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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
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KDE Saw Its Wayland Support Stabilize Nicely In 2020, Much Polishing Throughout

Wednesday 30th of December 2020 04:00:00 PM
KDE had a very eventful year even with the pandemic where it saw its Wayland support come together quite well that it's usable on a day-to-day basis, KWin has been seeing some renewed attention, and there was much application work as well as fixes and polishing throughout the massive KDE ecosystem...

Valve Continued Doing A Lot For Linux Gaming & Open-Source Radeon Drivers In 2020

Wednesday 30th of December 2020 11:13:31 AM
Valve this year continued contributing significantly to not only improving the Linux gaming experience but also the Linux desktop at large with their continued open-source graphics driver enhancements and other infrastructure work...

Nouveau Sees Fix To Properly Handle Mini DP Connectors - Avoids GNOME Mutter Crashing

Wednesday 30th of December 2020 10:54:54 AM
The open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver in Linux 5.11 didn't see any exciting features but there is now a patch pending for this DRM driver so it will at least handle mini DisplayPort connections properly...

New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020

Wednesday 30th of December 2020 05:08:31 AM
Intel engineers continued with their decade plus tradition of providing timely hardware support (sans the discrete graphics bring-up taking a bit longer), Intel continued showing what's possible with Linux performance by means of Clear Linux, and yes more security updates were among their popular interactions in 2020...

The HSA Foundation Has Been Eerily Quiet As We Roll Into 2021

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 11:25:27 PM
Much of the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) steam was lost when AMD began focusing on its Radeon Open eCosystem (ROCm) software stack. While AMD was just one of several founding members, there doesn't seem to be much going on for the HSA effort as we roll into 2021 and in fact their website has been down for an extended period of time...

Mesa's Freedreno Gallium3D Now Exposes OpenGL 3.2 Support

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 08:13:47 PM
Mesa 21.0 has flipped on support for allowing OpenGL 3.2 contexts with the Freedreno Gallium3D driver that provides open-source GL support for Qualcomm Adreno hardware...

AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, Timely New Open-Source GPU Support

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 06:55:13 PM
AMD this year not only delivered the very powerful Ryzen 5000 "Zen 3" desktop processors and initial Radeon RX 6000 "Big Navi" graphics cards but for exciting Linux users was the timely open-source support for the new GPUs well in advance (and also already preparing for some 2021 graphics products) as well as more timely support around Zen 3 thermal support and other additions. AMD's open-source timing is still improving although not yet optimal but all in it was a hell of a year for AMD Linux users...

Fedora Workstation 33 Performing Very Well - Runs Past Clear Linux On Intel Tiger Lake Notebook

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 04:16:48 PM
Following the recent AMD Zen 3 tests on Intel's Clear Linux a user expressed curiosity over the Intel-backed Linux distribution on Tiger Lake hardware given I hadn't done a multi-distribution comparison there yet. Using the Dell XPS 9310 as my lone Tiger Lake notebook I ran some benchmarks of Clear Linux, Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora. For a change, Clear Linux wasn't the distant front-runner.

Proposed Patches Would Enable FP16 Pixel Format Support For Older AMD GPUs

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 02:52:28 PM
Patches posted on Monday by independent open-source contributor Mario Kleiner would enable FP16 pixel format support for older generations of AMD Radeon GPUs...

Ubuntu Had A Stellar 2020 From Ubuntu 20.04 LTS To Continued WSL, Cloud Popularity

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 02:25:45 PM
Ubuntu had a rather successful 2020 with the well received Ubuntu 20.04 LTS debut to continuing to make upstream improvements to GNOME, their adoption in the cloud and Windows Subsystem for Linux remaining strong, and all around Ubuntu being on steady footing across all areas of focus...

56 Patches Volleyed For Improving Intel Linux Graphics Driver Scheduling

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 01:08:03 PM
Longtime Intel open-source graphics driver developer Chris Wilson sent out a set of 56 patches today working to improve their kernel graphics driver's scheduling performance...

AES-NI XTS To See 2~3x Performance Recovery After Regressing Hard From Retpolines

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 11:19:34 AM
It turns out the Intel/AMD AES-NI implementation of XTS regressed hard from the Retpolines functionality merged nearly three years ago for mitigating Spectre... But now the crypto performance with the AES-NI XTS implementation is set to recover from that regression with a huge improvement thanks to a new set of patches...

Systemd Had A Pretty Big 2020 With Homed, OOMD Components Merged

Tuesday 29th of December 2020 05:05:07 AM
The systemd service and system manager had another busy year with the merging of "homed" for modernizing and reinventing home directory capabilities to "oomd" being merged for improving the Linux memory pressure / out-of-memory handling, among other new features coming to light...

GNU's Embed-Friendly Web Server Updated With Better OS Portability, Performance

Monday 28th of December 2020 10:16:11 PM
Libmicrohttpd as the GNU project's embedded HTTP web server library is out with a final release of 2020...

2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around Open-Source/Linux

Monday 28th of December 2020 08:46:57 PM
Each of the past several years it has been interesting to monitor Microsoft's engagement in the open-source and Linux communities. Over 2020 there were interesting strides from Samsung upstreaming their improved exFAT file-system driver after having Microsoft's blessing to Microsoft contributing more and more to Mesa in leveraging the OpenGL/OpenCL code in various Windows components to new WSL2 capabilities...

Git 2.30 Released As More Projects Shift To "Main" As Their Default Branch Name

Monday 28th of December 2020 07:40:15 PM
Git 2.30 is out today as the latest stable release update of this wildly-popular, distributed revision control system...

Linux 5.12 Could Support Intel's Proprietary HDR Backlight Interface

Monday 28th of December 2020 06:53:46 PM
It didn't land for Linux 5.11 but it looks like Linux 5.12 could end up supporting Intel's "HDR Backlight Interface" for helping newer Intel laptops with their backlight controls where they don't comply with VESA specifications but rather catering to Intel's proprietary interface...

Intel Xe Graphics Are Looking Great On Linux 5.11 With Nice Performance Uplift

Monday 28th of December 2020 03:55:19 PM
While Linux 5.11-rc1 was just released yesterday, we have already been closely monitoring the new features of Linux 5.11 as well as carrying out early benchmarks. One area looking quite good so far are the Intel graphics performance and features with Linux 5.11, or more specifically Gen9 and newer while the latest Xe Graphics are obviously the most interesting from a benchmarking perspective.

Linux 5.12 To Support Radeon RX 6000 Series OverDrive Overclocking

Monday 28th of December 2020 02:37:04 PM
With the Linux 5.12 kernel next spring it looks like the Radeon RX 6000 "RDNA 2" overclocking support will be in order...

Bootlin's Pursuit To Let 32-bit ARM NAS Devices Support More Than 16TiB Of Storage

Monday 28th of December 2020 02:09:42 PM
Bootlin working under contract for an unnamed NAS vendor has been working to update the Large Page Support for 32-bit ARM and ultimately coming up with an upstream-friendly way to be able to support more than 16TB of storage on 32-bit ARM devices...

More in Tux Machines

Stable Kernels: 5.10.10, 5.4.92, 4.19.170, 4.14.217, 4.9.253 , and 4.4.253

I'm announcing the release of the 5.10.10 kernel.

All users of the 5.10 kernel series must upgrade.

The updated 5.10.y git tree can be found at:
	git:// linux-5.10.y
and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:


greg k-h
Read more Also: Linux 5.4.92 Linux 4.19.170 Linux 4.14.217 Linux 4.9.253 Linux 4.4.253

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