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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 50 min ago

Linux 4.13 Kernel Released

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 09:17:51 PM
Linus Torvalds has gone ahead and released the Linux 4.13 kernel...

The First Alpha Of Debian 10 "Buster" Installer

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 04:47:57 PM
While it will be quite some time before Debian 10 "Buster" is released, the first alpha of its installer is now available...

Work-In-Progress Porting Of GCN 1.0/1.1 UVD To AMDGPU DRM Driver

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 11:54:07 AM
With the experimental AMDGPU DRM driver's support for GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" and GCN 1.1 "Sea Islands" graphics processors as an alternative to the default Radeon DRM driver, one of the disadvantages of that experimental kernel driver is losing out on UVD video decoding. But a port is in the works...

Linux 4.13 Should Be Released Today With Its Many New Features

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 11:40:52 AM
Unless there is a last minute hiccup, the Linux 4.13 kernel should be officially released before the day is through...

Manjaro Linux To Drop 32-bit Support

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 11:32:41 AM
The Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution is deciding to retire their x86 32-bit support...

Oracle Layoffs Hit Longtime Solaris Developers Hard

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 07:07:39 PM
It looks like the Oracle layoffs just before the US Labor Day indeed hit the SPARC and Solaris groups hard...

ReactOS 0.4.6 Fixes Dual Boot Issues, NFS Driver Added

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 06:49:52 PM
ReactOS 0.4.6 is now available as the latest version of this "open-source Windows" operating system still striving for API/ABI compatibility...

Fedora's Yum Could Soon See Retirement

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 02:11:18 PM
With the DNF package manager working out well on recent Fedora releases, Yum could soon see retirement on the Fedora front...

VA-API Gets Extended With Flexible Encoding Infrastructure

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 12:14:01 PM
Intel added a new extension to the VA-API video acceleration API over the summer called the Flexible Encoding Infrastructure...

Android Support For Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 11:44:34 AM
Chad Versace, the former Intel Linux graphics driver developer now working at Google, has posted a set of 23 patches for bringing Android support to the Intel open-source Vulkan driver...

Coreutils 8.28 Released With Many Fixes, Few New Features

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 11:36:51 AM
Coreutils 8.28 is now available as the collection of core components found on GNU/Linux systems from cp, mv, df, tail, and many other common commands to command-line users...

Steam Linux Usage Shows A Decline For August

Saturday 2nd of September 2017 12:16:44 AM
While the Linux browser/desktop market-share rose above 3% in August, the Linux gaming marketshare made a measurable decline...

Btrfs Zstd Support Coming To Linux 4.14

Friday 1st of September 2017 10:13:56 PM
Queued in the btrfs-next tree for Linux 4.14 is Zstd compression support...

Wine 2.16 Released

Friday 1st of September 2017 06:42:52 PM
Wine 2.16 is now available as the latest bi-weekly development release for running Windows games and applications on Linux and other operating systems...

KDE's Leaner Experience On openSUSE Tumbleweed vs. Ubuntu 17.04

Friday 1st of September 2017 05:05:12 PM
With the Power Use, RAM + Boot Times With Unity, Xfce, GNOME, LXDE, Budgie and KDE Plasma tests this week, many expressed frustration over the heavy KDE packaging on Ubuntu leading to the inflated results for the Plasma 5 desktop tests. For some additional reference, here is how KDE Plasma (and GNOME Shell) compare when running on Ubuntu 17.04 vs. openSUSE Tumbleweed...

It Doesn't Look Like A Ryzen/EPYC Thermal Driver Will Make It For Linux 4.14

Friday 1st of September 2017 03:19:00 PM
While the Ryzen CPUs have been available for a few months now and the higher-wattage Threadripper and EPYC processors are now available too, the Linux thermal driver remains missing in action and it's looking less likely that it will materialize for Linux 4.14...

Realtek RTL8822BE Support Coming To Linux 4.14

Friday 1st of September 2017 03:01:32 PM
For those with a system containing the new Realtek RTL8822BE wireless chipset, initial support for it will be found with the upcoming Linux 4.14 LTS kernel...

Ryzen 7, Threadripper & Radeon RX Vega Generated A Ton Of Linux Buzz

Friday 1st of September 2017 12:16:32 PM
The debut of the Radeon RX Vega graphics cards as well as the launch of the Ryzen Threadripper and getting more information on the Ryzen "performance marginality problem" occupied most of August...

Linux Browser Marketshare Strikes Above 3%

Friday 1st of September 2017 12:00:30 PM
According to Net Applications' Netmarketshare, the Linux market share on the desktop as judged by browser interactions may now be above 3%...

Trying Out AMD's Ryzen Threadripper On TrueOS, DragonFlyBSD

Friday 1st of September 2017 12:47:16 AM
Following the AMD Threadripper Linux tests of this week today I finally had a chance to try out some of the BSDs with this 16 core / 32 thread system...

More in Tux Machines

AndEX Puts Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 64-Bit on Your PC with GAPPS and Netflix

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton has released a new build of his Android-x86 fork AndEX that leverages Google's Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 mobile operating system for 64-bit PCs with various updates and improvements. Read more

today's leftovers

  • Future Proof Your SysAdmin Career: Advancing with Open Source
    For today’s system administrators, the future holds tremendous promise. In this ebook, we have covered many technical skills that can be big differentiators for sysadmins looking to advance their careers. But, increasingly, open source skillsets can also open new doors. A decade ago, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst predicted that open source tools and platforms would become pervasive in IT. Today, that prediction has come true, with profound implications for the employment market. Participating in open source projects -- through developing code, submitting a bug report, or contributing to documentation -- is an important way to demonstrate open source skills to hiring managers.
  • FreeType Improvements For The Adobe Engine
    With FreeType 2.8.1 having been released last week, a lot of new code landed in the early hours of today to its Git repository. The code landed includes the work done this summer by Ewald Hew for Google Summer of Code (GSoC 17) adding support for Type 1 fonts to the Adobe CFF engine. Type 1 is an older, less maintained font format.
  • Are You Fond Of HDR Photography? Try Luminance HDR Application In Ubuntu/Linux Mint
    Luminance HDR is an graphical user interface that is used for manipulation and creation of High Dynamic Range(HDR) images. It is based on Qt5 toolkit, it is cross-platform available for Linux, Windows and Mac, and released under the GNU GPL license. It provides a complete workflow for High Dynamic Range(HDR) as well as Low Dynamic Range (LDR) file formats. Prerequisite of HDR photography are several narrow-range digital images with different exposures. Luminance HDR combines these images and calculates a high-contrast image. In order to view this image on a regular computer monitor, Luminance HDR can convert it into a displayable LDR image format using a variety of methods, such as tone mapping.
  • Opera Web Browser Now Has Built-in WhatsApp and FB Messenger, Install in Ubuntu/Linux Mint
  • Enterprise open source comes of age
    In the age of digitalisation and data centre modernisation, open source has come of age. This is demonstrated by the growth that enterprise open source software provider SUSE has enjoyed over the last months. “SUSE is in good shape,” says Nils Brauckmann, CEO of SUSE. “In the last year, revenue grew at 21%, and it was profitable growth.” Business is positive going forward, he adds, with SUSE now part of the larger mothership Micro Focus group following the completion this month of the HPE Software spin merger. “Micro focus is now the seventh-largest pure-play software vendor in the world, with revenues approaching $4,5-billion,” Brauckmann points out.
  • Red Hat, Microsoft Extend Alliance to SQL Server
  • UbuCon Europe 2017
    I’ve been to many Ubuntu related events before, but what surprises me every time about UbuCons is the outstanding work by the community organising these events. Earlier this month, I was in Paris for UbuCon Europe 2017. I had quite high expectations about the event/location and the talks, especially because the French Ubuntu community is known for hosting awesome events several times a year like Ubuntu Party and Ubuntu install parties.

today's howtos

Korora 26

  • Korora 26 is Here!
  • Linux Releases: “Lightweight” Tiny Core 8.2 And “Heavyweight” Korora 26 Distros Are Here
    Korora Linux distro is a derivative of popular Fedora operating system. It ships with lots of additional packages that are provided by Fedora community and helps the users to get a complete out-of-the-box experience. The developers of Korora Linux distro have just shipped Korora 26 “Bloat.” Bloat codename has been derived from the characters of the movie “Finding Nemo.”
  • Based on Fedora 26, Korora 26 Linux Debuts with GNOME 3.24, Drops 32-Bit Support
    Korora developer Jim Dean announced the release and general availability of the Korora Linux 26 operating system for personal computers, a release based on the latest Fedora Linux version and packed full of goodies. Dubbed "Bloat," Korora Linux 26 comes more than nine months after the release of Korora 25, it's based on Red Hat's Fedora 26 Linux operating system and ships with the latest versions of popular desktop environments, including GNOME 3.24. Also included are the KDE Plasma 5.10, Xfce 4.12, Cinnamon 3.4, and MATE 1.18 desktop environments, all of them shipping pre-loaded with a brand-new backup tool designed to keep your most important files safe and secure from hackers or government agencies.