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GNU/Linux & Solaris Hardware Reviews
Updated: 26 min 12 sec ago

See How Your Linux System Performs Against The Latest Intel/AMD CPUs

Sunday 31st of August 2014 02:10:38 PM
This holiday weekend (in the US) can be a great time to test your Linux system to see how it's performing against the latest AMD and Intel processors to see if it's time for a good upgrade...

How Intel Graphics On Linux Compare To Open-Source AMD/NVIDIA Drivers

Sunday 31st of August 2014 05:30:00 AM
As earlier this week I did a 20-way AMD Radeon open-source comparison, looked at the most energy efficient Radeon GPUs for Linux gaming, and then yesterday provided a look at the fastest NVIDIA GPUs for open-source gaming with Nouveau, in this article is a culmination of all the open-source graphics tests this week while seeing how Intel Haswell HD Graphics fall into the mix against the open-source Radeon R600/RadeonSI and Nouveau NV50/NVC0 graphics drivers.

AMD Steppe Eagle Flys To Coreboot

Sunday 31st of August 2014 04:11:42 AM
Besides Coreboot for the Lenovo X220, other exciting code advancements this weekend for this project to replace proprietary systems' UEFI/BIOS is support for AMD's Steppe Eagle SoC...

Intel Beignet Is Working Out Surprisingly Well For OpenCL On Linux

Saturday 30th of August 2014 08:04:00 PM
Beignet is the project out of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center for exposing GPGPU/compute capabilities out of Ivy Bridge hardware and newer when using a fully open-source Linux stack. While Beignet differs greatly from Gallium3D's Clover state tracker, this Intel-specific open-source OpenCL implementation is working out quite well for Ubuntu Linux...

Coreboot Adds Lenovo X220 With Native Sandy Bridge Support

Saturday 30th of August 2014 05:28:46 PM
This month on Phoronix I covered Coreboot gaining support for the ThinkPad X200 and support for older MacBooks (along with the Chromebook Samus) while now Coreboot is enabling support for some newer ThinkPad laptops...

Canonical Has Yet To Land X.Org Server 1.16 For Ubuntu 14.10

Saturday 30th of August 2014 03:05:26 PM
X.Org Server 1.16 didn't land in the Ubuntu "Utopic Unicorn" archive in time for this week's Ubuntu 14.10 Beta, but Canonical developers still seem to be working on testing and landing the updated xorg-server package for Ubuntu 14.10...

Imagination Launches A MIPS Development Board

Saturday 30th of August 2014 01:11:46 PM
To compete with the growing number of single-board development computers in the ARM space and even in the x86 space, Imagination Technologies has introduced their first public MIPS single-board computer for developers. While it won't likely see the success of the Raspberry Pi, it's an interesting piece of hardware to say the least and hopefully we'll be able to benchmark it at Phoronix...

Getting Involved With The New Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver

Saturday 30th of August 2014 09:36:02 AM
Eric Anholt, formerly a lead developer on Intel's Linux graphics driver, has been quickly working away at the VC4 Gallium3D driver and related code now being a Broadcom employee tasked with making an open-source driver for the Raspberry Pi. If you're looking to try out his in-development driver or help him out in the driver creation process, he's published a brief guide to lower the barrier to entry...

Learning The Process To Review Linux Kernel Patches

Saturday 30th of August 2014 07:29:18 AM
Daniel Vetter of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center has putout some slides covering the general process for reviewing patches, in order to help out those new to contributing to the open-source community...

The Fastest NVIDIA GPUs For Open-Source Nouveau With Steam Linux Gaming

Saturday 30th of August 2014 04:00:00 AM
Earlier this week I ran a 20-Way Radeon Comparison With Open-Source Graphics For Steam On Linux Gaming and that was followed by looking at The Most Energy Efficient Radeon GPU For AMD Linux Gaming. The tables have now turned as we benchmark a variety of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs using the latest open-source NVIDIA driver article.

A New AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Unofficially Surfaces

Saturday 30th of August 2014 12:14:35 AM
A German web-site is hosting a yet to be officially released Catalyst Linux driver...

LibreOffice Ported To 64-bit ARM (AArch64)

Friday 29th of August 2014 06:11:25 PM
As more and more open-source programs get brought up for 64-bit ARM, LibreOffice is the latest to receive such AArch64 enablement...

Intel Launches The Core i7 5960X, Mighty Powerful Haswell-E CPUs

Friday 29th of August 2014 04:00:00 PM
This morning Intel is lifting the lid on their Intel Core i7 high-end desktop processors for the LGA 2011-v3 socket. This new CPU line-up is what's been referred to as Haswell-E. We are in the process of testing Intel's Core i7 5960X Haswell-E under Linux but for now here's an overview of the new hardware.

Enlightenment E19 RC3 Shows Off The New Wayland Compositor

Friday 29th of August 2014 02:22:58 PM
The third release candidate to Enlightenment E19 is now available...

Metro Redux Is Going To Require OpenGL 4.x On Linux

Friday 29th of August 2014 01:39:44 PM
Metro Redux is on its way to Linux and it will require Linux gamers have OpenGL 4.x core support. For now this means that right off the bat the open-source Mesa/Gallium3D drivers are off-limits for the time being...

Haiku OS Gains Rudimentary Support For Haswell Graphics

Friday 29th of August 2014 01:18:57 PM
Haiku, the open-source operating system that maintains compatibility with the defunct BeOS, now appears to have basic support for Haswell graphics...

Jailhouse v0.1 Released As A Basic Hypervisor For Linux

Friday 29th of August 2014 12:55:47 PM
Nearly one year ago we wrote about the announcement of Jailhouse as a new Linux hypervisor and after being in development all of this time they have announced their first release that comes with the necessary features to properly support Intel x86 CPUs...

Google's Chromebook "Samus" Now Supported By Coreboot

Friday 29th of August 2014 12:31:57 PM
As of today Google's upcoming "Samus" Chromebook is supported by Coreboot...

Quick Test: PHP 5.6 Against Facebook's HHVM

Friday 29th of August 2014 12:06:47 PM
While PHP 5.6 was just released, Facebook's HHVM remains a competitive, alternative implementation that continues gaining new features and is being ruthlessly optimized by Facebook engineers...

Chrome 38 Now In Beta With Exciting Advancements

Friday 29th of August 2014 04:43:45 AM
Google released the Chrome 38 Beta on late Thursday and this newest web-browser version adds in support for new HTML and JavaScript features...

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BitTorrent Bleep alpha released for Android

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