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Many Linux Desktop 2D Benchmarks Of NVIDIA vs. AMD Drivers

Saturday 17th of January 2015 07:00:00 PM
This week on Phoronix were many Linux graphics tests from Unreal Engine 4 to Metro Redux with twenty-two AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Yesterday was also a 22-way GPU Linux OpenCL comparison. For your weekend viewing pleasure are now 2D desktop benchmarks from all of these GeForce and Radeon graphics cards atop Ubuntu Linux.

Wayland 1.7 Alpha Released Along With Updated Weston Compositor

Saturday 17th of January 2015 03:57:54 PM
Bryce Harrington has released the first development version of the forthcoming Wayland 1.7 along with the adjoining Weston reference compositor...

Mageia 5 Beta 2 Finally Released, Mageia 5 Delayed To March

Saturday 17th of January 2015 02:37:44 PM
After being challenged by delays, Mageia 5 Beta 2 was officially released on Friday. A revised release date for the Mageia 5 official ISOs has also been determined...

FreeBSD Made A Lot Of Progress In The Past Few Months Of 2014

Saturday 17th of January 2015 01:16:47 PM
The FreeBSD Foundation has issued their latest quarterly status report for covering from October to December 2014...

Asynchronous Device/Driver Probing For The Linux Kernel

Saturday 17th of January 2015 11:00:45 AM
While Google's Chrome OS supports asynchronous device/driver probing, the mainline Linux kernel does not. However, patches are working toward this feat in order to speed up the kernel's boot process for hardware/drivers that are slow at probing...

Systemd-Import Expands Its Container Capabilities

Saturday 17th of January 2015 05:51:03 AM
The systemd-import command is now more powerful after the latest batch of changes committed by Lennart Poettering prior to starting the weekend...

Mesa's Shader Cache Is In The Process Of Landing

Saturday 17th of January 2015 12:41:25 AM
Intel developers are in the process of landing their GLSL shader cache into mainline Mesa...

Version 3 Of KDBUS Posted For The Mainline Linux Kernel

Friday 16th of January 2015 08:00:29 PM
Version 3 of the KDBUS patches for eventual integration into the mainline Linux kernel were published on Friday...

Khronos Needs Your Help Designing Next-Generation OpenGL

Friday 16th of January 2015 05:35:03 PM
Since last year the Khronos Group and their partners have been busy working on "OpenGL-Next" as the first huge overhaul to the OpenGL API and designed to compete with AMD's Mantle, Microsoft DirectX 12, and Apple's Metal. They're still working towards this new API but they need your help...

Xen 4.5 Released With Many Hypervisor Updates

Friday 16th of January 2015 05:28:14 PM
Xen 4.5 was released yesterday with many new features and improvements to existing functionality...

22-Way AMD/NVIDIA OpenCL Linux Benchmarks To Start Off 2015

Friday 16th of January 2015 03:32:57 PM
As it's been a while since last running any large OpenCL benchmark comparisons, here's some updated figures for a wide-range of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. In total twenty-two graphics cards were tested with the latest AMD and NVIDIA drivers to see the current OpenCL GPU performance.

QEMU 2.3 To Bring An Ivy Bridge CPU Model, New MIPS CPUs

Friday 16th of January 2015 01:41:18 PM
QEMU 2.2 was just released last month while already for QEMU 2.3 is a long list of changes...

Xonotic 0.8 Finally Released With SDL2 & Many Game Updates

Friday 16th of January 2015 02:58:55 AM
For those looking toward one of the very best open-source first person shooters, Xonotic, it's finally reached version 0.8...

OpenACC Changes Merged Today For GCC 5

Friday 16th of January 2015 12:30:37 AM
The OpenACC support was merged for GCC 5 on the final day of permitting new work for this major GPLv3 compiler update...

GNOME Puts Out A Laptop Battery Testing Program

Thursday 15th of January 2015 09:38:14 PM
The newest GNOME application is for testing your laptop's battery power use under various scenarios...

Collabora Improves Linux Support For Tegra-Based Chromebooks

Thursday 15th of January 2015 07:56:08 PM
Collabora has been making improvements to the Tegra-based Chromebooks for running the non-ChromeOS Linux desktop...

NIR Lands In Mesa, New IR Started By High Schooler Intern At Intel

Thursday 15th of January 2015 05:11:43 PM
NIR, the new IR for Mesa that's better than the status quo (GLSL IR), has finally landed inside mainline Mesa...

Unreal Engine 4 Linux Tests With AMD & NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

Thursday 15th of January 2015 03:34:24 PM
This week there was a 22-way graphics card test of Metro Redux on Linux using GeForce and Radeon hardware with the latest AMD and NVIDIA proprietary drivers. Today the newest Linux gaming test candidate to look at is the AMD/NVIDIA Linux performance with the latest Unreal Engine 4 demos. In this article is a look at the UE4 Linux performance on AMD and NVIDIA graphics hardware running with Ubuntu.

Libinput 0.8 Improves Touchpad Support, Adds Axis Sources & Scroll Event Types

Thursday 15th of January 2015 01:36:47 PM
Peter Hutterer at Red Hat has announced the release of libinput 0.8 and with this update comes many new features for the input handling library...

LLVM 3.6 Is Branched, Trunk Code Is Now For LLVM 3.7

Thursday 15th of January 2015 11:56:11 AM
Following last month's LLVM 3.6 plans, the mainline code of LLVM was branched for preparing the 3.6 release so now the master/trunk code is for LLVM 3.7...

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