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Updated: 1 hour 57 min ago

What is your favorite Linux screen capture tool?

13 hours 53 min ago

The ability to take screenshots in Linux is something that I find really useful when composing how-tos and training materials for students or readers. But there are many different ways to do this.

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How to use Pandoc to produce a research paper

13 hours 54 min ago

This article takes a deep dive into how to produce a research paper using (mostly) Markdown syntax. We'll cover how to create and reference sections, figures (in Markdown and LaTeX) and bibliographies. We'll also discuss troublesome cases and why writing them in LaTeX is the right approach.

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What is an SRE and how does it relate to DevOps?

13 hours 55 min ago

Even though the site reliability engineer (SRE) role has become prevalent in recent years, many people—even in the software industry—don't know what it is or does. This article aims to clear that up by explaining what an SRE is, how it relates to DevOps, and how an SRE works when your entire engineering organization can fit in a coffee shop.

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Doing your civic duty one line of code at a time

13 hours 56 min ago

When it comes to doing our civic duty in today's technologically driven world, there is a perception that we don't care like older generations did. History teaches us that in the early 20th century's New Deal, Americans stepped up to the nation's challenges on a wide range of government-financed public works projects. Airport construction. Infrastructure improvements. Building dams, bridges, hospitals. This was more than just individuals "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" but, by design, performing incredible civic duties. Quite an amazing feat when you think about it.

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TimelineJS: An interactive, JavaScript timeline building tool

Thursday 18th of October 2018 11:30:00 AM

TimelineJS 3 is an open source storytelling tool that anyone can use to create visually rich, interactive timelines to post on their websites. To get started, simply click “Make a Timeline” on the homepage and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

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The case for open source classifiers in AI algorithms

Thursday 18th of October 2018 07:02:00 AM

Dr. Carol Reiley's achievements are too long to list. She co-founded, a self-driving car startup that raised $50 million in its second round of funding last year.

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Think global: How to overcome cultural communication challenges

Thursday 18th of October 2018 07:01:00 AM

A few weeks ago, I witnessed an interesting interaction between two work colleagues—Jason, who is from the United States; and Raj, who was visiting from India.

Raj typically calls into a daily standup meeting at 9:00am US Central Time from India, but since he was in the US, he and his teammates headed toward the scrum area for the meeting. Jason stopped Raj and said, “Raj, where are you going? Don’t you always call into the stand-up? It would feel strange if you don’t call in.” Raj responded, “Oh, is that so? No worries,” and headed back to his desk to call into the meeting.

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4 open source alternatives to Microsoft Access

Thursday 18th of October 2018 07:00:00 AM

When small businesses, community organizations, and similar-sized groups realize they need software to manage their data, they think first of Microsoft Access. That may be the right choice if you're already paying for a Microsoft Office subscription or don't care that it's proprietary.

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Browsing the web with Min, a minimalist open source web browser

Wednesday 17th of October 2018 07:03:00 AM

Does the world need another web browser? Even though the days of having a multiplicity of browsers to choose from are long gone, there still are folks out there developing new applications that help us use the web.

One of those new-fangled browsers is Min. As its name suggests (well, suggests to me, anyway), Min is a minimalist browser. That doesn't mean it's deficient in any significant way, and its open source, Apache 2.0 license piques my interest.

But is Min worth a look? Let's find out.

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Automating upstream releases with release-bot

Wednesday 17th of October 2018 07:02:00 AM

If you own or maintain a GitHub repo and have ever pushed a package from it into PyPI and/or Fedora, you know it requires some additional work using the Fedora infrastructure.

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What is a site reliability engineer and why you should consider this career path

Wednesday 17th of October 2018 07:01:00 AM

Are you looking for an interesting and competitive career that allows you to experience first-hand the full power of DevOps—and even go a few steps beyond? A site reliability engineer role might be a great fit.

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We already have nice things, and other reasons not to write in-house ops tools

Wednesday 17th of October 2018 07:00:00 AM

When I was an ops consultant, I had the "great fortune" of seeing the dark underbelly of many companies in a relatively short period of time. Such fortune was exceptionally pronounced on one client engagement where I became the maintainer of an in-house deployment tool that had bloated to touch nearly every piece of infrastructure—despite lacking documentation and testing. Dismayed at the impossible task of maintaining this beast while tackling the real work of improving the product, I began reviewing my old client projects and probing my ops community for their strategies.

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Manage your OpenStack cloud with Ansible: Day two operations

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 07:03:00 AM

Managing an application on OpenStack presents a host of challenges for the system administrator, and finding ways to reduce complexity and produce consistency are key ingredients to achieving success. By using Ansible, an agentless IT automation technology, a system administrator can create Ansible playbooks that provide consistency and reduce complexity.

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piwheels: Speedy Python package installation for the Raspberry Pi

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 07:02:00 AM

One of the great things about the Python programming language is PyPI, the Python Package Index, where third-party libraries are hosted, available for anyone to install and gain access to pre-existing functionality without starting from scratch. These libraries are handy utilities, written by members of the community, that aren't found within the Python standard library. But they work in much the same way—you import them into your code and have access to functions and classes you didn't write yourself.

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4-phase approach for taking over large, messy IT systems

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 07:01:00 AM

Everyone loves building shiny, new systems using the latest technologies and especially the most modern DevOps tools. But that's not the reality for lots of operations teams, especially those running larger systems with millions of users and old, complex infrastructure.

It's even worse for teams taking over existing systems as part of company mergers, department consolidation, or changing managed service providers (MSPs). The new team has to come in and hit the ground running while keeping the lights on using a messy system they know nothing about.

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4 reasons to let your officemates shape your career goals

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 07:00:00 AM

In any organization, everyone is ultimately working together to realize a vision. We can often lose sight of this fact when we get stuck in the day-to-day. Instead of working seamlessly together, we can often create friction as we bump against each other. We might not instantly understand how our work and the work of others are contributing together to a unified picture.

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Sysadmin tools, secrets of Kconfig/kbuild, 11 KDE apps, tcpdump, Laverna, Python, and more

Monday 15th of October 2018 06:20:00 PM

Today we launched the first article in our LISA18 speaker series, An introduction to Ansible Operators in Kubernetes by Michael Hrivnak. Check back for more articles from LISA18 speakers leading up to the event, which will be held October 29-31 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Go command and packages cheat sheet

Monday 15th of October 2018 07:02:00 AM

Of the many things the go executable can do, most people know only go run and go build. And, of the many packages in the standard Go library, most people know only the fmt package. This cheat sheet will list many uses of the go executable and the most important packages in the Go standard library.

Download the Go command and packages cheat sheet
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Which programming language for work? For the weekend?

Monday 15th of October 2018 07:02:00 AM

Our writer community grows each month as new, interesting folks write for us and join in on the fun of sharing their expertise and experiences in open source technology. So, it's no surprise that they are brimming with fascinating information. It's just asking the right question to release it.

Recently, I asked: What programming languages do you use at work, and which ones do you use on the weekend?

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An introduction to Ansible Operators in Kubernetes

Monday 15th of October 2018 07:01:00 AM

For years, Ansible has been a go-to choice for infrastructure automation. As Kubernetes adoption has skyrocketed, Ansible has continued to shine in the emerging container orchestration ecosystem.

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