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Updated: 2 hours 59 min ago

NVIDIA 450.51 Linux Driver Beta Adds NGX Library, PRIME Improvements

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 02:06:21 PM
Earlier this month a NVIDIA 450 Linux beta driver popped out as part of the CUDA 11.0 release candidate. Today though is the first public and generally available NVIDIA 450 series Linux driver beta for all users...

Ubuntu 20.04 vs. Windows 10 WSL/WSL2 Performance In 170+ Benchmarks

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 01:16:36 PM
Earlier this month was a look at the Windows 10 May 2020 Update performance for WSL/WSL2 with many benchmarks and testing on an Intel Core i9 10900K. Here is a follow-up round of testing this time with HEDT performance in the form of running an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X and running even more benchmarks up to 172 in total for this comparison of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS against WSL and WSL2 performance on this newest Microsoft Windows 10 update.

RADV ACO SMEM Patches Land - Taking ACO To Feature Parity With AMDGPU LLVM

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 12:24:19 PM
As of today in Mesa 20.2-devel Git, the Radeon Vulkan driver (RADV) with the ACO back-end is now effectively at feature-parity to the default AMDGPU LLVM shader compiler back-end...

Phoronix Test Suite 9.8 Milestone 2 Released For Open-Source/Linux Benchmarking

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 11:45:16 AM
Building off Phoronix Test Suite 9.8 M1 from the start of June, the second development "milestone" release is now available for our cross-platform, open-source automated benchmarking software...

AMDVLK 2020.Q2.5 Driver Released With Some New Bits + Bug Fixes

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 10:40:32 AM
AMDVLK 2020.Q2.5 is out today as the newest snapshot of this open-source official AMD Radeon Vulkan driver for Linux systems...

Mesa 20.2 Gets A Release Schedule With Hopes Of Shipping By End Of August

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 08:00:00 AM
It should hardly come as a surprise if you regularly follow the Mesa quarterly release cadence for these open-source Vulkan/OpenGL drivers, but a release schedule has now been committed for next quarter's Mesa 20.2...

Intel P-State Getting Energy Efficiency Knob, EPB Knob Change

Wednesday 24th of June 2020 04:03:48 AM
Intel's P-State CPU frequency scaling driver for Linux systems has been seeing a number of refinements lately including some major changes like shifting towards the "Schedutil" scheduler utilization governor by default. Further tuning with new/changed knobs is also on the way for giving users more control over their CPU power / performance preferences...

Microsoft Posts Initial DRM Driver For Hyper-V Synthetic Video Device

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 11:47:43 PM
Microsoft has posted their initial patch implementing a Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver for the synthetic video device exposed by their Hyper-V virtualization stack...

FGKASLR Revised For Better Linux Security Via Enhanced Address Space Randomization

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 10:57:36 PM
One of many high profile features that didn't make it in time for Linux 5.8 is FGKASLR, Function Granular Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization...

It's Looking Unlikely KDE Will See Per-Screen Scaling On X11 This Year

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 08:53:32 PM
At the start of 2020 well known KDE developer Nate Graham who publishes the weekly status reports on their desktop environment posted a 2020 KDE roadmap of sorts. Now being half-way through the year, here is a look at how that roadmap is looking with what items have been completed, what is still being tackled, and what is looking less likely to be accomplished...

NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver Finally Adds External Memory Host Support

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 05:50:12 PM
NVIDIA today released a new Vulkan beta driver for Linux systems at version 440.66.17...

Ampere Announces Altra Max 128-Core Server Processor

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 01:00:00 PM
Back in March Ampere Computing detailed their next-gen Altra ARM-based server CPU with up to 80 cores per socket. Today the company is revealing more roadmap details including the forthcoming Altra Max that offers 128 cores per socket.

Dell To Begin Shipping Ubuntu 20.04 LTS On Their Latest XPS Developer Edition

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 12:06:49 PM
Dell is announcing this morning that their latest XPS Developer Edition laptops are beginning to ship with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as the latest version of the popular desktop Linux distribution...

Open-Source Qualcomm "TURNIP" Vulkan Driver Adds Tessellation Shader Support

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 11:12:24 AM
Mesa's TURNIP Vulkan driver for open-source Qualcomm Adreno support took another big step forward this week with the mainlining of tessellation shader support...

RADV Vulkan Driver Adds New Workaround For Path of Exile Game

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 10:55:17 AM
A new tunable for the RADV driver is to disable bounds checking for dynamic buffer descriptors. The initial beneficiary of this driver workaround is for satisfying the Path of Exile role playing game running under Wine / Proton (Steam Play)...

Apple's Compiler Team Starts Upstreaming Changes For macOS 11

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 10:38:47 AM
It wasn't even twenty four hours ago that Apple disclosed their plans for transitioning to in-house chips for future laptops and desktops and with that macOS 11. Already we are seeing the first of the LLVM compiler patches being upstreamed in preparing for the wild new Apple future...

Intel DG1 Graphics Card Support Lands In Mesa 20.2 For OpenGL / Vulkan

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020 04:06:19 AM
Intel has landed their Mesa OpenGL/Vulkan driver support for their "DG1" discrete graphics card!..

FSF Calls Software Patents A Disease Amid COVID-19 Crisis, USPTO A Super-Spreader

Monday 22nd of June 2020 11:41:35 PM
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has renewed their attacks against the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and software patents in general, this time in relation to the COVID-19 / coronavirus crisis...

Apple Confirms Their Future Desktops + Laptops Will Use In-House CPUs

Monday 22nd of June 2020 06:53:36 PM
Apple finally confirmed the log-running rumor that their future laptops and desktop computers will be using in-house silicon with their custom designed Arm-based chips...

55th TOP500 Supercomputer List Topped By Arm-Based Fujitsu A64FX

Monday 22nd of June 2020 03:57:19 PM
The newest TOP500 supercomputer list was published today. The newest TOP500 list includes more positions for AMD EPYC supercomputers but to some surprise the Arm-based Fujitsu A64FX-powered supercomputer has topped the list...

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Security Leftovers

  • FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-20:19.unbound
  • GCC Compiler Lands Mitigation For Arm's Straight Line Speculation Vulnerability

    It took a month after Arm disclosed the CPU "SLS" vulnerability and when the LLVM compiler landed their initial mitigation, but the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) now has mitigations as well for this Straight Line Speculation vulnerability. The Straight Line Speculation vulnerability could lead to instructions on ARMv8 processors being executed following a change in control flow. Mitigating SLS involves using SB instructions for a speculation barrier following vulnerable instructions.

  • Security updates for Thursday

    Security updates have been issued by CentOS (firefox), Debian (ffmpeg, fwupd, ruby2.5, and shiro), Fedora (freerdp, gssdp, gupnp, mingw-pcre2, remmina, and xrdp), openSUSE (chocolate-doom), Oracle (firefox and kernel), and Ubuntu (linux, linux-lts-xenial, linux-aws, linux-kvm, linux-raspi2, linux-snapdragon and thunderbird).

  • Mozilla Security Blog: Reducing TLS Certificate Lifespans to 398 Days

    We intend to update Mozilla’s Root Store Policy to reduce the maximum lifetime of TLS certificates from 825 days to 398 days, with the aim of protecting our user’s HTTPS connections. Many reasons for reducing the lifetime of certificates have been provided and summarized in the CA/Browser Forum’s Ballot SC22. Here are Mozilla’s top three reasons for supporting this change.

Games: Proton, SUPERHOT, Vintage Story

  • New Games You Can Play With Proton Since June 2020

    It’s now July 2020 and the Steam Summer Sale has just ended. I hope you took the chance to grab some titles at low prices! We did! This time around I will not delve into games with the largest number of reports on ProtonDB. Instead, I focus on recent reports for which the median rating (not the ProtonDB one, my own rating based on the raw data) is something like Platinum or Gold at least (4 or 5 on my scale).

  • SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE arrives for Linux PC on July 16

    Time moves when you move. Ready for more? SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is confirmed to be launching for Linux and it's going to be available on July 16. Even better, if you buy the original SUPERHOT before then it will be yours free. It was actually already available on Windows in Early Access for some time but they're now moving to full release for all platforms and they're making a bit of a splash about it. Coming to Linux officially is obviously great news too!

  • Wilderness survival game 'Vintage Story' adding seasons, improved graphics

    Vintage Story, an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game inspired by lovecraftian horror themes has a new test release up that makes it an even deeper game. Minecraft in style, sure, someone will mention that I've no doubt due to the blocky style. Anything actually like Minecraft? No, quite far from it. The gameplay mechanics have a lot more depth to them and it's quite a lot more interesting but everything also takes a lot more time to learn and get through. Vintage Story's description of being 'uncompromising' certainly holds up at times.

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