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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 2 hours 7 min ago

SLPC-Based Power Management Still Being Worked On For Intel's DRM Driver

Friday 9th of September 2016 02:00:00 PM
The Single Loop Power Controller (SLPC) was an interesting addition to Skylake hardware but even with Skylake processors being out more than one year and the SLPC patches for the Intel DRM Linux driver having been out for a number of months, this GuC-based SLPC support has yet to be merged. The latest version of the patches was just published...

V8 JavaScript Engine 5.4 Brings More Performance Improvements

Friday 9th of September 2016 01:32:54 PM
Version 5.4 of the V8 JavaScript Engine has been released. This is another hefty update to V8 and it brings the favorite kind of work we like talking about: more performance improvements...

The Threaded Input Support In X.Org Server 1.19

Friday 9th of September 2016 01:17:44 PM
As covered previously, threaded input finally landed in the X.Org Server. It's 2016, and these patches had even been sitting around for a few years with no action, while finally this beneficial feature will be shipping with next month's X.Org Server 1.19 release...

Sailfish OS Update "Aurajoki" Released

Friday 9th of September 2016 01:06:57 PM
It's been a while since last having a Sailfish OS update from Jolla to talk about, but that's changed with the "Aurajoki" release finally hitting supported devices...

Mesa & AMDGPU-PRO Appear To Run Fine With Rocket League On Linux

Friday 9th of September 2016 02:00:56 AM
With many Linux gamers having looked forward to the Linux release of Rocket League, I tested out the Linux port of the game when using Mesa RadeonSI Gallium3D as well as the AMDGPU-PRO blob...

Trying Out Eight BSDs On A Modern PC: Some Are Smooth, Others Troublesome

Friday 9th of September 2016 01:35:32 AM
Following the seven-way Linux distribution benchmark comparison published earlier this week, on the same system I set out to test a variety of BSD distributions on the same system and ultimately benchmark their out-of-the-box performance too. Those performance benchmark results will be published later this week while today were a few remarks I wanted to share when trying out TrueOS, DragonFlyBSD, GhostBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, MidnightBSD, and PacBSD (Arch BSD) on this modern Intel Xeon system.

Rocket League Finally Released For Linux

Thursday 8th of September 2016 11:50:21 PM
A game that many Linux gamers have been waiting months to see has finally been released on Steam for Linux: Rocket League...

NVIDIA 370.28 Linux Driver Has Pascal Overclocking, PRIME Sync, PixelShiftMode

Thursday 8th of September 2016 07:35:06 PM
NVIDIA's Unix team today released the 370.28 driver as their newest Linux/BSD/Solaris driver in their short-lived branch...

Intel Has Been Working On A Fast 2D GPU Renderer Focused On Web Content

Thursday 8th of September 2016 02:46:32 PM
Intel's open-source developers have been working on a GPU-based high-performance 2D renderer that can be nine times faster than Cairo's CPU-based renderer and still multiple times faster than Qt (even with OpenGL), Cairo with OpenGL, or even Google's Skia with OpenGL rendering. The focus of this new project, FastUIDraw, is ultimately for speeding up the rendering of web content and being able to accelerate all of the HTML5 canvas operations...

The Interesting Wayland/Vulkan/Graphics Talks Happening This Month At XDC2016

Thursday 8th of September 2016 01:40:23 PM
Coming up in just two weeks is the X.Org's XDC2016 conference taking place in Helsinki, Finland. Here's a preview of some of the interesting talks...

XWayland Pointer Confinement & Warping

Thursday 8th of September 2016 01:16:14 PM
Playing legacy/X11 games on Wayland via XWayland may soon be in better shape with the latest slew of X Server patches...

TigerVNC 1.7 Released

Thursday 8th of September 2016 01:05:02 PM
TigerVNC 1.7 was released today as the newest version of this open-source, high-performance, cross-platform VNC implementation...

DNF 2.0 Is In Development On Fedora

Thursday 8th of September 2016 01:00:28 PM
While it may just feel like recently when DNF 1.0 was released and Fedora switched from Yum to DNF by default, DNF 2.0 is already in development and hitting Fedora Rawhide systems...

DragonFlyBSD Switches Over To LibreSSL By Default

Thursday 8th of September 2016 12:48:29 PM
DragonFlyBSD is now the latest operating system that has decided to switch from OpenSSL to LibreSSL by default...

Wireshark 2.2 Released

Thursday 8th of September 2016 01:12:46 AM
Wireshark 2.2 is now available as the newest version of this widely-used packet analyzer program...

GNU Libreboot Adds Support For Another (Outdated) Intel Motherboard

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:16:36 PM
A mini-ITX board running the GNU Libreboot downstream of Coreboot sounds interesting for a fully free software HTPC/media center PC, right? Too bad this new motherboard port is for an i945 board released back in 2008 and has integrated a painfully slow original, single-core Atom chip...

The Android Runtime On Chrome OS Makes Use Of Wayland

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:13:39 PM
With Google's Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) it turns out that this technology for letting Android apps run on Chrome OS is making use of the Wayland protocol and could open up other Wayland clients to running on Chrome OS...

Samba 4.5 Released

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:10:19 PM
Samba 4.5 is now available as the latest release of this major open-source project for improving Windows interoperability (i.e. SMB/CIFS) on Linux and other platforms...

X-Plane 10.50 Flight Simulator Released

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 03:25:57 PM
A new version of the X-Plane desktop flight simulator, which is arguably the world's most advanced flight simulator, is now available. The Linux version remains in-step with the Windows and OS X builds...

Arcan Open-Source Display Server Continues Progressing As Alternative To Wayland, Mir

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 02:06:11 PM
A few months back I wrote about Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine. Sadly with most niche and ambitious open-source projects along these lines, they tend to disappear over time, but Arcan on the other hand continues moving forward so far...

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