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Updated: 3 hours 26 min ago

Parallel Query Support Coming To PostgreSQL 9.6

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 08:12:06 PM
For PostgreSQL users, the next 9.6 release should be particularly exciting as the parallel sequential scan / parallel query support has been committed...

NVIDIA's Brief Comment About Nouveau / Open-Source Drivers On Tegra

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 06:30:56 PM
For a number of months now there's been several NVIDIA developers working on improving the open-source Nouveau driver particularly around the Tegra series...

Unreal Engine 4.10 Officially Released

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 05:31:06 PM
Epic Games has officially released Unreal Engine 4.10 today, which includes 53 improvements done by the community on GitHub along with a lot of other exciting in-house improvements...

2015 LLVM Developers' Meeting Videos Published

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 05:23:56 PM
All of the videos from this year's LLVM Developers' Meeting in California are now available online...

Support For Old Hardware Is Being Removed From Coreboot

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 03:00:00 PM
Coreboot developers are taking to their Git tree and dropping support for old motherboards and chipsets...

How To Compile CUDA Code With LLVM

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 02:00:23 PM
If you have been wondering how to compile CUDA C/C++ code with LLVM rather than NVIDIA's nvcc compiler, an official guide has been written...

Linux Kernel's Kconfig xconfig Ported To Qt5

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 01:42:51 PM
It's usually not worth mentioning Kconfig changes for each new Linux kernel release, but this time around there is actually new functionality to point out...

Mesa 11.0.5 Adds Intel Skylake GT4 & AMD Stoney Support

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 01:18:52 PM
Mesa 11.0.5 was released this morning as the newest stable version of this critical open-source user-space 3D graphics library...

libvpx 1.5.0 Released With Speed & Quality Maturity For VP9

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 01:10:02 PM
Libvpx 1.5.0 was released yesterday as the newest version of Google's VP9 encoder/decoder...

New Open-Source CUDA / OpenCL Benchmarks Added

Wednesday 11th of November 2015 12:57:51 PM
There are a couple new OpenCL/CUDA tests now present via the Phoronix Test Suite and

NVIDIA JTX1: Finally An Exciting 64-bit ARM Board!

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 11:30:00 PM
NVIDIA's embargo has just expired on the Jetson TX1: a 64-bit ARM development board that's worth getting excited about for Linux enthusiasts, those wishing to build their own ARM-powered devices, or just wanting a powerful ARM Linux desktop. The Jetson TX1 powered by the Tegra X1 is shaping up to be a splendid device; NVIDIA is even comparing the performance of the JTX1 to that of an Intel Core i7 6700K in certain tasks.

AMD R600g Catches Up With Another GL 4.3 Extension

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 11:15:24 PM
Thanks to Glenn Kennard, the R600 Gallium3D driver now supports another OpenGL 4.3 extension that was already available for RadeonSI, Intel i965, Nouveau NV50/NVC0, and even the Softpipe and LLVMpipe drivers...

Fedora Rawhide Enables Wayland By Default, Where Supported

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 09:52:01 PM
Seven years after announcing Wayland and three years since Wayland 1.0, Fedora developers are preparing to be the first tier-one desktop Linux distribution to use it by default for supported drivers/hardware...

Valve Launches A Massive Sale Of SteamOS (Linux) Titles

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 08:18:17 PM
With today being the date of the Steam Machines official launch along with the Steam Controller and Steam Link, Valve is running a big promotion of Steam Machines capable games...

NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit Offered For SteamOS

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 06:39:38 PM
Today while setting up some CUDA benchmarks, I noticed that CUDA 7.5 is now officially available for SteamOS...

It's Now Easier Setting Up Rust On Ubuntu

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 06:12:56 PM
Ubuntu Make, the command-line tool to assist in deploying the latest version of various developer tools on Ubuntu Linux, has added support for Rust...

Khronos Posts Their 2015 SIGGRAPH Asia Slides

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 04:22:35 PM
The Khronos Group has made public their slides from the 2015 SIGGRAPH ASIA conference that took place earlier this month...

ARM SoC & Platform Updates Mailed In For The Linux 4.4 Kernel

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 02:29:39 PM
Olof Johansson sent in all of the ARM SoC/platform updates today for the Linux 4.4 kernel merge window...

Among The Changes/Features Coming For GCC 6

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 02:03:23 PM
First and foremost, with the release of GCC 6 the default C++ mode will now be GNU++14/C++14 rather than GNU++98!..

How To Use EXT4's File-System Encryption Feature

Tuesday 10th of November 2015 01:50:36 PM
With Linux 4.4 bringing important fixes for EXT4's native file-system-level encryption, several Phoronix readers have inquired about how to actually use this new functionality...

More in Tux Machines Website Says Microsoft's Software Is Malware has a category on its website named “Philosophy of the GNU Project,” where the Microsoft software is described as malware, along with Apple and Amazon. Read more

Ubuntu Touch Devs Might Release an OTA-8.5 Hotfix Update for Ubuntu Phones

Earlier today, November 25, Canonical's Łukasz Zemczak sent his daily report for the day of November 24, 2015, informing all Ubuntu Phone users about the latest work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers on the Ubuntu for phones operating system. Read more

Systemd — unit dependencies and order

Welcome back to our continuing series on systemd features. As you’ve guessed from our previous articles, systemd brings more power and flexibility to service startup and management. One of the most important changes in systemd from legacy SysVinit is how it starts up units. You may have heard from casual users that systemd starts everything together. Some people believe this is true, and that’s why the system starts faster. But the reality is not quite that simple. Let’s look a little more deeply at how systemd understands unit relationships. Read more

today's leftovers

  • AWS launches EC2 Dedicated Hosts so you can bring your own Linux licence
    AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS) has announced the arrival of a new service called EC2 Dedicated Hosts. The new feature will allow companies to run the software they pay for on multiple virtual machines using a single server, giving more granular management to finding what applications are working on what virtual machine. AWS has outlined the advantages of EC2 Dedicated Hosts in a blog post by evangelist Jeff Barr.
  • Unikernels, meet Docker!
    The demo described here is just the beginning. There are many implementations of unikernels and there’s plenty of work ahead to ensure they can all reap the benefits of integration, as well as improving Docker itself to make the most of these new technologies. Look over the collection of unikernel projects and contribute your experiences to this blog!
  • AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Is A Letdown On Linux
    While leaked slides indicate AMD was planning better gaming on Linux for Crimson, in the end they really didn't deliver. Even for their mentioned games, when testing various Linux OpenGL games on three different systems the performance was largely unchanged.
  • New HPCG Benchmark List Goes Beyond LINPACK to Compare Supercomputers
    The High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark list was announced this week at SC15. This is the fourth list produced for the emerging benchmark designed to complement the traditional High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark used as the official metric for ranking the TOP500 systems. The first HPCG list was announced at ISC’14 a year and a half ago, containing only 15 entries and the SC’14 list had 25. The current list contains more than 60 entries as HPCG continues to gain traction in the HPC community.
  • New Opera 34 Beta Is Based on Chromium 47.0.2526.58, Brings Linux and Mac Fixes
    Opera Software, through Aneta Reluga, has announced the release and immediate availability for download and testing of a new Beta build for the upcoming Opera 34.0 web browser for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Hamster rediscovered
    If you like to track your time in a fine granular way, consider to use project-hamster with the GNOME Shell extension.
  • Distro hopping: feeling good with my time on LXLE
    Well the time has come to officially switch off from LXLE. This time around however I find myself in a weird spot. I’ve honestly struggled with LXLE; not in using the distribution itself but rather coming up with things to write about it. That isn’t to say that LXLE is bad by any stretch of the imagination, in fact it is quite good, it’s just that once you get used to the light weight desktop environment (DE) there is a perfectly capable “heavy weight” distribution underneath. What I mean by this is that once you get used to the DE and it fades into the background you’re left with a perfectly functional distribution that could just as easily have been Ubuntu or Linux Mint or Fedora or {insert your favourite one here}.
  • Netrunner 17 'Horizon' is here -- download the Kubuntu-based Linux distro now
    About a week ago, the Netrunner team released an update to its rolling release operating system. Based on Arch/Manjaro, I advised Linux beginners to steer clear, and instead opt for the Kubuntu-based variant. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, the Ubuntu community is arguably friendlier and better for newbies -- there are a ton of instructions and .deb files available too. More importantly, however, the rolling release could be less stable overall.
  • Netrunner 17 Screenshot Tour
  • KNOPPIX 7.6.0 Screenshot Tour
  • Tumbleweed install for November
    For this month, I installed Tumbleweed on my laptop. I had installed Leap 42.1 to overwrite my previous Tumbleweed install on that laptop. This computer uses legacy booting. I gave Tumbleweed a 40G partition, which I formatted as “ext4”. I also allowed it to use the swap and home file systems from my encrypted LVM on that computer.
  • Python 3 Porting FAD: Lessons Learned
  • Fossetcon 2015 Orlando Florida – Lake Buena Vista Hilton 19 – 21 November 2015
  • Reproducible builds: week 30 in Stretch cycle