4.3 kernel...

Linux Support Appears For Another Logitech Racing Wheel For Gamers

Saturday 7th of November 2015 05:43:15 PM
With the Linux 4.4 HID update came support for the Logitech G29, a racing wheel for gamers, while just missing that pull are patches for another Logitech Driving Force Racing Wheel...

Many Network, WiFi, & eBPF Changes For The Linux 4.4 Kernel

Saturday 7th of November 2015 04:05:35 PM
The networking subsystem update landed earlier this week in the Linux 4.4 Git code and it comes with several new features...

Tjernlund M-6: Finding A Better Way To Cool The Benchmarking Server Room

Saturday 7th of November 2015 02:38:16 PM
After months of experimenting with different methods for better cooling the basement server room where 60+ systems are running Linux benchmarks on a daily basis, for less than $100 USD I've found a fan that does an amazing job keeping the temperature suitable for all of the running systems.

Linux 4.4 Sound: Better Firmware Support, Adds Intel Lewisburg

Saturday 7th of November 2015 01:32:17 PM
Takashi Iwai has lined up the sound driver updates for the Linux 4.4 kernel merge window...

Linux 4.4 HID: Better Skylake Touchpads, Corsair K90 & Logitech G29 Support

Saturday 7th of November 2015 01:05:17 PM
The HID driver updates were mailed in on Friday for the Linux 4.4 merge window...

It's Been 3 Years Since Valve Launched The Steam Linux Beta, Now At 1,600+ Linux Games

Saturday 7th of November 2015 12:54:39 PM
It's now been three years since Valve rolled out the Steam Linux beta...

EXT4 In Linux 4.4 Brings Fixes, Particularly For Encryption Support

Saturday 7th of November 2015 01:34:42 AM
Besides the Btrfs pull request being sent in today for the Linux 4.4 merge window, the EXT4 updates were also sent in today by Ted Ts'o...

Linux 4.4 To Support Google Fiber TV Remote Controls & More

Friday 6th of November 2015 09:34:33 PM
Dmitry Torokhov sent in the input driver updates today for the Linux 4.4 merge window...

Btrfs In Linux 4.4 Has Many Improvements/Fixes

Friday 6th of November 2015 07:46:08 PM
Chris Mason sent in the pull request today for updating the Btrfs file-system for Linux 4.4...

It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would Switch To Wayland

Friday 6th of November 2015 07:07:45 PM
This week marks five years since Mark Shuttleworth shared with us Ubuntu intended to eventually switch to a Wayland-based environment for their Unity desktop rather than an X.Org Server... Most Phoronix readers know how that turned out...

Running Some Fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux Graphics/Gaming Benchmarks

Friday 6th of November 2015 05:29:14 PM
My most recent Windows 10 benchmarks compared to Linux were some NVIDIA numbers from early August. With the ever-advancing state of Linux graphics on both the open and closed-source driver fronts, I've started this week with doing another fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux performance comparison for Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA...

Antergos, Manjaro, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora & OpenSUSE Performance Showdown

Friday 6th of November 2015 04:20:00 PM
With Ubuntu 15.10, Fedora 23, and openSUSE 42.1 Leap all having been released in the past week, for your open-source benchmarking pleasure today is a comparison of these Linux distributions along with some other modern Linux distributions: Antergos 2015.10-Rolling, Debian 8.2, CentOS 7, and Manjaro 15.11.

KDE Plasma 5.5 On Wayland May Be Ready For Early Adopters

Friday 6th of November 2015 03:17:25 PM
KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin has written a monthly status update concerning the state of KWin and KDE Plasma on Wayland...

An AMD GCN Assembler For Linux That Supports The Open & Closed Drivers

Friday 6th of November 2015 02:04:45 PM
A Phoronix reader pointed out that a developer has released an assembler for AMD GCN GPUs that supports both the open and closed-source Catalyst drivers on Linux...

Handling Screen Management With KDE's Plasma Wayland

Friday 6th of November 2015 01:36:33 PM
For KDE users interested in the latest Wayland porting process, one of the big tasks currently being tackled is on Plasma's screen management handling...

Toshiba Laptops To See Some Improvements With Linux 4.4

Friday 6th of November 2015 01:30:34 PM
Intel's Darren Hart has sent in the x86 platform driver updates for the Linux 4.4 kernel merge window...

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