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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
Updated: 1 hour 56 min ago

GDB 7.8 Betters Python Scripting, Adds Guile Support

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 02:01:51 PM
Version 7.8 of the GNU Debugger is now available with a variety of enhancements...

GNOME's GTK+ Is Still Striving For A Scene Graph, Canvas API

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 01:23:25 PM
Besides updates on Wayland support at this week's GUADEC conference in France was also an update on the work being done for implementing a scene graph within GTK+ itself and exposing a canvas API...

Unreal Tournament Looks Great For Team Deathmatch

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 12:57:30 PM
Another day, another exciting video for the new Unreal Tournament gets released by Epic Games, with Linux gamers viewing in excitement as it's been years since an Unreal release for Linux...

wxPHP: wxWidgets Come To PHP

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 12:35:42 PM
The wxWidgets library for designing cross-platform GUIs now has support by the PHP programming language...

Linaro & Others Join The Linux Foundation

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 12:23:40 PM
The Linux Foundation has picked up a few more member organizations as July quickly comes to an end...

LibreOffice 4.3 Released With Many Exciting Changes

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 12:07:18 PM
LibreOffice 4.3 has been released today as the latest major update to the popular open-source office suite that continues in its battles against Microsoft Office...

GNOME/GTK On Wayland Gains Focus At GUADEC

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 05:03:01 AM
GTK+ and GNOME Wayland support were frequent focal discussion points at this year's GUADEC -- GNOME's annual conference -- for getting rid of X11...

GNOME Stakeholders Take Issue With Groupon Over their Gnome

Wednesday 30th of July 2014 04:07:06 AM
While the GNOME project has been around since 1999 and is known by most Linux users as one of the common desktop environments, deal-of-the-day website Groupon recently introduced its own "Gnome" software...

GStreamer VA-API Plug-In Update Adds New Features

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 05:29:04 PM
Gwenole Beauchesne has released an updated version of the GStreamer VA-API that provides major changes to this plug-in set that allows for hardware-accelerated video decoding with the Video Acceleration API when using GStreamer...

Qt 5.4 Going Into Feature Freeze Next Week With Exciting Changes

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 03:56:35 PM
The Qt 5.4 feature freeze is set to go into effect on 8 August with already there being a large number of changes for this next major Qt5 tool-kit release...

Updated Source Engine Benchmarks On The Latest AMD/NVIDIA Linux Drivers

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 02:30:00 PM
Benchmarks of Valve's Source Engine games (and other Steam titles for that matter) aren't done in all Phoronix driver tests and graphics card articles for various reasons, among which is that there's other more GPU-demanding OpenGL tests to utilize for modern hardware. However, for those curious about the performance of various AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards using the latest proprietary drivers, here's some updated numbers.

OpenSUSE Factory Turns Into Rolling Release Distribution

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 01:35:09 PM
OpenSUSE "Factory" up to now has referred to the development version of the openSUSE Linux distribution while being announced by SUSE today is that it's also going to serve as an independent distribution under a rolling-release development model...

"The World's Most Highly-Assured OS" Kernel Open-Sourced

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 12:10:35 PM
The seL4 kernel that's an advanced, security-enhanced version of the L4 micro-kernel has been open-sourced by General Dynamics C4 Systems and NICTA...

NVIDIA Is Working Towards VDPAU H.265/HEVC Support

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 08:46:35 AM
NVIDIA is working on adding HEVC/H.265 video decoding support to VDPAU...

Hawaii Bug-Fixes Start Hitting Mainline RadeonSI Gallium3D

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 05:28:28 AM
For those excited about the recent working Radeon R9 290 "Hawaii" Gallium3D support, a number of bug-fixes were committed in recent hours to Mesa for bettering the support for those wishing to use this open-source AMD Linux driver for their ultra high-end graphics hardware...

Coreboot Sandy/Ivy Bridge Gains Native RAM Initialization

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 05:20:01 AM
The latest addition to Coreboot is native RAM initialization support for Intel's Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge families...

The FFmpeg vs. Libav War Continues In Debian Land

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 04:01:19 AM
An FFmpeg package is closer to reaching Debian after years of being rejected in favor of its forked libav alternative, but not all are happy with FFmpeg's reappearance...

Grand Theft Auto Running On Direct3D Natively On Linux Shows Gallium3D Potential

Monday 28th of July 2014 08:00:50 PM
As a follow on from today's Nouveau vs. NVIDIA OpenGL driver benchmarking results that were published earlier today on Phoronix, in the comments an interesting video was pointed out of Grand Theft Auto IV using Direct3D 9.x natively under Linux...

Chris Beard Confirmed As Mozilla's CEO

Monday 28th of July 2014 07:56:38 PM
Chris Beard, who served as Mozilla's interim CEO since April when Brendan Eich resigned from his short-lived position, has been named the permanent CEO of Mozilla Corp...

GCC As A Just-In Time Compiler Is An Interesting Project

Monday 28th of July 2014 03:05:31 PM
Aside from the experimental "Coconut" as a Python JIT compiler using GCC's new Just-In Time capabilities, the shared library isn't yet depended upon in the real-world but the JIT compilation abilities are being built upon for hopeful incorporation into the GNU Compiler Collection...

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Zotac Nvidia Jetson TK1 review

The Jetson TK1, Nvidia’s first development board to be marketed at the general public, has taken a circuitous route to our shores. Unveiled at the company’s Graphics Technology Conference earlier this year, the board launched in the US at a headline-grabbing price of $192 but its international release was hampered by export regulations. Zotac, already an Nvidia partner for its graphics hardware, volunteered to sort things out and has partnered with Maplin to bring the board to the UK. In doing so, however, the price has become a little muddled. $192 – a clever dollar per GPU core – has become £199.99. Compared to Maplin’s other single-board computer, the sub-£30 Raspberry Pi, it’s a high-end item that could find itself priced out of the reach of the company’s usual customers. Read more