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Updated: 2 hours 52 min ago

Mir Developer Hopes Community Will Use It & Add Wayland Compatibility

Friday 7th of April 2017 10:37:17 AM
One of the lead developers on the Mir project at Canonical, Alan Griffiths, has finally opened up about this week's news of Ubuntu dropping efforts around Unity 8 and switching back to GNOME. This also is pretty much definitive that Mir is being dropped and Ubuntu will end up making use of Wayland...

Mark Shuttleworth Reportedly Returning To Role As Canonical CEO

Friday 7th of April 2017 10:06:43 AM
There's a big meeting going on today at Canonical regarding changes being made at the company. This follows the dramatic news this week of Ubuntu dropping Unity 8 and switching back to GNOME Shell. There's now information obtained that Mark is planning to reprise the role of CEO...

GNOME Could Soon Have An Alternative To Microsoft Paint

Friday 7th of April 2017 12:59:36 AM
While there is GIMP for advanced image manipulation and then a few other alternatives for more simpler image manipulation or drawing, a new "GNOME Paint" program is in development...

Intel Linux Developers Begin Bringup Of Cannonlake & Cannonpoint PCH

Thursday 6th of April 2017 07:36:28 PM
Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver developers have begun publishing patches for initial hardware enablement of Cannonlake's "Gen 10" graphics and the Cannonpoint PCH...

AMDGPU vs. Radeon DRM With GCN 1.0/1.1 GPUs On Linux 4.11, Mesa 17.1-dev

Thursday 6th of April 2017 06:47:30 PM
With the upcoming Linux 4.11 kernel release as well as for the next cycle (Linux 4.12), the Radeon DRM driver remains the default for AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 GPUs while the newer AMDGPU DRM driver continues offering "experimental" support for these earlier generations of GCN GPUs. As it's been a while since our last Radeon vs. AMDGPU GCN 1.0/1.1 benchmarks, here are some fresh tests today with Linux 4.11 Git.

Google Kahlee: The First AMD-Powered Chromebook

Thursday 6th of April 2017 05:30:47 PM
After years of many Intel and ARM Chromebooks, the first AMD-powered Chromebook appears to be gearing up for release...

Ubuntu Server Exploring A New Installer & More

Thursday 6th of April 2017 04:04:05 PM
Dustin Kirkland, the leader of product manager at Canonical, recently asked the folks at HackerNews what they would like to see done for Ubuntu 17.10. He's collected their feedback and offered a few insights into the current happenings...

NVIDIA 381.09 Linux Beta Driver Released: New Kernel Support, Updated Vulkan

Thursday 6th of April 2017 03:46:55 PM
Coinciding with today's NVIDIA Titan Xp announcement is a new beta Linux driver release!..

RandR 1.6 Proposal Around The Work On Linux VR HMDs Support

Thursday 6th of April 2017 03:27:22 PM
For those wanting to follow the work Keith Packard is doing for Valve around better supporting VR HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) on the open-source driver stack, he's made a proposal for some changes in what would become RandR 1.6...

NVIDIA Rolls Out The Titan Xp Graphics Card For $1200 USD

Thursday 6th of April 2017 03:09:51 PM
NVIDIA's newest graphics card in the ultra high-end Titan line-up is the Titan Xp, a Pascal card that will set you back $1200 USD...

Canonical Reportedly Slashing Jobs, Seeking Outside Investment

Thursday 6th of April 2017 01:24:52 PM
Following news of Ubuntu abandoning Unity 8 there are now reports of headcount reductions happening at Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth eyeing possible outside investments into the company...

Intel Mesa Driver / libdrm_intel Going Through Rework

Thursday 6th of April 2017 12:24:27 PM
An initiative taking place within the Intel open-source Linux driver camp is trying to effectively move libdrm_intel -- the Intel-specific code for the DRM library -- into the i965 Mesa driver itself...

Some In The Ubuntu Community Want To Fork, Maintain Unity 8

Thursday 6th of April 2017 11:56:06 AM
Following yesterday's news of Canonical dropping work on Unity 8 and Ubuntu Phone and switching back to GNOME as their desktop environment, some community developers are determined to keep the projects going...

Kernel Lockdown: Tightening Up Linux Kernel Access From User-Space

Thursday 6th of April 2017 10:46:14 AM
Red Hat developer David Howells has posted a series of patches to make it possible to lock-down the running Linux kernel image in an effort to prevent user-space from modifying the running kernel image...

Heterogeneous Memory Management v19 Published, Will It Be In Linux 4.12?

Thursday 6th of April 2017 10:25:16 AM
Jerome Glisse has published his latest massive patch-set for supporting Heterogeneous Memory Management within the mainline Linux kernel...

A Look Back At The Desktop & X.Org/Wayland/Mir Milestones Of Ubuntu

Thursday 6th of April 2017 12:20:00 AM
With Unity 8 (and Mir) being years behind schedule, Mark Shuttleworth today made the surprise announcement of abandoning Unity 8 and shifting back to GNOME while also stopping their Ubuntu Phone efforts. This was the biggest Ubuntu shock in years and as such I've thrown together today a bit of a tribute or look back at the various desktop milestones of Ubuntu since its first release covered by Phoronix back in 2004. Check it out if you are a relatively new Linux user or just wish to relive the old screenshots of GNOME2, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Ubuntu TV, the early Unity days, the ambitious Mir plans, and more.

Mozilla Thunderbird 52 Released

Wednesday 5th of April 2017 11:21:52 PM
Thunderbird 52.0 is now available as the latest stable release for those using this Mozilla-developed mail client...

Ubuntu To Abandon Unity 8, Switch Back To GNOME

Wednesday 5th of April 2017 05:23:03 PM
Canonical has announced via Mark Shuttleworth they are ending their development of the Unity 8 desktop environment and will be switching back to GNOME desktop by Ubuntu 18.04...

Ubuntu Developers Still Planning For Secure X11 Apps On Unity 8 By 18.04

Wednesday 5th of April 2017 04:17:41 PM
Ubuntu developer Ted Gould has written a fresh blog post about the current planning for supporting X11 apps on Ubuntu Personal -- Ubuntu with Unity 8 and Mir -- while keeping applications secure...

ARB_shader_ballot Lands For RadeonSI Mesa 17.1

Wednesday 5th of April 2017 03:56:52 PM
Nicolai Hähnle has been busy today with Mesa Git as in addition to landing ARB_sparse_buffer for RadeonSI, he's now landed ARB_shader_ballot as another useful OpenGL extension -- it can be used as part of the "AZDO" techniques...

More in Tux Machines

Ubuntu and elementary

  • System76 wants to build its own hardware for its Linux-based computers
    System76 is building up quite a name for itself, being one of a very limited number of companies selling only computers running Linux-based operating systems. Now the aim is to branch out; System76 wants to design and build its own hardware, while representing the open source community as it does so. At the moment, the hardware used in System76 systems is outsourced, but in the future this will change. The company says that it is moving into phase three of its development cycle, and this "moves product design and manufacturing in house." And you should set your expectations high: "We're about to build the Model S of computers. Something so brilliant and beautiful that reviewers will have to add an 11 to their scores."
  • AppCenter Spotlight: Beta Testers
    Over the past month we’ve been beta testing the new AppCenter with a number of developers, from elementary OS contributors to backers of our Indiegogo campaign. After testing out the submission process and getting some apps into the store (and seeing rapid updates!), I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the first apps.
  • elementary OS to get improved AppCenter, showing off a few new applications
    I have to hand it to the elementary OS guys, they have a massive focus on design and it does look quite incredible. It is easily one of the best looking Linux distributions, which I do admire. Their new AppCenter, for example, looks extremely clean and clear.

Beijing Zoo is No Place for Pandas

Pandas in Beijing Zoo
Photo credit: Nick Hopkins

I am a Panda lover. I work as a support engineer in an I.T company here in the United Kingdom. Most of my spare time is spent watching different Panda videos -- both old and new videos. Basically, it is my therapy; a 'stress release' for me. I find them to be adorable and precious creatures. As a matter of fact, I would like to volunteer to come to Sichuan. I want to experience and feel what it's like to be a Panda keeper, to be able to interact with them for real. The Panda is China's National Treasure, so it's a shame to watch the Panda videos from Beijing zoo, as the place is disgusting and not ideal for Pandas to live in (and for sure for all the rest of the animals who unfortunately got stuck in this prison cell).

The place looks like a ghost town. Lifeless and languished. Knowing that Pandas wear a thick fur on their body, can you imagine what it feels for them in 30C or 35C (summer temperature)? What it probably feels like all the time? Come on, if you really care, you must do something now, otherwise these Pandas will die. Please bring them back to their sanctuary where they really belong.

Linux 4.11 File-System Tests: EXT4, F2FS, XFS & Btrfs

With the Linux 4.11 kernel potentially being released as soon as today, here are some fresh benchmarks of Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS on a solid-state drive and comparing the performance of 4.11 Git back to Linux 4.9 and 4.10. For those wondering if the block/file-system changes of Linux 4.11 have any impact on EXT4/F2FS/XFS/Btrfs for common I/O workloads or how these file-systems are comparing on this latest kernel, here are some benchmarks. Read more

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