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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 2 hours 29 min ago

VA-API VP9 Encode For GStreamer, Should Be In Good Shape For Kaby Lake

Monday 30th of May 2016 12:52:43 PM
A few days ago code landed in VA-API for VP9 hardware encoding support and was wired into the Intel Video Acceleration driver. Now more details are known...

Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine

Monday 30th of May 2016 12:37:43 PM
What happens when a game engine meets a display server meets a multimedia framework? Oh yeah and whereby the behavior is controlled with Lua. No, it's not a joke, just the latest creation in the open-source world. Say hello to Arcan as a new Linux display server...

ARM Announces the Mali-G71 Graphics Processor, Cortex-A73

Monday 30th of May 2016 12:27:19 PM
Expect many hardware announcements this week for Computex. ARM Holdings this morning lifted the lid on their Cortex-A73 and Mali-G71...

Intel's Mesa Driver Now Officially Exposes OpenGL 4.3

Monday 30th of May 2016 12:14:34 PM
Intel's Mesa Linux graphics driver is now officially at OpenGL 4.3 compliance...

GeForce GTX 1070 Looks Great, At Least Under Windows

Sunday 29th of May 2016 10:38:01 PM
Today is NVIDIA's paper launch of the GeForce GTX 1070 with the first Windows reviews going up. Our Linux review will be coming in the days ahead...

Linux 4.7-rc1 Kernel Released

Sunday 29th of May 2016 05:10:51 PM
The first test release of Linux 4.7 is now available. This new kernel version comes with plenty of new features and functionality...

Linux Gained Some Weight The Past Two Weeks: Around 200,000 Lines

Sunday 29th of May 2016 02:49:53 PM
Over the past two weeks of the merge window for the Linux 4.7 kernel, around 200,000 lines of code was added...

KDE Partition Manager 2.2 Brings Proper LUKS Support

Sunday 29th of May 2016 02:22:05 PM
The KDE Partition Manager, the promising disk partitioning application that's become a viable alternative to GParted, is up to version 2.2...

Enlightenment's EFL Getting New DRM Library

Sunday 29th of May 2016 02:07:31 PM
Chris Michael of Samsung has been working on a new DRM library for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) with a number of improvements...

FreeBSD Now Has Initial Graphics Support For Bhyve

Sunday 29th of May 2016 01:47:34 PM
Bhyve, the hypervisor developed by FreeBSD that supports running BSD/Linux/Windows guests, has initial graphics support...

Linux 4.7 Brings A Plethora Of New Features

Sunday 29th of May 2016 12:00:00 PM
After a very exciting past two weeks, the merge window for Linux 4.7 is expected to close today. This was an action-packed merge window with a ton of new code being introduced. While I've already written dozens of posts on Phoronix about the changes that got me excited, here's my usual kernel feature overview. Here's a look at what's coming for Linux 4.7.

The New Control Center Is Being Worked On For GNOME 3.22

Saturday 28th of May 2016 08:28:56 PM
If all goes well, the GNOME 3.22 release due out in September will feature a new Control Center user-interface...

Chrome OS Keyboard Backlight LEDs Will Be Supported By Linux 4.7

Saturday 28th of May 2016 05:38:19 PM
The Chrome platform driver updates were sent in on the last day of the Linux 4.7 kernel merge window...

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Android Leftovers

IT runs on the cloud, and the cloud runs on Linux. Any questions?

A recent survey by the Uptime Institute of 1,000 IT executives found that 50 percent of senior enterprise IT executives expect the majority of IT workloads to reside off-premise in cloud or colocation sites in the future. Of those surveyed, 23 percent expect the shift to happen next year, and 70 percent expect that shift to occur within the next four years. Read more

Security Leftovers

  • Teardrop Attack: What Is It And How Does It Work?
    In Teardrop Attack, fragmented packets that are sent in the to the target machine, are buggy in nature and the victim’s machine is unable to reassemble those packets due to the bug in the TCP/IP fragmentation.
  • Updating code can mean fewer security headaches
    Organizations with high rates of code deployments spend half as much time fixing security issues as organizations without such frequent code updates, according to a newly released study. In its latest annual state-of-the-developer report, Devops software provider Puppet found that by better integrating security objectives into daily work, teams in "high-performing organizations" build more secure systems. The report, which surveyed 4,600 technical professionals worldwide, defines high IT performers as offering on-demand, multiple code deploys per day, with lead times for changes of less than one hour. Puppet has been publishing its annual report for five years.
  • Over half of world's top domains weak against email spoofing
    Over half of the world's most popular online services have misconfigured servers which could place users at risk from spoof emails, researchers have warned. According to Swedish cybersecurity firm Detectify, poor authentication processes and configuration settings in servers belonging to hundreds of major online domains are could put users at risk of legitimate-looking phishing campaigns and fraudulent emails.