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Linux Hardware Reviews & News
Updated: 3 hours 52 min ago

DRM/FreeDesktop Code of Conduct Submitted To Linux 4.12

Friday 5th of May 2017 11:15:28 AM
Earlier this week David Airlie sent in the big DRM pull request of new feature material for the Linux 4.12 kernel. That main pull request added in 457,052 lines of new code to the kernel while now a secondary pull request has been submitted that adds just 11 new lines...

Devuan 1.0 RC2 Released: Systemd-Free Debian

Friday 5th of May 2017 10:24:40 AM
Just a short time after last month's Devuan 1.0 RC1 debut, the second release candidate of this systemd-free version of Debian is now available...

FreeNAS 11.0 Release Candidate Up For Testing

Friday 5th of May 2017 10:04:52 AM
For those looking toward a new NAS (Network Attached Storage) operating system, the FreeBSD-powered FreeNAS 11.0 is nearing release...

USB Type-C Port Manager Heads Into Linux 4.12

Friday 5th of May 2017 09:50:44 AM
As expected, the Linux 4.12 kernel will finally have a USB Type-C port manager...

Cinnamon 3.4 Desktop Environment Tagged

Friday 5th of May 2017 12:05:49 AM
Clement Lefebvre has tagged the Cinnamon 3.4.0 release ahead of the Linux Mint 18.2 "Sonya" OS update...

KDE e.V. Community 2016 Report Details 20 Years Of KDE

Thursday 4th of May 2017 11:47:31 PM
KDE e.V. has issued their 2016 community report detailing their various accomplishments and events over the past year...

NVIDIA 375.66 Driver Released With Fixes, Official GTX 1080 Ti Support

Thursday 4th of May 2017 08:52:00 PM
NVIDIA has released the 375.66 proprietary driver update as their latest in the long-lived driver series branch...

Radeon RX 550 Stumbles On Open-Source, Working Fine With AMDGPU-PRO

Thursday 4th of May 2017 08:44:25 PM
This week I decided to pick up the Gigabyte Radeon RX 550 2GB graphics card for Linux testing at Phoronix, a $90 USD graphics card that was recently launched as part of the "Polaris Evolved" line-up. It's not working on the upstream open-source code-base at the moment, but at least does function with the latest AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 driver for the RX 500 series...

RADV Radeon Driver Is Now "Effectively" A Conformant Vulkan Implementation

Thursday 4th of May 2017 06:34:56 PM
The open-source Radeon Vulkan driver, RADV, has now passed another important milestone...

Intel's Clear Linux Switches Over To GCC 7 Compiler

Thursday 4th of May 2017 06:00:00 PM
Just two days ago GCC 7.1 was released as the first stable release of GCC 7 as the annual update to this GNU code compiler. If you are looking for a Linux rolling-release distribution already using GCC 7 by default, Intel's open-source Clear Linux appears to be one of the first.

Exciting GSoC 2017 Projects: Vulkan Software Renderer, Kodi On Wayland, Much More

Thursday 4th of May 2017 05:32:19 PM
In addition to today marking the announcement of the accepted Outreachy 2017 summer projects, Google also announced today the participants for this year's Google Summer of Code...

Wine's AppDB, GNOME Recipes, Coloring Book Among Outreachy Summer Projects

Thursday 4th of May 2017 04:45:54 PM
Outreachy has announced their accepted participants for the summer 2017 internship period to work on various open-source projects...

GStreamer 1.12 Makes Its Stable Debut

Thursday 4th of May 2017 04:15:10 PM
GStreamer 1.12 is now the latest stable release of this widely-used, open-source multimedia framework...

Skylane: A Wayland Implementation In Rust, Part of Perceptia Project

Thursday 4th of May 2017 01:49:38 PM
While there have been Rust bindings and other Rust-Wayland projects in the past, they have ended up relying upon C language components. With a new project dubbed "Skylane", there's a full Wayland protocol implementation written within Rust...

PGI 17.4 Compiler Tests vs. GCC 6.3 vs. LLVM Clang 4.0

Thursday 4th of May 2017 12:49:04 PM
When NVIDIA-owned PGI released the PGI 17.4 compiler this week there was interest expressed by some Phoronix readers in seeing comparison benchmarks to GCC and Clang...

Feral Games Is Hinting At Something New

Thursday 4th of May 2017 11:18:00 AM
It's been several weeks since last having any interesting new Linux game news to talk about, but Feral Interactive seems to be getting closer to announcing something new for gamers...

Phoronix Test Suite 7.2.0 Milestone 2 Released

Thursday 4th of May 2017 11:15:00 AM
The second development milestone release of Phoronix Test Suite 7.2-Trysil is now available for your open-source, cross-platform benchmarking needs...

Early Patches For Kernel Lockdown Mode Set For Linux 4.12

Thursday 4th of May 2017 10:12:47 AM
David Howells of Red Hat has requested Linus Torvalds pull his hardware module parameter annotation branch into the Linux 4.12 kernel. This is a needed step as part of his work on the "Kernel Lockdown" series for restricting access for allowing hardware resources be modified when in UEFI Secure Boot or other restricted mode...

Xen In Linux 4.12 Picks Up 9pfs Front-End Driver

Thursday 4th of May 2017 09:58:04 AM
The Xen virtualization changes have been submitted for the Linux 4.12 merge window...

Nouveau Developer Working On Adding SPIR-V Support To Clover Gallium3D OpenCL

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 11:38:26 PM
Independent developer Pierre Moreau who has contributed to the open-source Nouveau driver in the past has published a rather interesting patch series today: SPIR-V support for the Clover Gallium3D OpenCL state tracker...

More in Tux Machines

GNOME News: Black Lab Drops GNOME and Further GNOME Experiments in Meson

  • Ubuntu-Based Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 Drops GNOME 3 for MATE Desktop
    Coming about two weeks after the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11, which is based on the Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system using the HWE (hardware enablement) kernel from Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak), Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 appears to be an unexpected maintenance update addressing a few important issues reported by users lately.
  • 3.26 Developments
    My approach to development can often differ from my peers. I prefer to spend the early phase of a cycle doing lots of prototypes of various features we plan to implement. That allows me to have the confidence necessary to know early in the cycle what I can finish and where to ask for help.
  • Further experiments in Meson
    Meson is definitely getting more traction in GNOME (and other projects), with many components adding support for it in parallel to autotools, or outright switching to it. There are still bugs, here and there, and we definitely need to improve build environments — like Continuous — to support Meson out of the box, but all in all I’m really happy about not having to deal with autotools any more, as well as being able to build the G* stack much more quickly when doing continuous integration.

Fedora and Red Hat

Debian and Derivatives

  • Reproducible Builds: week 108 in Stretch cycle
  • Debuerreotype
    The project is named “Debuerreotype” as an homage to the photography roots of the word “snapshot” and the daguerreotype process which was an early method of taking photographs. The essential goal is to create “photographs” of a minimal Debian rootfs, so the name seemed appropriate (even if it’s a bit on the “mouthful” side).
  • The end of Parsix GNU/Linux
    The Debian-based Parsix distribution has announced that it will be shutting down six months after the Debian "Stretch" release.
  • Privacy-focused Debian 9 'Stretch' Linux-based operating system Tails 3.0 reaches RC status
    If you want to keep the government and other people out of your business when surfing the web, Tails is an excellent choice. The Linux-based operating system exists solely for privacy purposes. It is designed to run from read-only media such as a DVD, so that there are limited possibilities of leaving a trail. Of course, even though it isn't ideal, you can run it from a USB flash drive too, as optical drives have largely fallen out of favor with consumers. Today, Tails achieves an important milestone. Version 3.0 reaches RC status -- meaning the first release candidate (RC1). In other words, it may soon be ready for a stable release -- if testing confirms as much. If you want to test it and provide feedback, you can download the ISO now.

OSS Leftovers

  • Chef expands its cloud and container menu
    Chef, a leading DevOps company, announced at ChefConf 2017 that it was adding new capabilities to it flagship Continous Automation/DevOps program, Chef Automate. This enables enterprises to transition from server- and virtual machine- (VM) based IT systems to cloud-native and container-first environments with consistent automation and DevOps practices.
  • Nextcloud 12: The bigger, better, in-house small business cloud
    It's not even been a year since Frank Karlitschek, co-founder and former CTO of ownCloud, forked ownCloud into Nextcloud. Since then, this do-it-yourself, open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud has become increasingly popular. Now, its latest version, Nextcloud 12, the program is adding more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) features.
  • The Spirit of Open Source
  • What happened to Mastodon after its moment in the spotlight?
    More than a month later, the buzz over Mastodon has quieted. But though it may not be making headlines, the service continues to grow.
  • Mozilla: One Step Closer to a Closed Internet
    We’re deeply disheartened. Today’s FCC vote to repeal and replace net neutrality protections brings us one step closer to a closed internet. Although it is sometimes hard to describe the “real” impacts of these decisions, this one is easy: this decision leads to an internet that benefits Internet Service Providers (ISPs), not users, and erodes free speech, competition, innovation and user choice.
  • The eternal battle for OpenStack's soul will conclude in three years. Again
    After six years as a formal project, OpenStack has survived numerous raids and famines and now finds itself in a not-too-weird space of being boring, on-premises infrastructure. That is, “boring” in the good way of focusing on what users want and fixing existing problems, only chasing shiny objects – cough, PaaS, cough, containers, cough, orchestration – as much as needed.
  • With version 2.0,’s database tools put an emphasis on IoT, the winner of our Disrupt Europe 2014 Battlefield, is launching version 2.0 of its CrateDB database today. The tool, which is available in both an open source and enterprise version, started out as a general-purpose but highly scalable SQL database. Over time, though, the team found that many of its customers were using the service for managing their machine data and, unsurprisingly, decided to focus its efforts on better supporting those clients.
  • NewSQL CockroachDB Ready for Prime Time
    There's a new open source database on the block. Although it has a name that will most likely make you cringe for the first dozen or so times you hear it -- CockroachDB -- I have a feeling that if it isn't already on your radar, it will be soon.
  • Windows 10 S Won't Support Fedora, SUSE Linux, and Ubuntu
  • Manage Linux servers with a Windows admin's toolkit [Ed: Well, the solution is learning GNU tools, not relying on proprietary stuff with back doors from Microsoft]
  • FreeBSD quarterly status report
  • openbsd changes of note 622
  • Book Review: Relayd and Httpd Mastery

    Overall an excellent book which is typical Michael W Lucas writing style. Easy to follow, clear cut instructions, and tons of new stuff to learn. If one must use OpenBSD or FreeBSD, then the chances are high that one will stick with the defaults that come with OpenBSD. No need to use fat Apache, or Nginx/Lighttpd web server especially when httpd and relayd audited for security by OpenBSD core team.

  • Guix System Distribution (GuixSD) 0.13.0 GNU/Linux OS Supports 64-bit ARM CPUs
    The GNU Guix and GuixSD 0.13.0 releases are here about five months after the December 2016 launch of version 0.12.0, and it appears to be a major milestone implementing a few important changes. First off, this release can now be installed on computers powered by AArch64 (64-bit ARM) processors.
  • The Good And Bad In WikiTribune, Wikipedia Founder's Open-Source News Site
    Countering the fake news threat has become a real challenge for social media platforms, which also serve as avenues of news dissemination along with the traditional media outlets.
  • Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1
  • Jaded by Java? Android now supports Kotlin programming language
  • Rcpp 0.12.11: Loads of goodies
    The elevent update in the 0.12.* series of Rcpp landed on CRAN yesterday following the initial upload on the weekend, and the Debian package and Windows binaries should follow as usual. The 0.12.11 release follows the 0.12.0 release from late July, the 0.12.1 release in September, the 0.12.2 release in November, the 0.12.3 release in January, the 0.12.4 release in March, the 0.12.5 release in May, the 0.12.6 release in July, the 0.12.7 release in September, the 0.12.8 release in November, the 0.12.9 release in January, and the 0.12.10.release in March --- making it the fifteenth release at the steady and predictable bi-montly release frequency.
  • Master Haskell Programming with Free Books
    Haskell is a standardized, general-purpose, polymorphically statically typed, lazy, purely functional language, very different from many programming languages. Recent innovations include static polymorphic typing, higher-order functions, user-definable algebraic data types, a module system, and more. It has built-in concurrency and parallelism, debuggers, profilers, rich libraries and an active community, with approximately 5,400 third-party open source libraries and tools.
  • [Older] Manifesto: Rules for standards-makers

    If we work together on a project based on open tech, these are the principles I will try to stick to. I wanted to put all this in one place, so I can pass it along to future software developers.