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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 52 min ago

TraceFS: The Newest Linux File-System

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 08:10:08 PM
Steven Rostedt sent out the announcement today for TraceFS, a new file-system for the Linux kernel tracing subsystem...

Windows 10 To Be A Free Upgrade: What Linux Users Need To Know

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 06:16:16 PM
I watched Microsoft's Windows 10 press event today not for looking toward switching and using the Windows 8 successor but rather to see what's coming down their consumer pipeline for competition to Linux and Android...

GNOME Shell Adds VP9 Screencasting, Mutter Improves Wayland

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 04:05:51 PM
For the upcoming GNOME 3.15.4 development milestone release towards GNOME 3.16 there are some notable improvements for the GNOME Shell and Mutter...

KWin 5.3 To Have New Speed Optimizations

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 03:46:00 PM
Martin Gräßlin has fixed some outstanding bugs and further tuned the performance of the KWin window manager for the KDE Plasma 5 stack...

MediaFire File Sharing Adds Open-Source Linux Support

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 03:11:28 PM
MediaFire, an online backup service / file hosting and sharing site, has released a "Linux and Open-Source Toolkit" for developers...

Kolab Enterprise 14 Released

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 02:53:49 PM
Kolab Systems has announced the release of Kolab Enterprise 14, the latest version of their open-source groupware solution for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, file storage, data sharing, and other tasks...

Intel's Open-Source Graphics Team Poaches A Top Nouveau Driver Developer

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 10:56:58 AM
While writing yesterday's article about Keith Packard leaving Intel's open-source Linux graphics team after being a longtime member of the X community, I noticed that Intel has a rather interesting new hire... A prominent member of Nouveau, the community-based, open-source NVIDIA driver project...

GLX_EXT_buffer_age Patches For Mesa DRI2

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 07:50:57 AM
While there have been GLX_EXT_buffer_age patches for Mesa going back months, they've been for DRI3. Chris Wilson of Intel has now implemented GLX_EXT_buffer_age support along the DRI2 code-paths...

More Changes Are In The Works For Fedora 22

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 04:07:21 AM
Ahead of evaluation by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo), more of the planned changes for Fedora 22 are being discussed on the Fedora developers' list. Here's some more of the likely Fedora 22 changes that haven't been covered by our earlier articles on F22 feature work...

Facebook Releases HHVM 3.5 As A PHP Alternative

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 01:41:00 AM
Facebook developers have released version 3.5.0 of HHVM as a faster alternative to the reference PHP implementation...

GStreamer Is In Great Shape For 2015 With More Features Coming

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 12:36:24 AM
Jan Schmidt spoke last week at Linux.Conf.Au 2015 about the State of the GStreamer project and some of their interesting accomplishments recently along with some of they work they have moving forward...

Mozilla Lands VR Support Into Firefox Nightly

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 11:09:29 PM
Since last week, WebVR support has been present in Firefox Nightly builds for having core VR support to work with devices like the Oculus Rift...

LLVM Developers Are Bringing LLDB To Windows

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 08:49:37 PM
On Linux there have been developers looking forward to having LLDB mature to become an advanced debugger alternative to GDB while Windows users are now being able to utilize this LLVM debugger as well...

GLFW 3.1 Brings Experimental Mir & Wayland Support, Floating Windows

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 06:30:39 PM
Version 3.1 of the GLFW OpenGL library for creating and managing windows/OpenGL contexts and handling input/events is now available...

Google Admin Encourages Trying Btrfs, Not ZFS On Linux

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 06:01:27 PM
Last year at LinuxCon a Google administrator was talking up Btrfs and encouraging attendees to try it. That Google admin, Marc Merlin, traveled down to New Zealand last week for LCA2015 to further promote the Btrfs file-system...

Fedora 22 Will Aim To Use Plasma 5 For Its KDE Desktop Experience

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 04:50:40 PM
For KDE users on Fedora, the Fedora 22 release is seeking to focus on the still-maturing Plasma 5 shell that's powered by KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5...

Disk Encryption Tests On Fedora 21

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 04:00:00 PM
If you've been wondering about the impact of enabling full-disk encryption when doing a fresh install of Fedora 21, here's some reference benchmarks comparing the Anaconda option of this latest Fedora Linux release.

Keith Packard Leaves Intel's Linux Graphics Work

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 03:05:08 PM
Longtime X developer Keith Packard has left Intel and their Linux graphics work in favor of picking up a gig at Hewlett-Packard...

Python 3 Is Close To Becoming The Default In Fedora 22

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 02:29:15 PM
For Python stakeholders using Fedora, the Fedora 22 release is preparing to ship Python 3 as the one and only Python implementation on the installation media...

The Raspberry Pi Gallium3D Driver Has Made Much Progress In Less Than A Year

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 02:02:54 PM
It was just last June that Eric Anholt left Intel for Broadcom to focus on creating the Broadcom VC4 open-source graphics driver stack for the Raspberry Pi to have a new DRM/KMS driver and a Gallium3D driver. In less than one year, he's made a lot of progress...

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NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Supports Atomic Mode-Setting In Linux 3.20

The latest work landing in the DRM-Next code-base for the Linux 3.20 kernel merge window is the Tegra DRM driver updates. The Tegra DRM driver is primarily designed to support the Tegra 4 and older SoCs while the Tegra K1 and newer is supported by the Nouveau DRM driver due to the graphics core now being common with their mainline desktop architecture. The Tegra K1's GK20A graphics core is derived directly from Kepler while the brand new Tegra X1 is derived from Maxwell. Regardless, the Tegra DRM driver continues to be actively developed by NVIDIA stakeholders. Read more

LibreOffice 4.4 the beautiful

We are very close to release LibreOffice 4.4 and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the work that has been put into this new branch and what the general idea is about it. LibreOffice 4.4 is unusual; as a major release you may expect some important underlying change in its architecture, or the inclusion of a set of major features. The 4.4 does include several important features and improvements, most notably for Impress and the much forgotten HTML editor (the comprehensive release notes may be found here). But the most important details are not to be found in this area. If you want to understand where the 4.4 branch is headed, I think it is useful to keep two fundamental trends in mind. Read more