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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 42 min ago

Qt Creator 4.1 Beta Adds New Themes, Improved CMake Project Support

Wednesday 6th of July 2016 12:52:54 PM
The first beta release is now available of Qt Creator 4.1, the latest version of this Qt-focused integrated development environment...

GStreamer Components See Their First 1.9 Unstable Release

Wednesday 6th of July 2016 12:39:51 PM
GStreamer core, gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly, gst-plugins-bad, gst-libav, gst-rtsp-server, gst-python, gst-editing-services, gst-validate, gstreamer-vaapi, and gst-omx now have out their first 1.9 unstable series releases...

CF4OCL Adds OpenCL 2.1 Symbols, Offline Kernel Compiler/Linker

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 08:28:10 PM
There is a new release available of cf4ocl, the C Framework for OpenCL. This open-source project provides an object-oriented interface to the OpenCL API and offers various other features...

DigiKam 5.0 KDE Photography Software Released

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 03:22:00 PM
After two years of development, DigiKam 5.0 has been released as the digital photography management software from the KDE camp that's now been ported to Qt5...

ASUS MG28UQ 4K 28-Inch Adaptive-Sync Monitor

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 03:15:31 PM
The past few weeks I have been testing out the ASUS MG28UQ 4K display as the monitor on my main daily workstation. This ~$500 monitor has been working out well and also supports extra features like Adaptive-Sync once the open-source Linux graphics drivers catch up.

The State of Flatpak In GNOME Software

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 02:30:20 PM
There's a new blog post concerning the state of Flatpak (formerly XDG-App) integration in the GNOME Software app/software store/center...

KDE Plasma 5.7 Officially Released

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 12:57:52 PM
KDE Plasma 5.7 is now officially out there...

GTK Scene Kit Continues Making Progress With New API, Offloading More Work To The GPU

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 12:19:31 PM
GNOME developer Emmanuele Bassi has shared the latest work he's been doing on GSK -- the GTK Scene Kit and the much anticipated improvements it will bring...

Libertine: Allowing X11 Debian Packages To Run On The Next-Gen Ubuntu Desktop

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 12:07:18 PM
Stephen Webb of Canonical has written about the company's latest project, Libertine. Libertine is their new project for allowing legacy X11-focused Debian packages to run on their next-gen converged desktop with Unity 8, Mir, and Snap packages...

KDE Plasma 5.7 Due Today, A Video About It & More

Tuesday 5th of July 2016 11:53:16 AM
KDE Plasma 5.7 is scheduled to be released today...

Four More Changes Proposed For Fedora 25

Monday 4th of July 2016 02:23:32 PM
There are more change proposals were sent out this morning on the Fedora developer list with plans for these features in Fedora 25...

Bcachefs Still Being Developed As A Next-Gen Linux File-System

Monday 4th of July 2016 01:39:53 PM
Announced last year was Bcachefs as a new Linux file-system derived from Bcache that aims for speed while having ZFS/Btrfs-like features. Since doing some early Bcachefs benchmarks last August, we hadn't heard much (anything?) from the project since...

PC-BSD's Lumina Desktop Now In Beta For v1.0

Monday 4th of July 2016 01:11:31 PM
The Lumina Desktop Environment has made available their v1.0 beta release of the Qt-written desktop...

Debian Stretch Successor To Be Codenamed Bullseye

Monday 4th of July 2016 01:03:18 PM
Taking place this week in Cape Town, South Africa is DebConf 16. One of the interesting bits of information out of that event is the codename for Stretch's successor...

Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 7 Released

Monday 4th of July 2016 12:38:09 PM
The seventh alpha release of the Debian Installer for Stretch is now available...

Linux 4.7-rc6 Released, Bigger Than The Earlier RCs

Monday 4th of July 2016 12:32:05 PM
Linus Torvalds has released the sixth weekly test version to the Linux 4.7 kernel...

The Widely-Used Cairo Library Has Problems Passing Its Own Tests

Sunday 3rd of July 2016 01:59:25 PM
The Cairo graphics library that's relied upon by GTK+, Gecko/Firefox, WebKit, Poppler, and many other pieces of Linux software is having problems passing its own build tests...

CompuLab Comes Out With New Rugged, Fanless Linux-Friendly PC

Sunday 3rd of July 2016 01:39:32 PM
The folks at CompuLab have announced their latest Linux-friendly PC, the fitlet-RM. The Fitlet-RM is described as "the smallest PC for extreme conditions" and is fanless...

GLBinding 2.1.1 Released

Saturday 2nd of July 2016 10:53:23 PM
Version 2.1.1 of glbinding has been released, a C++ binding to the OpenGL API...

Kodi 17 Alpha 2 Released

Saturday 2nd of July 2016 04:14:38 PM
The second alpha release of Kodi 17 Krypton is now available for testing...

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It's Time to Upgrade to Fedora 24 Linux If You're Still Using Fedora 22

Fedora Program Manager Jan Kurik announced that the Fedora 22 Linux operating system has officially reached end of its life on July 19, 2016, urging users to upgrade to either the Fedora 23 or Fedora 24 releases. Read more

Running Windows apps on Linux

Now just to clear the air. I personally don't run Windows in a virtual machine or dual-boot. However, there are some games I play using WINE. If you're stuck trying to pull yourself away from legacy Windows applications take heart, there is hope. One of the options above may provide you with a means of using Linux for most daily tasks while still having access to any Windows applications you can't live without. What say you? Do you find yourself dual-booting or using WINE? Perhaps you didn't know that it's possible to run an unregistered copy of Windows 10 without any show-stopping restrictions? Hit the Comments and share your experience with Windows applications as a Linux user. Read more

ArchStrike Ethical Hacking Linux Operating System Gets Its First ISO Builds

The ArchStrike developers have announced today, July 25, 2016, that their Arch Linux-based operating system designed for ethical hackers now has official installation mediums as ISO images. Read more

GNU Linux-libre Kernel 4.7 Officially Released for Users Who Want 100% Freedom

Alexandre Oliva from the GNU Linux-libre project happily announced the release and general availability for download of the GNU Linux-libre 4.7 kernel for those who want 100% freedom when using a GNU/Linux operating system. The release of GNU Linux-libre kernel 4.7 comes a few hours after Linus Torvalds' announcement for the new Linux 4.7 kernel branch, on which GNU Linux-libre 4.7-gnu is based, and, as usual, it contains deblobbing changes for various of the included drivers, including Radeon, Intel i915 CSR, Intel Skylake audio, HFI1 InfiniBand, Realtek rtl8xxxu Wi-Fi, iwlwifi, mwifiex, Broadcom brcmfmac, and Atheros ath10k. Read more