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Which open source audio player is your favorite?

Friday 24th of June 2016 07:00:00 AM

Open Music columnist Chris Hermansen has been testing out open source music players to see which ones have the features he likes. In his most recent article, he explains 6 things he loves about the Guayadeque open source music player, and shares his experience testing out other players.

Which open source music player is your favorite? Take our poll.

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7 open source terminal games for Linux

Thursday 23rd of June 2016 07:02:00 AM

Do fancy graphics really make a game better? Can a text-based game for Linux still keep you entertained?

Don't get me wrong, I do occasionally enjoy playing a AAA game release from a major studio. But as I've gotten older, I've found that I really value gameplay (and nostalgia too, admittedly) far more than how photorealistic my gaming experience is.

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Lessons learned for building an open company with transparent collaboration

Thursday 23rd of June 2016 07:01:00 AM

In the first part of this two-part series, Building a business on a solid open source model, I described how an open source business needs to provide a solid ground for all stakeholders, users, contributors, employees, customers, and of course investors. Foundations, licenses, and trademarks can be helpful in building an open ecosystem. Open source communities need supporting organizations to work transparently, otherwise there are barriers to contribution.

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Set aside ego for the sake of a shared goal

Thursday 23rd of June 2016 07:00:00 AM

Time and again, The Open Organization (and all of the community-driven materials surrounding it) highlights the importance of driving organizational change through collaboration and inclusive decision-making.

But driving change in a meritocracy isn't as easy as saying, "I'm going to be more collaborative." Collaboration is a spirit, an attitude, something that should be a part of every practice in an open organization. It just doesn't work unless everyone from the CEO to the newest hire is willing to set aside ego for the sake of a shared goal.

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7 open source Android apps for chess players

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016 07:03:00 AM

The game of chess has challenged and entertained players for centuries. From the courts of medieval royalty to modern after-school chess programs, the game has widespread appeal and has withstood the test of time. Chess is easy to learn but difficult to master. Each player controls 16 pieces on a board consisting of 64 squares. There are six different types of pieces: Pawn, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Queen, and King—so learning the basics can take an hour or so.

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The current state of open data in the US government

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016 07:02:00 AM

The S.2852 OPEN Government Data Act aims to require true open data access at the federal level. In this article I will discuss the importance of open data in government, the current state of open data in government, and what we need to do to implement true open data.

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Building a business on a solid open source model

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016 07:01:00 AM

Since we announced Nextcloud, an ownCloud fork, many people have asked me how we plan to build a sustainable, healthy open source business. My short answer is that it requires a strong focus on maintaining a careful balance between the needs of all stakeholders: users, contributors, employees, customers, and—of course—investors.

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Solving user experience problems with PatternFly

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016 07:00:00 AM

Michael Dyrynda is a web developer at Hostworks, a freelance developer, and a blogger. He's working on his first open source project in Confomo with Matt Stauffer and podcasting the journey on

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4 fun (and semi-useless) Linux toys

Tuesday 21st of June 2016 07:03:00 AM

There are several minor tools and applications out there that keep popping up in my toolkit. You might not call any of them "killer apps," but darn it, they're fun to play around with and they sometimes take you in interesting directions. Some are creative and encourage productivity, and others just inspire creativity. Some are just plain silly.


Do you like generative art? Evolvotron!

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3 keys to dispelling impostor syndrome through self-awareness

Tuesday 21st of June 2016 07:02:00 AM

While I've avoided contracting full-blown impostor syndrome in my career, I can certainly recognize its symptoms. I think self-awareness is the key to dispelling impostor syndrome when it starts to show up. Here are some suggestions to consider.

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How DevOps best practices improve team dynamics

Tuesday 21st of June 2016 07:01:00 AM

I've spent the past few months writing about the small, incremental behaviors that individuals can employ to be more successful. This month, I'd like to highlight team behaviors that I think are critical to having small successes at work. I spent time with one of the AtomicOpenShift (AOS) teams at Red Hat—the Cockpit project.

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Community-powered marketing succeeds where traditional marketing fails

Tuesday 21st of June 2016 07:00:00 AM

It's time for us B2B marketers to stop being so transactional and impersonal—to stop believing that buyers' purchase decisions are completely rational. Buyers, after all, are people, not cogs in a wheel spinning inside their companies.

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Google's security princess talks cybersecurity

Monday 20th of June 2016 07:03:00 AM

Parisa Tabriz, manages Google’s Chrome security engineering teams, and gave a keynote at PyCon US this year.

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How PHPeople stay connected and have fun

Monday 20th of June 2016 07:02:00 AM

Why would you spend your free time contributing to open source, especially in the PHP community? Doesn't it seem boring to spend hours every week, or sometimes hours every day putting your time into a project, or into community work? Well, my answer is no! There are endless reasons why it is so much fun to be part of a community, and how we keep each other entertained to keep the sparks lit up in an open source community.

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Open source cross-platform development methods and tools

Monday 20th of June 2016 07:01:00 AM

This is an article I've been wanting to sit down and write for a few years now. I first started developing software in the late '90s and got myself a Borland C++ compiler, which I quickly realized was only really going to work on Windows. I made a few small command-line applications at first and then started experimenting with graphical applications. I loved the creative process, but was disappointed by many of the tools. At the time, I didn't really move beyond adapting simple examples.

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Saying farewell to Jenkins, powering satellite Internet, and more OpenStack news

Monday 20th of June 2016 06:59:00 AM

Are you interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

OpenStack around the web

There is a lot of interesting stuff being written about OpenStack. Here's a sampling from some of our favorites:

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3D printed human hands, open source course materials, and more news

Saturday 18th of June 2016 07:01:00 AM

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at 3D-printed lattice for cell culture, open source materials for college courses, and more!

Open source news roundup for June 12-18, 2016
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OSVR's new headset, DeepMind learns gaming, and new Linux releases

Saturday 18th of June 2016 07:00:00 AM

In this week's edition, we take a look at a new headset from OSVR, Google's DeepMind playing Montezuma's Revenge for rewards, and two new games out for Linux.

Open gaming roundup for June 12-18, 2016

Razer announces HDK2 VR headset supporting OSVR

OSVR is an open source ecosystem supporting multiple hardware brands. HDK stands for Hacker Development Kit, but Razer claims the new headset is for developers and gamers alike.

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Top 5: Tips for GitHub, alternatives to Acrobat, and more

Friday 17th of June 2016 08:30:00 PM

In this week's Top 5, we highlight tips for getting started with GitHub, alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for PDFs, how to secure your Linux system, thoughts on the Google v. Oracle case, and how to get started using IRC for chat.

Top 5 articles of the week

5.An IRC quickstart guide

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Rumors of COBOL's demise have been greatly exaggerated: Meet GnuCOBOL

Friday 17th of June 2016 07:02:00 AM

A recent article on Slashdot points out with some chagrin that the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States still use COBOL, originally invented in 1959, based on work by the late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. The implication is—and has been for some years in the IT community—that COBOL is a completely dead language. Not so!

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More in Tux Machines

Mozilla involves the community in its “open-source” rebrand

Mozilla is bending the terms of the rebrand with a “branding without walls” open-source initiative. Read more

RPi 3 add-on loads up on sensors, wireless radios

Matrix Labs’s FPGA-driven “Matrix Creator” IoT daughter board for the Raspberry Pi 3 is loaded with sensors, 802.15.4 radios, and a mic array. The disc-shaped Matrix Creator add-on for the Raspberry Pi is based on AdMobilize’s successfully Kickstartered Matrix home automation and surveillance hub. AdMobilize spun off Matrix Labs, which has now built this cheaper, board-level version of the product. Read more

Canonical Releases Snapcraft 2.12 Snaps Creator with New Parts Ecosystem, More

Today, June 29, 2016, Canonical has had the great pleasure of announcing the release of the highly anticipated Snapcraft 2.12 Snappy creator tool for the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Read more

AMDGPU-PRO Driver 16.30 Officially Released with Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Today, June 29, 2016, AMD released the final version of the AMDGPU-Pro 16.30 graphics driver for GNU/Linux operating systems, bringing support for new technologies like the Vulkan API. Read more