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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 35 min ago

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Soon Switching To Linux 4.6, Clear Linux Already On 4.6

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 11:38:09 AM
Linux 4.6 was officially released two weeks ago and already this exciting upgrade to the kernel has begun appearing in rolling-release distributions...

Wayland 1.12 Planned For Release In September

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 11:21:51 AM
When announcing the release yesterday of Wayland/Weston 1.11, Bryce Harrington at Samsung also laid out the release plans for Wayland 1.12...

AMD Confirms RX 480 At $199 USD, Other APU & Polaris Announcements

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 02:59:03 AM
If you weren't able to watch the AMD Computex 2016 live-stream happening now, here are my key notes from the event...

Wayland 1.11 Officially Released

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 02:13:25 AM
The official releases are out tonight of Wayland 1.11 and Weston 1.11...

AMDGPU, Dota 2 Vulkan, NVIDIA Pascal Were Wowing Linux Users

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 01:00:00 AM
What a very fun month with Valve releasing Vulkan support for Dota 2, many AMDGPU improvements, Radeon / Nouveau / Intel Mesa drivers getting OpenGL 4.3, other Mesa improvements, Linux 4.7 is shaping up great, the announcement of NVIDIA's crazy fast GeForce GTX 1070/1080 "Pascal" cards, and then tonight still we have some exciting AMD announcements on tap from Computex...

HSA 1.1 Brings Multi-Vendor Support & More

Wednesday 1st of June 2016 12:36:32 AM
The HSA Foundation today announced version 1.1 of the Heterogeneous System Architecture...

AMD May Sell Its Radeon RX 480 "Polaris" For Just $199 USD

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 11:45:14 PM
Just hours to go until AMD's Computex live-stream, details are being leaked out about what's expected. From what we're hearing so far, AMD is going to undercut their prices of Polaris 10 hugely: the Radeon RX 480 is said to be priced retail at $199 USD and will compete with the likes of a GeForce GTX 970~980...

Wine-Staging 1.9.11 Begins Looking Towards DOOM On Linux

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 10:26:53 PM
Spun from last week's Wine 1.9.11 release is the new Wine-Staging version that re-bases many existing experimental patches (such as the D3D command-stream multi-threading work) plus adds in some new patches that aren't yet ready to be mainlined in Wine...

17-Way NVIDIA Binary vs. AMD Open-Source Linux 4.6 / Mesa Git Driver Tests

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 09:47:23 PM
Here is the continuation of yesterday's article that was a 10-way NVIDIA GPU Linux comparison with now having more NVIDIA results in plus also testing various AMD GCN GPUs using Linux 4.6.0 and Mesa Git...

LLVM Looks At Moving From SVN To Git Via GitHub

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 08:39:43 PM
While there have been Git mirrors available of LLVM and its sub-projects (including Clang) for some time, this open-source compiler infrastructure project has relied upon SVN as its cental development repository. The LLVM project is now looking at finally transitioning to Git for development and quite likely utilizing GitHub for hosting...

PlayStation Emulator Gets Experimental OpenGL Renderer

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 08:24:55 PM
RetroArch has announced their first release of the Mednafen/Beetle PSX HW PlayStation emulator for Linux and other operating systems...

Phoronix Test Suite 6.4 M4 Brings Suite Editing To The Phoromatic Server

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 06:11:45 PM
The fourth and final development release of Phoronix Test Suite 6.4-Hasvik is now available for your open-source automated testing needs...

AMD Releases CodeXL 2.1 With Vulkan Support

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 04:26:35 PM
AMD's GPUOpen initiative announced a new major release to their CodeXL tool suite for debugging and profiling of CPU/GPU/APUs. One of the big additions to this CodeXL 2.1 release is Vulkan support...

OwnCloud Forms A Foundation

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 03:28:02 PM
While we don't yet know the exact cause of the exodus happening at ownCloud Inc recently, there is a seemingly-related announcement that today the company has setup the ownCloud Foundation...

LTO'ing Mesa Is Getting Discussed For Performance & Binary Size Reasons

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 03:18:49 PM
Enabling compiler Link-Time Optimizations (LTO) by default for Mesa in non-debug builds is being discussed in the name of performance and binary size...

Gnuastro: GNU Gets Into Astronomy

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 02:29:29 PM
Gnuastro is the latest GNU Project...

The 12 Big New Features Of Mesa 12.0

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 11:39:32 AM
With Mesa 12 now having been branched with plans to release next month, the code is under a feature freeze as developers turn to fixing bugs ahead of this stable release. With no more major features planned, here's an overview of the new features for Mesa 12.0...

Intel Finally Unleashes Broadwell-E: Top End CPU Will Cost You $1723 USD

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 11:15:27 AM
As was expected for launching at Computex, the Broadwell-E processors are now out in the wild. The Broadwell-E launch also includes Intel's first ten-core desktop processor, but it will cost you a pretty penny...

KDE's Krita 3.0 Officially Released

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 11:06:46 AM
It feels like it took an eternity in retrospect, but the Krita 3.0 release of this KDE sketching and digital painting program is now available...

Fresh 10-Way GeForce Linux Benchmarks With The NVIDIA 367.18 Driver

Tuesday 31st of May 2016 02:08:06 AM
In prepping for our forthcoming GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Linux benchmarking, I've been running fresh rounds of benchmarks on my large assortment of GPUs, beginning with the GeForce hardware supported by the NVIDIA 367.18 beta driver. Here are the first of those benchmarks with the ten Maxwell/Kepler GPUs I've tested thus far...

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    First, the underlying DataBasinKit framework got an important update.
  • In-demand dev skills, understanding licensing, and more open source news
  • Higher ed systems expanding access to open-source materials
    Open-source learning technology is at the core of higher education for institutions that want to reach broader audiences with very strict ideas about how convenient learning should be. But developing these initiatives does not happen quickly or easily. It requires strong leadership in information technology, expertise to determine which solutions work best for a campus, and a financial commitment to making sure the technology is sustainable.
  • Proxmark Pro Proxmark3 Standalone Open Source RFID Tester (video)
    Rysc Corp has unveiled a new open source board in the form of the Proxmark Pro which now offers a true standalone client and RFID test instrument, check out the video below to learn more. The Proxmark Pro will feature an FPGA with 5 times the logic cells of the Proxmark3 and will remove the need to switch between HF and LF bit streams during operation, to use developers.
  • ErupteD Brings Vulkan To The D Programming Language
    The D programming language is just the latest to have support for Vulkan alongside C++, Rust (via Vulkano, if you missed that project), Go, and many other modern languages getting bindings for this Khronos Group high performance graphics API. Should you not be familiar with the D language, see Wikipedia.

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