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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
Updated: 10 min 33 sec ago

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Shafts Linux Gamers

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 06:56:22 PM
The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 was just announced with "$210 worth of awesome games" that can be found on Steam, but before Linux gamers get too excited, they're mostly left in the dust...

Ubuntu 14.10's Feature Freeze Is This Wednesday

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 06:49:07 PM
For good or bad, it sure seems like time flew by the past few months of the Ubuntu 14.10 development cycle; the feature freeze for the Utopic Unicorn is this week...

New VM Software Claims To Be 4.5x Faster Than QEMU

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 05:55:18 PM
Eltechs is preparing to introduce ExaGear Desktop next month as new proprietary software for running Linux x86 software on Linux ARM using their own virtual machine technology...

Kpatch Gets Exposure This Week, kGraft Misses Out

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 04:46:24 PM
This week at LinuxCon Chicago are two talks about Red Hat's Kpatch live kernel patching solution to reduce downtime. However, there aren't any scheduled talks about SUSE's kGraft solution with neither yet being in the mainline kernel...

Btrfs Gets Talked Up, Googler Encourages You To Try Btrfs

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 02:39:03 PM
This week at LinuxCon North America in Chicago is a presentation by Google's Marc Merlin that's entitled "Why you should consider using btrfs, real COW snapshots and file level incremental server OS upgrades like Google does." The presentation does a good job at looking at the state of Btrfs on Linux and comparing it to ZFS...

Mesa Now Supports Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 02:09:10 PM
While Mesa is still racing towards OpenGL 4.0 compliance, another OpenGL 4.5 extension can now be crossed off the Mesa TODO list...

XBMC 13.2 Released, One Of The Last Before Kodi

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 02:00:35 PM
XBMC 13.2 has been released as one of the last "Gotham" series bug-fix releases before the project renames itself to Kodi...

C++14 Is Complete

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 12:36:04 PM
The ISO C++14 draft international standard was unanimously approved and is now clear for publication...

AMD Launches Radeon R7 Series SSDs

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 12:27:11 PM
Not to be confused with the Radeon R7 graphics cards, AMD today officially announced the Radeon R7 SSD line-up...

Linux Foundation Pushes Two-Factor Authentication For Git

Monday 18th of August 2014 08:21:35 PM
The Linux Foundation is pushing for two-factor authentication for Git repositories...

Ubuntu MATE On Track To Become An Official Spin

Monday 18th of August 2014 07:52:01 PM
Ubuntu MATE is making progress as becoming an official Ubuntu derivative using the GNOME2-forked desktop environment...

NIR: A New IR Developed For Mesa That's Better Than GLSL IR

Monday 18th of August 2014 06:05:32 PM
Connor Abbott, the open-source developer that began contributing to the Lima Linux graphics driver while a high school student, was interning at Intel this summer even before starting college. Over the summer the focus of his Intel Linux internship was focusing on developing a new intermediate representation for Mesa graphics drivers...

Coreboot Now Works On The Older MacBook 1,1 Too

Monday 18th of August 2014 03:50:00 PM
As an update to yesterday's story about Coreboot now working for the MacBook 2,1 model, with today's Git activity the open-source BIOS/UEFI replacement will also work with the even older 1,1 model...

LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago

Monday 18th of August 2014 02:30:00 PM
The Linux Foundation's LinuxCon North America event is happening this week in Chicago...

Wayland 1.6 Is Under Planning For Release

Monday 18th of August 2014 01:25:46 PM
We haven't heard much talk lately about Wayland 1.6 but Pekka Paalanen is stepping up and is trying to begin organizing work towards the Wayland/Weston 1.6 release that's quickly due...

Direct3D 9 Support Stands A Chance Of Being Added To Mesa

Monday 18th of August 2014 12:52:46 PM
For several months now there's been a Direct3D 9 state tracker under development for Mesa that's making some headway and working out for bettering the Wine performance with D3D9 titles rather than using Wine's translation layer to OpenGL. While no official request for pulling the code has been issued, it looks like it might stand a chance of hitting mainline Mesa...

Viber 4.2 Finally Released For Linux

Monday 18th of August 2014 12:34:03 PM
Several Phoronix readers have written in this weekend to share that the Viber Linux client is finally up to par with the Windows version...

Red Hat Is Hiring To Work On Open-Source GPU Drivers

Monday 18th of August 2014 12:16:09 PM
Those wishing to work for one of the best open-source companies while focusing on improving open-source Linux graphics drivers, Red Hat has an opening...

Apple's MacBook (2,1) Now Can Boot With Coreboot

Sunday 17th of August 2014 11:28:23 PM
After the Lenovo X200 support the latest laptop supporting Coreboot is Apple's second-generation MacBook...

Mageia 5 Alpha 2 Works To Add KF5 & LXQt Packages

Sunday 17th of August 2014 11:03:29 PM
The second alpha release to Mageia 5 was released this weekend and it incorporates updated package "under the hood" and is working towards KDE Frameworks 5 and LXQt support for Mageia 5...

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Mozilla Marches Ahead with Ads for Firefox

This November, Mozilla is up for renegotiation with Google for placement of Google search as the default search in Firefox and for the related subsidies that Google pays Mozilla, which reached almost $300 million last year. That comprised the majority of Mozilla's income. With Chrome establishing itself as a leader in the browser wars, its unclear what relationship Google will continue to pursue with Mozilla. Read more

What happens when a non-coder tries to learn Linux

The Linux Foundation has created all of the content for the course, including the videos, written text, activities, and labs. It's clear to me that their content team has made an effort to space out the videos between the written material in a way that gives you a break from endless reading. Also, each video is only approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. They avoid getting into the weeds too much at once, giving you chunks of knowledge, letting you test it out, then moving on to another topic. Each chapter points out that as the course progresses, you will go into further depth with each topic. Read more

Jailhouse 0.1 released

This release particularly means full exploitation of VT-d DMA and interrupt remapping to isolate assigned PCI devices from the hypervisor and foreign cells. Moreover, the usability of Jailhouse was greatly improved by the introduction and continuous extension of a generator for system configuration files. Finally, a framework for writing basic cell applications is available now. With a few lines of C code you can set up timer interrupts, read clocks or configure PCI devices for the use in simple bare-metal real-time applications. Read more

Ubuntu Launcher 0.5.5 for Android Will Transform Your Phone in Ubuntu – Gallery

Many users might have something against the Unity desktop environment that's being used in Ubuntu, but the truth is that Unity comes with a great app launcher. Coincidentally, the same kind of launcher might work very well on phones and a similar implementation is being done for Ubuntu Touch. Read more