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Why support open source? Strategies from around the world

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:45:17 PM
There are many excellent resources available to teach you how to run an open source project—how to set up the collaboration tools, how to get the community engaged, etc. But there is much less out there about open source strategy; that is, about how to use well-considered open source investments to support an overall more

Why I use Java

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:39:33 PM

I believe I started using Java in 1997, not long after Java 1.1 saw the light of day. Since that time, by and large, I've really enjoyed programming in Java; although I confess these days, I'm as likely to be found writing Groovy scripts as "serious code" in Java.

Coming from a background in FORTRAN, PL/1, Pascal, and finally C, I found a lot of things to like about Java. Java was my first significant hands-on experience with object-oriented programming. By then, I had been programming for about 20 years, and it's probably safe to say I had some ideas about what mattered and what didn't.

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Firefox 69 Gearing Up For Release With Linux Performance Improvements

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:31:21 PM

Firefox 69.0 is set to be officially released tomorrow but for those eager to upgrade the release binaries have now hit their FTP server.

Firefox 69 isn't the most exciting Mozilla web browser update in recent times but we've found it to at least provide better Linux performance for Firefox both out-of-the-box and when making use of the WebRender code path.

Other changes for Firefox 69.0 are mostly catering to macOS and Windows platform specific changes though one visible alteration is that Adobe Flash content will now always ask users before activating Flash content on a web page.

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Open Source Feminism: The Unfinished Revolution

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:27:52 PM
Since the demise of Geek Feminism and the Ada Initiative, who's supporting efforts to progress women's rights in the open source community? [...] Continue reading Open Source Feminism: The Unfinished Revolution The post Open Source Feminism: The Unfinished Revolution appeared first on FOSS Force.

Review: deepin 15.11

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:26:49 PM

deepin is a Debian-based distribution developed in China. The distro ships with its own desktop environment, also called Deepin, and a dozen or so applications that are developed in-house. To avoid confusion, the distribution is called "deepin" (in all lower case) while the desktop environment's name is "Deepin" (with a capital "D").

The latest version of deepin was released in July and mainly features bug fixes. The most notable new feature is "Cloud Sync", which is an option to store various system settings (everything from the wallpaper to the power settings) in the "cloud". This is an interesting option but it is currently only available for users in mainland China. In other words, there aren't a whole lot of new and exciting features in deepin 15.11. However, as deepin is one of those distros about which there is a lot to say, it is worth having a look at the latest release.

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Get a Preconfigured Tiling Window Manager on Ubuntu With Regolith

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:22:44 PM

Perhaps you have come across desktop screenshot like the one below in some forums. If you haven’t, try checking this subreddit. You might have wondered how could people make their Linux desktop look so beautiful.

Of course, you can make your own desktop look good by changing the icon, theme and wallpaper but you might still not achieve the same result.

In majority of cases, a tiling window manager is used instead of the regular floating window manager. Ahmm! what’s a tiling window manager? Let me quickly explain it to you.

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Kdenlive 19.08 review - Film Noir Redux

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:17:19 PM

About a year ago, I reviewed the beta version of Kdenlive 18.08. It proved to be an okay program, an incremental improvement, even though there were some issues that you'd expect to find in beta-quality software. Overall, there weren't any big surprises, but I was hoping for a more streamlined workflow and improved consistency.

Twelve months later, Kdenlive 19.08 has been released, and it's time for another review. After all, this is my favorite video editor, and I've used it to create all of my funny and unfunny Youtube videos, so I'm always very keen on what new things and improvements we can have here. Let us commence then, ever so gingerly.

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Destination Linux 136 - Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:15:26 PM
A roundup of Linux news.

Kodi "Leia" 18.4 Release

Monday 2nd of September 2019 08:14:19 PM

Another couple of months have passed since we last pushed out a release, and so, in our ongoing efforts to produce the best media software in the world, it's time to squash another few of those more irritating bugs. Usual rules apply: don't expect any new features, don't think that this will change your life, it won't make you richer or more attractive, but it will hopefully be more stable and usable for people who've been victims of any of these bugs.

So, what have we done? Well, you can find a full summary of closed pull requests here, but the summary would be...

Also: Kodi 18.4 Released With A Few Months Worth Of Fixes

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Manage your Photos: JPEG Photo Compression

Monday 2nd of September 2019 07:58:02 PM

Data compression is the process of storing data in a format that uses less space than the original representation would use. Compressing data can be very useful particularly in the field of communications as it enables devices to transmit or store data in fewer bits. Besides reducing transmission bandwidth, compression increases the amount of information that can be stored on a hard disk drive or other storage device.

There are 2 main types of compression. Lossy compression is a data encoding method which reduces a file by discarding certain information. When the file is uncompressed, not all of the original information will be recovered. Lossy compression is typically used to compress video, audio and images, as well as internet telephony. The fact that information is lost during compression will often be unnoticeable to most users. Lossy compression techniques are used in all DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and most multimedia available on the internet.

Images take up massive amounts of internet bandwidth because they often have large file sizes. They are the most popular resource type on the web. According to the HTTP Archive, 60% of the data transferred to fetch a web page is images composed of JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs. 45% of the images seen on sites crawled by HTTP Archive are JPEGs.

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Games: Total War: WARHAMMER II, Devader, OSK, Vintage Story

Monday 2nd of September 2019 07:47:58 PM
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II is getting huge Forts to take down in a free update

    The team working on Total War: WARHAMMER II have put out a new development post about one of the free features being added in the next update and it sounds really fun.

    Recently, The Hunter & The Beast expansion was announced that seems quite feature-filled but it's also coming alongside a big free update too. Part of this update is the inclusion of "hyper defensible" Forts for the free Mortal Empires campaign map that you get if you own both Total War: WARHAMMER games.

    You've battled across the map in various locations but there's currently nothing quite like this.

  • Devader, possibly the most insane twin-stick shooter I've ever played is out now

    You think you know bullet-hell? Devader will challenge that thought. Released today with Linux support from developer Falkenbrew, Devader is one twin-stick not to be missed.


    You might think that it would be a little boring or stale to always be in the same place but the aforementioned enemy design as well as the insane action keeps Devader being seriously fun.

  • OSK is a beautiful looking 2.5D platformer about a squirrel escaping an apocalypse

    Points here for a little originality and a beautiful style. The one-person studio Diax Game have announced their "2.5D" platformer OSK.

    In OSK you play as a squirrel, climbing an ridiculously large tree to get away from the chaos of an apocalypse. You need to climb fast, avoid other animals and solve puzzles to stay alive as long as you can. Certainly an interesting idea and it actually looks quite good too.

  • Survival game Vintage Story adds food spoilage, preservation and improved visuals

    I have to say, every new release of Vintage Story brings me closer to tapping that buy button as it's really starting to sound pretty sweet.

    This survival game might look like Minecraft but it continues to add in a multitude of gameplay features and graphical enhancements to make it truly different. Just like this latest 1.10 update that's now been released after two Release Candidates.

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Sparky 2019.09

Monday 2nd of September 2019 07:37:43 PM

There are new live/install media of Sparky 2019.09 “Po Tolo” available to download. This is the 2nd snapshot of the (semi-)rolling line, which is based on the testing branch of Debian “Bullseye”.

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Security updates for Monday

Monday 2nd of September 2019 07:19:15 PM
Security updates have been issued by Debian (gosa, libav, libextractor, nghttp2, pump, and python2.7), Fedora (dovecot, mod_http2, and pango), Gentoo (dovecot, gnome-desktop, libofx, and nautilus), Mageia (ansible, ghostscript, graphicsmagick, memcached, mpg123, pango, vlc, wavpack, webmin, wireshark, and wpa_supplicant, hostapd), openSUSE (flatpak, libmirage, podman, slirp4netns and libcontainers-common, python-SQLAlchemy, and qemu), Red Hat (ghostscript, java-1.8.0-ibm, and squid:4), and SUSE (kernel, libsolv, libzypp, zypper, NetworkManager, nodejs10, nodejs8, perl, python-Django, and python-SQLAlchemy).

Adding versions to your GitHub Actions

Monday 2nd of September 2019 06:45:52 PM
GitHub Actions are a powerful new addition to GitHub, but versioning your builds can be tricky.

Hurricane Dorian is going to come very, very close to Florida

Monday 2nd of September 2019 06:15:58 PM
Latest forecast models are coming into better agreement.

Bugatti found out just how fast the Chiron is, flat-out: 305mph

Monday 2nd of September 2019 06:15:01 PM
It set the record at Ehra-Lessien, a test track with a 5.4-mile straight.

First encounter: Ohio Challenger 2P (and its 4KB of RAM)

Monday 2nd of September 2019 05:16:27 PM
From the archives: Wait, I can write my own video games?!?!

ExTiX 19.8 "The Ultimate Linux System" Ditches Ubuntu & Debian for Deepin Linux

Monday 2nd of September 2019 05:15:13 PM
GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton released a new version of his ExTiX "The Ultimate Linux System" operating system with a fresh new base and updated components.