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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
Updated: 1 hour 23 min ago

GNU's Data Recovery Tool Updated With New Options

Monday 6th of October 2014 10:14:35 PM
GNU ddrescue, an open-source data recovery tool that copies data from one file / block device to another while rescuing the good portions of data in case of read errors, is out with a new version...

Lennart Poettering On The Open-Source Community: A Sick Place To Be In

Monday 6th of October 2014 09:00:56 PM
Lennart Poettering made some interesting remarks today via his personal Google+ page about how the open-source community can be "quite a sick place to be in" with its controversies and personal attacks...

NVIDIA vs. AMD 2D Linux Drivers: Catalyst Is Getting Quite Good At 2D

Monday 6th of October 2014 08:00:00 PM
Our latest Linux graphics driver benchmarks are taking a look at the binary NVIDIA and AMD Catalyst drivers using the latest versions while running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. It's been a while since last time we closely compared the two proprietary GPU drivers with 2D workloads on an array of graphics cards so these results should be definitely interesting.

Ten Year Old "Critical" Bug Discovered In OpenBSD

Monday 6th of October 2014 06:48:50 PM
While OpenBSD generally prides itself on being a secure, open-source operating system and focusing more on code corectness and security rather than flashy features, it turns out a potential security bug has been living within OpenBSD for the past decade...

X.Org's XDC Is This Week In Bordeaux: Wayland, BSD & Wine

Monday 6th of October 2014 05:17:26 PM
The annual X.Org Developers' Conference (XDC) is taking place this week in Bordeaux, France. Here's some of the interesting sessions taking place alongside wine drinking...

A Huge Update To Test: The Phoronix Test Suite With Behind-The-Firewall Phoromatic

Monday 6th of October 2014 04:00:00 PM
For those not following the Phoronix Test Suite GitHub, there's been a ton of commits recently with some major additions to hugely benefit enterprise users and those running the Phoronix Test Suite and Phoromatic at scale...

Fedora Might End Up Disabling Delta RPMs By Default

Monday 6th of October 2014 02:29:44 PM
Going back to 2009 with Fedora 11 has been delta RPM support to enable support with Yum for these packages that just contain the differences between one installed RPM version to the next version. With Fedora frequently pushing down new packages, delta RPMs have allowed those in bandwidth-constrained environments to more easily download updates since the file sizes of the deltas tend to be significantly smaller than full RPMs. Additionally, it's placed less of a burden on the Fedora infrastructure by having less disk space and bandwidth requirements. However, with DNF it looks like Fedora could revert to going back to full RPMs for distribution of updates...

Debian Installer Preps For 8.0 Jessie With Beta 2 Release

Monday 6th of October 2014 12:29:14 PM
Debian's installer is up to its second beta for the 8.0 Jessie release cycle...

Capstone 3.0 RC1 Disassembly Supports 3DNow Instructions, Python 3 Bindings

Monday 6th of October 2014 12:02:33 PM
The first release candidate is out for the upcoming Capstone 3.0 disassembly framework...

NVIDIA Linux 2D Benchmarks With The GeForce GTX 980

Monday 6th of October 2014 11:22:40 AM
Last week having done the GeForce GTX 980 Linux review with a ton of OpenGL benchmarks followed by GTX 980 OpenCL benchmarks and yesterday even running some updated NVIDIA VDPAU Linux benchmarks, next up for this high-end Maxwell graphics processor are some 2D performance benchmarks using NVIDIA's binary blob...

GCC Has A Call For Help To Improve Diagnostics

Monday 6th of October 2014 08:04:33 AM
While GCC's diagnostics capabilities have improved in the late GCC 4.x releases along with bug-fixes, there's a call for help to further improve the important open-source compiler...

Unvanquished Alpha 32 Has Renderer Fixes, New Rifle Model

Monday 6th of October 2014 05:09:22 AM
The promising Unvanquished open-source game is out with its monthly alpha update...

Linux 3.17 Kernel Released With Many Great Features

Sunday 5th of October 2014 08:04:53 PM
After a calm week when Linux 3.17 was extended by one week, Linus Torvalds happily released the Linux 3.17 kernel a few minutes ago. Linux 3.17 is out in all of its glory and due to Torvalds' travel schedule the Linux 3.18 merge window will be open for about three weeks...

XBMC/Kodi 14 Alpha 4 Brings EGL + GLESv2 To X11

Sunday 5th of October 2014 05:58:03 PM
Kodi, the open-source multimedia software formerly known as XBMC, is out with a new alpha release in preparation for its inaugural v14.0 debut...

Btrfs Won't Likely Replace EXT4 As The Default Until Fedora 23

Sunday 5th of October 2014 02:13:36 PM
While some having been thinking that Fedora developers might enable the Btrfs file-system by default in Fedora 22, that doesn't appear to be the case. Fedora is unlikely to see Btrfs by default until at least Fedora 23...

NVIDIA VDPAU Performance With The GeForce GTX 980

Sunday 5th of October 2014 01:38:10 PM
Now having done the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Linux review with plenty of OpenGL benchmarks and yesterday running a bunch of GTX 980 OpenCL benchmarks, for your Sunday morning viewing are now some Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (VDPAU) results for a range of NVIDIA GPUs...

Stronghold 3 Now Available For Steam On Linux

Sunday 5th of October 2014 12:20:22 PM
A new (well, actually old for Windows gamers, it was released there in 2011) is now available for Steam on Linux gamers...

XTracGear Carbonic, Ripper & Ripper XXL

Sunday 5th of October 2014 09:10:00 AM
It's been nearly a decade since last checking out any XTrac products (the last being the XTrac InstaGlide and XTrac Hybrid back in 2005) but with 2014 rapidly marking the evolution of Linux gaming, this weekend we're checking out a few XtracPads for those that may be looking to improve their Linux gaming system.

FreeBSD 10.1 Is Up To A Release Candidate

Sunday 5th of October 2014 08:02:38 AM
If all goes well FreeBSD 10.1 will be officially released before month's end but available this weekend is the first release candidate...

Freedreno Gallium3D Is Passing 90%+ Of Piglit Tests

Sunday 5th of October 2014 04:31:00 AM
In addition to doing the xf86-video-freedreno 1.3.0 release this weekend, Rob Clark also took the opportunity to write a lengthy blog post on the progress made for the open-source, reverse-engineered Linux graphics driver stack for Qualcomm's Adreno graphics hardware. The few contributors involved have done a stunning job over the past few months to implement much of OpenGL 3 for this ARM graphics driver and make other improvements -- all without the support or backing of Qualcomm...

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