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Updated: 2 hours 59 min ago

Tanzania is being cagey about suspected Ebola cases, WHO warns

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:18:57 PM
Despite unofficial reports of several cases, authorities deny them all and offer no details.

How to Install Go on Debian 10

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:15:12 PM
Go is a modern open-source programming language created by Google, used to build reliable, simple, fast, and efficient software. Many popular applications, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, and Rancher, are written in Go.

Video: Ars talks Civilization with the man himself: Sid Meier

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:10:13 PM
This "War Stories" video explores how Civilization almost wasn't a turn-based game.

Aloof? Not so much. Study finds cats bond with their owners just like dogs

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:00:46 PM
"Cats display social flexibility in regard to their attachments with humans."

Webinoly - Easily Setup Optimized LEMP Stack For WordPress In Ubuntu

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:00:00 PM
Webinoly is a simple script that allows you to easily and securely setup optimized LEMP stack for wordpress and other type of websites in Ubuntu operating system.

Parrot 4.7 Ethical Hacking OS Released with Linux Kernel 5.2, MATE 1.22 Desktop

Monday 23rd of September 2019 08:00:00 PM
Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra of the Parrot Security development team announced the release of the Parrot 4.7 ethical hacking and penetration testing Debian derivative GNU/Linux distribution. Coming more than four months after version 4.6, the Parrot 4.7 release is here with up-to-date penetration testing and ethical hacking tools for security researchers and everyone else how wants to get started with security releated tasks. Powered by the Linux 5.2 kernel, Parrot 4.7 introduces a new sandbox behavior to make it easier to use sandboxed apps. "In Parrot 4.7 the sandbox is disabled by default, and users can decide wether to start an application sandboxed or not," explains Lorenzo Faletra. "You can easily start the sandboxed version of an installed program from the /sandbox/ folder or from a dedicated menu that we plan to improve in the future, or you can re-enable it by default by using the firecfg t...

Chuck Yeager sues Airbus for writing “Yeager broke the sound barrier”

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:58:46 PM
Article violates Yeager's trademark and publicity rights, lawsuit says.

Security updates for Monday

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:48:55 PM
Security updates have been issued by Debian (expat, php-pecl-http, and php7.0), Fedora (ImageMagick, jackson-annotations, jackson-bom, jackson-core, jackson-databind, and rubygem-rmagick), Mageia (chromium-browser-stable, ibus, kernel, samba, and thunderbird), openSUSE (chromium), Oracle (dovecot and kernel), Red Hat (dbus, kernel, kernel-alt, and kpatch-patch), Scientific Linux (dovecot and kernel), and SUSE (expat, ibus, kernel, kernel-source-rt, nmap, openssl, and webkit2gtk3).

'Why am I right for the CISO job? Well, we had a massive data breach...'

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:46:18 PM
A new study from Optiv Security shows that 58 percent of CISOs think experiencing a data breach makes them more attractive to potential employers. The survey results show a fundamental change in how senior executives and board members perceive cybersecurity, with 96 percent agreeing that senior executives have a better understanding than they did five years ago. In addition 67 percent say their businesses prioritize cybersecurity above all other business considerations, and 76 percent indicate that cybersecurity risk has become important enough to businesses that CISOs will begin to be named as CEOs. "Some organisations are further along this evolutionary… [Continue Reading]

New partnership between Oprah Winfrey and Apple brings Oprah's Book Club to Apple Books and Apple TV+

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:41:55 PM
Oprah Winfrey has teamed up with Apple to launch her famous Oprah's Book Club in Apple Books. Her first selection is Ta-Nehisi Coates' The Water Dancer. As well as bringing her recommendations to the Apple Books app, Oprah also has a series starting on Apple TV+ in November. New episodes are scheduled to be released every two months, and the first one -- which debuts on November 1 -- features an interview with Coates. See also: iWraps takes your Apple iPhone back to the 90s with an iMac G3 inspired design Apple tariff exemptions approved by US trade regulators Apple… [Continue Reading]

Defense media tweet threatening Area 51 “raiders” pulled, DOD apologizes

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:26:12 PM
Defense media outlet joked about B-2 Spirit being "last thing millennials will see" in Area 51 raid.

Managing network interfaces and FirewallD in Cockpit

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:15:10 PM
In the last article, we saw how Cockpit can manage storage devices. This article will focus on the networking functionalities within the UI. We’ll see how to manage the interfaces attached to the system in Cockpit. We’ll also look at the firewall and demonstrate how to assign a zone to an interface, and allow/deny services […]

KDE Plasma 5.17 Desktop Environment Enters Beta, Final Release Lands October 15

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:12:00 PM
The KDE Project has announced the public availability of the beta version of the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.17 desktop environment for Linux-based operating systems. KDE Plasma 5.17 promises some really cool new features and enhancements, among which we can mention multi-screen and HiDPI improvements, fractional scaling on Wayland, support for managing and configuring Thunderbolt hardware in System Settings, Night Color support on X11, and much-improved notifications with automatic Do Not Disturb mode for presentations. Several of the pages in System Settings got redesigned to help you configure your KDE Plasma system easier, the Breeze GTK theme now offers users a better appearance for the Chromium and Google Chrome web browsers and supports system color s...

Games: OSK, ATOM RPG, Battle Royale Tycoon and More

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:01:39 PM
  • Race through a dying world as a squirrel in the climbing platformer OSK, out now

    OSK from the single-person studio Diax Game is officially out and it has a really beautiful style to it.

    In OSK the world is dying, some sort of cataclysmic event is happening below and as a squirrel you're just doing what you know—climbing. To get away from the absolute chaos, the game has you climb an enormous tree while you also solve puzzles and avoid enemies.

  • ATOM RPG had another massive update recently adding in an Isometric mode

    ATOM RPG, the game inspired by the likes of Fallout and Wasteland continues to get some big free updates with an Isometric mode out now giving you a new way to play.

    While the team is currently working on the Trudograd standalone, it was originally a feature meant for that but they decided to give it to everyone free—awesome!

  • Build and run your own Battle Royale park in Battle Royale Tycoon out now

    Not quite the usual Battle Royale, here you're the one in charge. Battle Royale Tycoon is like a more violent and simple version of Parkitect. Note: Key provided to our Steam Curator.

    After being in Early Access since December last year, Endless Loop Studios (Ninja Tycoon, Blueprint Tycoon, Hyper Knights) decided this month it was time to remove the EA sticker and let everyone jump in.

  • Historical turn-based 4X strategy game 'BOC' sounds intriguing and it's coming to Linux

    Planned to released on Steam and GOG (if GOG approve) after an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, BOC seems like a very interesting turn-based 4X coming to Linux.

    Interesting for more reasons than just style and gameplay, as developer Code::Arts say they've worked on their own multi-platform OpenGL/Vulkan game engine they've called the Deus Ex Machina engine. Their aim with it, is to have a game engine that focuses on "performance and the efficient use of resources" so that it could "run on a toaster". Starting development back in 2018, their current aim is to have something playable and ready for Early Access next year.

  • Running DOSBox games from Steam on Linux just got better with a fresh release of Boxtron for Steam Play

    Love your classic games? Have a lot of those classics on Steam? You need to grab Boxtron, the unofficial Steam Play tool that allows you to use a native DOSBox with Steam games even if they don't have a Linux build up.

    As a quick refresher Boxtron improves the experience by giving lower input lag, better fullscreen support, Steam Overlay and other Steam feature support and so on. Compared to running games through Proton or messing about with a manual DOSBox configuration it makes things nice and simple.

  • Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon is heading to Steam next year, early build to try on

    Up for playing another building and management tycoon game? Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon is one we talked about briefly back in January and it seems to be progressing along nicely.

    We've had standard theme park building sims, we've had a Battle Royale building sim, city builders and so much more. A Ski Resort you build up yourself though? That's something we haven't really seen before on Linux, not something that's exactly common on any platform though either.

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How to Remove (Delete) Symbolic Links in Linux

Monday 23rd of September 2019 07:00:00 PM
2DayGeek: The rm and unlink commands allows users to remove symbolic links on Linux.

Network-based solution offers SMBs enterprise-class security

Monday 23rd of September 2019 06:58:55 PM
A new network-based internet security solution from Comcast is specifically engineered to help small businesses effectively manage the growing risk of cyberattacks. Comcast Business SecurityEdge works to protect devices connected to a business' Wi-Fi network against existing and emerging internet-related threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing and botnet infections, without requiring additional hardware or software beyond the Comcast Business Internet modem. "Cybersecurity keeps business owners up at night because they face an onslaught of challenges, from various, ever-changing forms of cyberthreats that can result in the loss of sensitive information or the disruption of business operations," says Shena Tharnish, vice president,… [Continue Reading]

How to compare strings in Java

Monday 23rd of September 2019 06:45:16 PM
String comparison is a fundamental operation in programming and is often quizzed during interviews. These strings are a sequence of characters that are immutable which means unchanging over time or unable to be changed.Java has a number of methods for comparing strings; this article will teach you the primary operation of how to compare strings in Java.There are six options:read more

How spicy should a jalapeno be?

Monday 23rd of September 2019 06:45:15 PM
Everyone has opinions and preferences, especially when it comes to food. To establish a criterion when answering "How spicy should a jalapeño be?." the Scoville Heat Scale was developed as a standard to measure spiciness. This scale allows people to communicate and share information about how spicy we like our peppers.

Cable Giant Spectrum On Quest To Outlaw 'Insane' Streaming Password Sharing

Monday 23rd of September 2019 06:18:34 PM
For years, streaming video operators like HBO and Netflix have taken a relatively-lax approach to password sharing. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has gone so far as to say he "loves" the practice, and sees it as little more than free advertising. Execs at HBO (at least before the AT&T acquisition) have made similar arguments, arguing that young users in particular that share their parents' password get hooked on a particular product via password sharing, then become full subscribers down the road. In short, they see it as added value for the consumer, and have repeatedly stated it doesn't hurt them. On the other side of the equation sits Charter CEO Tom Rutledge, one of the highest paid execs in media. He, in contrast, has long complained that he views password sharing as "piracy", and has consistently promised to crack down on the practice. Rutledge and his fellow executives gave a particularly rousing "get off my lawn" lecture at a media event a few years back: "There’s lots of extra streams, there’s lots of extra passwords, there’s lots of people who could get free service,” Rutledge said at an industry conference this month...“It’s piracy,” Connolly said. “It’s people consuming something they haven’t paid for. The more the practice is viewed with a shrug, the more it creates a dynamic where people believe it’s acceptable. And it’s not." Except it is acceptable. For one, most of these services include password sharing as part of their business model; they include limits on the number of simultaneous streams that can be running under any one account to prevent sharing from undermining too many new sales. And the companies that have been embracing the practice say they've seen no negative impact from it. Again, it's free advertising and a consumer-friendly practice that's factored into the business model. It's certainly not, as Rutledge has often suggested, synonymous with "piracy." Undaunted, Rutledge has been trying to build a coalition of industry allies focused on stomping out the nefarious practice of password sharing. And as the company strikes programming deals with partners, it's ensuring that a ban on such sharing is part of the process. One big partner in this initiative is Disney, which is expected to put the kibosh on password sharing when it launches its new Disney+ streaming service this fall. All the while, Charter executives are running around calling the practice of password sharing "insane": "Ultimately our goal is that we can get an alliance of a large enough group of programmers and operators to protect the value of the content that people produce and the content that we distribute and we pay for,” Chris Winfrey, Charter’s chief financial officer, said last week at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference in Beverly Hills. Winfrey severely criticized programmers that turn a blind eye to the practice of password sharing, claiming such practices are “insane." “To think that it doesn’t impact the way we get paid, it does,” Winfrey said. “And it conditions the entire marketplace to think that content should be devalued, it should be free, and that’s the way it is and I shouldn’t have to pay for it. It’s our firm belief that we’d be growing and growing significantly [if it wasn’t for password sharing]." Except it's not "free," for the reasons outline above. And while you might gain some additional revenue by banning password sharing, you might also lose subscribers to companies that actually value making consumers happy. Charter Spectrum is, if you'd forgotten, statistically one of the least liked companies in America for a long list of reasons, from mindlessly jacking up prices to providing some of the worst customer service of any company, in any industry in America (think about that accomplishment for a second). Blaming all of its problems on the fact people occasionally share streaming TV passwords reflects the entitlement mindset that's pretty common in the too big to fail, government-pampered telecom and broadcast sector. Permalink | Comments | Email This Story

Linux Kernel 5.3 Gets First Point Release, It's Now Ready for Mass Deployments

Monday 23rd of September 2019 06:16:00 PM
Renowned Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced over the weekend that the latest Linux 5.3 kernel series is now marked as stable and ready for mass deployments. Released by Linus Torvalds on September 15th, Linux kernel 5.3 is the latest and most advanced kernel series for Linux-based operating systems and introduces support for the Intel Speed Select feature to make power tuning much easier on some Xeon servers, as well as support for AMD Radeon Navi GPUs in the AMDGPU driver. It also adds support for Zhaoxin x86 CPUs, support for utilizing the clamping mechanism in power-asymmetric processors, support for the umwait x86 instructions for more power efficient userspace, support for 16 millions new IPv4 addresses in the range, and support for the lightweight and flexible ACRN embedded hypervisor. Linux ker...

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