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Valve are expanding Steam Remote Play with defaults for popular games and a new API

Friday 27th of September 2019 04:01:21 PM

Tags: Steam, Game Streaming, Valve

Steam Remote Play (previously in-home streaming), the feature of Steam that allows you to stream a game from one PC to another device sure is handy and Valve are giving it a bit more of a push now.

While it's been a feature of Steam for quite some time, Valve never really seemed to do a whole lot with it. That was, until they renamed it and allowed you to stream to many more devices and outside the home too.

In a new blog post on Steam, Valve have announced they've given over 100 popular titles a default configuration. Valve said this has enabled them to learn more about how to build good touch controllers and they gave some examples. One of those is the Linux game Stardew Valley:

In this game the X button uses your farming tools. They're used rapidly and extremely often, so we enlarged the button to make it easy to press without looking. The arrow buttons cycle through your quick-bar items, and each of the sub menus have been given a helpful icon for quick access. The top center of the screen is sometimes used for dialog, so we moved the Steam button to the upper left. We also moved the keyboard button which is used for giving everything on your farm personalized names. The rest of the screen acts as a cursor trackpad for easily organizing the inventory.

After reading it, I decided to go and test it myself. I linked up my Android phone to Steam with the Steam Link application, went over the other side of the house and down a level to bring the wireless signal down and even then while playing Stardew Valley it's surprisingly brilliant. If I had a tablet with a slightly larger screen I could easily see myself playing more games like this from my Linux PC.

They also mention Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch which makes full use of the Steam Input API, with controls that change based on different game sections which sounds very cool. I really hope to see more developers make great use of this.

See the full post about it on Steam. As for finding games that are properly setup for it, Steam also now has different categories to easily find them including:

Thankfully, once you get properly into each of those lists you can narrow down by platform, while keeping it ticked for Remote Play features to easily find a Linux supported game with it. Quite a few show up too—nice!

For developers who want to make use of it and enable players to more easily play their games on other devices Valve have some documentation and a new API for device detection for games to adjust the resolution and UI as needed. Pretty sweet feature.

Steam Remote Play could be especially handy! No I'm not talking about doing a little farming while on the toilet (although the thought had crossed my mind…), perhaps more when you're sick and you don't want to sit at a desk with your PC? My laptop is pretty…pants (understatement) so streaming to my phone (or the laptop when it plays nice) might be something I will do more often if they keep doing handy updates like this to make the experience nicer overall.

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Lovecraftian horror RPG Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones has launched

Friday 27th of September 2019 02:08:15 PM

Tags: Steam, Humble Store, GOG, New Release, RPG, Horror

With Linux support same-day as promised, Cultic Games and 1C Entertainment have launched their lovecraftian themed horror RPG named Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones.

Pulling in direct inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Stygian is a turn-based RPG set in a broken and mysterious world. Like classic RPG titles, Stygian provides an open-ended narrative to unearth as characters cope with the warped reality of a world fallen to chaos mixed in with some turn-based combat.

New launch trailer:

Watch video on

What an awful world to live in. One where your town of Arkham seems to have been completely ripped from the Earth to sit under an alien sky where horrors await around every corner.

Feature Highlight:

  • A hand drawn 2D world reflecting Lovecraft's themes of cosmic horror and dread.
  • Enemies, environments and storylines inspired by Lovecraft’s iconic original works. Take part in quests inspired by your favorite stories and see them play out according to your own decisions and role-playing style.
  • Choose from 8 main character Archetypes, each with its own origin backstory and specialties.
  • A host of weird companions will accompany you on your ill-starred journey: the lonely, antediluvian 'Outsider', a fallen soldier of the Great War reanimated by Herbert West. Recruit these and other outlandish beings to your crew.
  • Your character's Sanity and mental state will influence dialogue options. Mental illness comes with advantages as well as hindrances. Sometimes it pays to be mad in a world gone mad!
  • Stygian's Belief System determines how your characters cope with the warped reality of the new Arkham, as well as the rate at which they regenerate lost Sanity. Belief Systems also offer unique dialogue options, expanding the breadth of role-playing possibilities.
  • A new kind of spell system which sometimes takes more than it gives. Being a master of the occult is not as simple as flinging colored missiles from your fingertips. The black magic of Stygian is potent but may cost you your mind, your health, and possibly even much more.

One of the issues I've encountered, is that with VSync turned on the mouse has some noticeable input lag. Turned off it's fine but just something to be aware of. It's not a Linux-specific issue either, going by the Steam forum post it also happens on Windows and Mac.

Another issue I noticed is the text. Whoever wrote it seems to be a bit confused, constantly mixing up between he/her/his and so on during character creation across the various options and multiple screens. I think it's good they have a choice between male and female characters and I practically never get bothered by such things as this, but the text stuck out a bit and needs cleaning up. I'm possibly being a bit picky here but it just read weirdly. The developer, Cultic Games, is from Istanbul so it's likely an English translation issue.

Perhaps a much more annoying issue is that after setting up my character how I liked, I accidentally hit Main Menu while in-game and it just quit right back to it without a mention of it not saving. Quite a nuisance having to go through the character creation again. Once you get passed the starting scene though, the option turns into save and quit so it won't happen later in the game. I am again just being a bit picky here because it annoyed me losing my character setup due to a misclick. They also need a better save system anyway, one with profiles to allow multiple characters that won't overwrites saves of another.

Okay, pickiness out of the way…

So far, I'm very much enjoying what I've seen. I've not completed it since my access came in pretty late against the release but it definitely hits a lot of the right marks. The atmosphere is seriously thick, it's made me shiver to my core multiple times already and the design work that's gone into making such a freaky look is fantastic.

There I am, a Middle Aged ex-Gangster cheating at darts 5 minutes into the game and I become the World Champion. Although the person I was against started talking about Cricket at one point, either they were drunk (we're in a bar after all) or another translation issue. Anyway, that happened, I love the complete weirdness of the game already.

Stygian certainly doesn't ease you into the world, you're living in some crappy bar and you pay your upkeep in cigarettes with a bartender who loves to rinse you of everything you own whenever they can. The sign in the bar amused me too with the dead cook notice.

During my travels I've come across plenty of Mobsters telling me to get lost, a Hooker who had an angry customer near them shouting about their skin being poison and losing their face, people being shot or stoned in the street and more terrible things. I did at least manage to intervene and save a strange creature from being killed by an angry mob, I might be an ex-Gangster but that wasn't a fair fight. That's what I've been enjoying with it, since you play it your way and your decisions and actions depend on your character choice and affect each of them in different ways.

Stygian is a very dark and unsettling game, it doesn't pull any punches with the setting that's for sure. Even the research some characters can do while resting aren't the usual sort, as just one example my Outsider character learned how to make Powdered Cocaine…

As dark as it is though, it's also incredibly intriguing. I have so many questions that I hope I find the answers to. Some may not though, as it ends on a cliffhanger and according to the publisher they haven't "finalized" their plans on how to continue it yet so keep that in mind.

You can pick it up on Humble Store, GOG and Steam with all stores having a release sale. Currently, it seems the demo is only on Steam and the Linux build of the demo is not up yet.

Since it's another title that was funded with the help of generous users on Kickstarter, you can see it and more on our dedicated Crowdfunding Page.

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The Jackbox Party Pack 6 now has a release date and pre-orders are open

Friday 27th of September 2019 11:48:24 AM

Tags: Party Game, Steam, Upcoming

In the mood to party? Need a fresh set of amusing games to entertain your guests with? Good news everyone! The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is releasing quite soon.

As written about here on GamingOnLinux previously, Jackbox Games will be continuing their Linux support with this newest pack of games. Yesterday, they announced the Jackbox Party Pack 6 is releasing on October 17th.

They also put up a proper trailer for the whole thing now too, take a look below:

Watch video on

Games included this time:

  • The popular trivia deathmatch Trivia Murder Party 2 (1-8 players). Try to survive the bizarre new minigames.
  • The weird word circus Dictionarium (3-8 players). May the funniest definition win.
  • The hidden identity game Push The Button (4-10 players) . Can you discover the aliens in time?
  • The comedy contest Joke Boat (3-8 players). Craft one-liners for a cruise ship talent show.
  • The offbeat personality test Role Models (3-6 players). Find out who you really are. (Or at least what your friends think of you.)

We don't usually recommend doing so, but if you wish to pre-orders are open on Steam. There's also a 17% off sale on it going until October 24th so plenty of time to decide at the lower price even if you wait until release.

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Testing the Gioteck WX-4 Wireless gamepad on Linux, pretty good for the price

Friday 27th of September 2019 11:36:30 AM

Tags: Hardware

Always on the look out for new hardware that's good and cheap, I recently came across the Gioteck WX-4 Wireless gamepad.

Messing around with wires with the Logitech F310 was becoming a bit of a hassle, so I was looking around for something new to replace it. The Logitech F310 is a great wired pad, although I personally find the triggers far too stiff so I've wanted a different secondary pad for some time.

I will admit being extremely sceptical on this one. Gioteck is a brand I had neither tested nor heard of before but the WX-4 Wireless supports Bluetooth and USB, with a built-in rechargeable battery (10-12 hours approx play time) and it's incredibly light when compared with the Steam Controller.

The most important thing though? It works almost perfectly on Linux.

When paired up with the Plugable USB-BT4LE Bluetooth adapter (not included), it was stupidly easy to pair with KDE. Plug in the adapter, hold down Y + Home to turn on the Gioteck WX-4 Wireless and get it to be findable. Open up the Bluetooth Device Wizard and there it is:

Since the Gioteck WX-4 Wireless can also acts as a Nintendo Switch gamepad, in Steam if you turn on configuration for Switch Pro you then get all the handy configuration options from Steam Input.

Tested across Rocket League, Blaze Rush, Baba Is You, Eagle Island, Hell is Other Demons and plenty more it seems to work great in Steam games. It's quite weird having the ABXY buttons switched around though, that alone will take quite some time getting used to.

So why did I say it works "almost" perfectly earlier? Well, Steam has Steam Input and that works directly with gamepads, Valve constantly add new supported hardware to it too and there's not a lot of messing around there.

However, outside of Steam is a different story as there's no driver for such a pad yet I am aware of, this little guide might help so keep that in mind. As of yet, I've not been able to get it working with GOG games. That will likely change in later Linux Kernel versions, since if you remember the Steam Controller wasn't directly supported with a driver until around three years after it released.

Apart from that the other most important thing is the price, it was £20 which I honestly find pretty ridiculous for such a good gamepad that's so far been beautiful to use. If you're in need of one for some Linux gaming fun, perhaps this may be it. With the caveats of using it outside of Steam.

See more about it on the official site. You can find it on GAME, shop4world and likely many other stores.

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Mindustry the Factorio-like tower-defense game is now on Steam

Friday 27th of September 2019 10:06:21 AM

Tags: Tower Defense, Strategy, Steam, New Release, Open Source

Oh no, this is going to be very bad for my free time. It was bad enough with Factorio having a huge update recently and now Mindustry is available on Steam.

While there's going to be a lot of obvious comparisons to Factorio due to the production chains and mining, Mindustry still manages to come off quite unique despite the similarities. Mindustry has a much bigger focus on the action and it has a different more simplistic art style to it.

It's free and open source, with the code up on GitHub but now that it's on Steam they can support the development even further with a much bigger audience. Additionally the Steam version does have some extras like Achievements, Steam Cloud, easier multiplayer and Steam Workshop support.

It has multiple games modes including Survival which is a tower-defense styled mode to survive as long as possible, an Attack mode to build factories and units to destroy enemy cores while defending your own, a PvP mode against other players and a Sandbox mode to do whatever you want with no enemies unless you want them.

You can find Mindustry on Steam now where it's 25% off until October 3rd or free in as before.

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An update on the status of Linux support for the sci-fi RPG 'Encased' now it's in Early Access

Friday 27th of September 2019 09:54:37 AM

Tags: RPG, Indie Game, Early Access, Steam, Upcoming

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in October last year, the sci-fi RPG Encased is now on Steam and GOG in Early Access. Here's an update on when we might see Linux support.

Linux was a noted platform they were planning to support and when we spoke to them back in March, they said Linux would not be available during Early Access but would be around the full release. Since it's been a while and now it's actually on Steam, users have been asking on the Steam forum about when Linux support will arrive.

Today, the developer replied with:

We really want to get it to you soon. It is a bit tricky to support so many builds during EA (win/mac/linux times Steam+GOG). So answer for now - we will try add it soon. But all platforms will work on release for sure

The good news is of course they haven't suddenly dropped Linux support. I will be keeping an eye on it , so once they have a more solid answer on the Linux version I can let you know.

See the trailer below:

Watch video on


If you wish to follow it ready for Linux support, you can do so on GOG and Steam.

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The WWI FPS 'Tannenberg' is free to play this weekend, plus all M2H games on sale

Friday 27th of September 2019 09:45:58 AM

Tags: FPS, Game Sale, Steam, Indie Game

If you've really wanted to try the WWI FPS Tannenberg you're in luck, it's free to download and play for a few days plus it's on sale along side other games from M2H.

Quite a fan of Tannenberg myself, it has some fantastic sound design and the open levels are great. Difficult though, as it's somewhat focused on realism so you can't just run across the map expecting to be able to dodge bullets.

Tannenberg Feature Highlight:

  • Authentic WW1 atmosphere; accuracy in everything from maps and weaponry to uniforms
  • Tactical squad-based FPS; play as Russian, Roumanian, Latvian, Austro-Hungarian, German and Bulgarian troops
  • Wide-ranging landscapes; large maps each with weather variants from snow to summer sun
  • 64 player Maneuver game mode; capture strategic sectors in grand battles of movement
  • Never fight alone; squad gameplay and AI bots for Maneuver so you can join epic battles at any time

Sounds like another big update is coming soon to Tannenberg too, as they've recently been teasing a new map for it.

Other titles from M2H are also on sale including the party game Marooners, the other WWI FPS Verdun and their stunt game Crash Drive 2 which includes a free copy to gift to a friend when you purchase.

You can see the full M2H bundle here on Steam. Or head right to the Tannenberg store page to grab it free to try.

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OFF GRID, a game about stealth and hacking the planet is delayed into 2020

Thursday 26th of September 2019 08:55:00 PM

Tags: Indie Game, Upcoming, Action, Adventure, Stealth

OFF GRID from developer Semaeopus is a very promising game about sneaking around and hacking everything. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in November last year it's progressing nicely.

However, sometimes progress comes at a cost. They've decided to push the release back from December 2019 until sometime next year. There's multiple reasons for that including a change in team members, picking a more suitable date to launch an indie game and so on. Something that also caught my eye is what they said about expanding the game, with "OFF GRID is intended to grow and become an ongoing universe post release, and for this to happen we want to make the biggest splash possible."—so either it will gain some big expansions/updates or they're hoping for followup titles if it has a good release.

Watch video on

Planned Features:

  • Stealth and hacking gameplay based on use of data and environments rather than weapons and combat
  • Hack into lifelike simulated networks and data with realistic hacking techniques and tools including SSH, sidejacking, and social engineering of the AI
  • Contemporary storyline and missions related to real-world events surrounding data privacy and mass surveillance
  • Fully moddable content encouraging players to create new and interesting levels, whether complete fantasy or mimicking hacking in the real world around them
  • Outstanding audio and original soundtrack from Jonas Jensen and Lyndon Holland, the BAFTA-winning composer from the game Virginia

I did personally back this one, since the idea sounded good and there was a Linux demo. Not only that, the developer came over to GamingOnLinux to comment about them being a Linux user themselves and that they "certainly won't abandon Linux".

Read their full update on Kickstarter here. For now you can wishlist it on Steam. They also do regular development livestreams on YouTube and Twitch which have a lot of interesting details in them.

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What's that? Another Steam Client Beta update? With a Linux platform filter? Yes it is

Thursday 26th of September 2019 07:18:00 PM

Tags: Beta, Steam, Update

Valve have released the fourth Beta update for the Steam Client since the new Library design dropped and it's a good one.

When the new Steam Library released in Beta for everyone to try on September 17th, it came with a lot of fun new features. However, it also got rid of a few that were necessary. For starters, the option to view games only on Linux or MacOS were removed but today they return…and in style too!

For Linux, we now have this sweet little Tux icon to click and have all non-Linux games hidden. The position is a tiny bit off, but at least it exists again. However, if you've enabled Steam Play for all titles it does nothing, since you're opting to show them all of course. You can get around that with option Valve added some time ago to force Proton/Steam Play on games if you do wish to have a list filtered for Linux games (steps on doing that in this article).

Empty collections are now hidden from the game list too, so they don't take up space where not needed.

They also removed the handy Home and Collections buttons from the left menu, instead they now appear as Library menu options when you hover over. Personally, I liked the little buttons they had. I feel they could have kept them while also adding them as a hover menu but now we just have this:

This is how the Steam Client looks now, just to show it off a bit for those not using the Beta:

For Linux, they also claim to have fixed a GPU crash and overlay corruption issue "with games that use Vulkan async compute, such as DOOM 2016".

Remote Play got even more fixes on this round as well. Issues like latency and reduced frames due to host CPU load, launching VR games from the Steam Link, a rare Steam client crash when running the network test, support for "Wake on LAN" over wireless connections with properly configured wireless adapters and a fix for a steam client crash under certain combinations of remote play with non-Steam apps, or on the second launch of SteamVR.

Finally, Steam Input should also now have less of a hit on your CPU and several bugs with action set layer switching were solved.

You can see the full release notes here.

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Quirky looking 3D indie action-RPG 'Insignificant' planned to release for Linux next month

Thursday 26th of September 2019 12:11:14 PM

Tags: Action, RPG, Upcoming, Steam, Indie Game

An action RPG where you're three inches tall, surviving in a world made for Humans? That's what's going on in Insignificant, launching on October 8 with Linux support. Speaking to the developer on Steam, they confirmed Linux will be supported and launch alongside Windows and Mac.

Take a look at their rather peculiar trailer below:

Watch video on

It's a game that will reward exploration, as the developer said they've buried secrets around for you to find. Since you're a tiny person in a huge world, apparently even the smallest of critters will be a match for you. Going by the combat system shown in the trailer above, it could be quite an interesting one and certainly quite unusual.

Feature Highlight:

  • Experience a wildly creative and personal story that GOES PLACES. You know that that means, right?
  • Explode enemies with bullets from your magic finger guns, slice them with a sewing needle, poke them full of holes with a pushpin, and grab tons of creative loot you could only use as a tiny person!
  • Experiment with a variety of gameplay modes like the hardcore Survival mode, the casual No Combat mode, and the tactical No Grinding mode so you can play your way!
  • Expand your repertoire of surprising powers as you play and slow down time, become invisible or take to the skies and fly!
  • Explore unique, hand-crafted areas with absolutely no procedural generation at all! This is 100% artisanal, bespoke, keyboard-to-table game juice from designer Dan Rickmers.

You can wishlist and follow it on Steam.

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Monster Sanctuary's first content update is up with a female character option, mounting mobs and more

Thursday 26th of September 2019 11:53:59 AM

Tags: Strategy, Adventure, Metroidvania, RPG, Monster Catching, Initial Thoughts

Monster Sanctuary from Moi Rai Games and Team17 Digital hasn't been in Early Access for long but they're already putting out a big update to expand this creature catching metroidvania. Note: Key provided by the developer.

I've waited a long time for something resembling the gameplay of catching and battling with monsters that Pokemon made popular on Linux. While Monster Sanctuary isn't exactly the same since it's a side-scrolling Metroidvania-like world, it has so far been an absolute joy to play.

With the first major update for it out now it has gained some new tricks. There's now a female character choice (apparently the biggest request they had), Mouse control support, adjustments to the combat rating feature, two monsters (Aurumtail and Qilin) can now be a mount for faster travelling and eventually they will add more plus areas only accessibly by a mount. On top of that there's two new monsters added in, a Chinese language option, Steam Cloud saves and a bunch of smaller content additions.

Not seen it before? The Early Access launch trailer is below:

Watch video on

Lots of nice touches included in the game already. The combat system for example, it works not just on each creature having strengths and weaknesses against elements as there's also a combo counter. The more times you can hit an enemy, the higher counter and so your damage dealt will be. It's so you really make the most of your team, by mixing and matching both standard attacks and buffs/debuffs to maximise the damage done. If you manage to do well during combat, your rating will improve and so the items you find will then also be better.

Each monster also has a different ability when set to be the one following you. A bird can grab you and let you glide along, another might be able to activate switches and so on. It's an interesting feature, another one that rewards having a varied team. Having six slimes with you might not be the best idea, even if their cute little faces are hilarious.

Another part that's impressed me is the audio work, specifically for the attacks during the turn-based battles. Not just the quality of the audio but the varied sounds are all awesome, they really make the battles feel great. I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing the haunting sound when a defeated monster fades away, so very cool.

The Linux version has been running perfectly too! I think this might end up making it to my top 5 games this year quite easily. Although, that top 5 keeps growing, I've probably said that way more than 5 times by now. So many excellent Linux games this year it's really hard to keep count.

For what's to come next, they haven't announced everything yet but you can see some of what they have planned to add in future on their roadmap. Something quite exciting that will eventually be added in is online PvP, as it was a stretch goal during their Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded.

You can pick up Monster Sanctuary from Humble Store and Steam.

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Fantasy turn-based tactics game with dynamic environments 'Fort Triumph' has a massive upgrade

Thursday 26th of September 2019 10:03:31 AM

Tags: Strategy, Steam, Early Access, Update, Indie Game

In my book, the more games that attempt XCOM-styled combat the better. Fort Triumph is one that does it, only it's pushing things even further with the dynamic environments and the fantasy setting.

The fun in Fort Triumph really is in how you use the environment to your advantage. Drop trees on top of people, kick a box into them, set fire to everything around them and more there's tons you can do with it. Are they by some water? Run over and kick them into it. There's even a character class that can use a grappling hook to pull enemies into things, which can sometimes be truly hilarious when you manage to set off a physics chain-reaction by doing so.

Currently in Early Access and covered here a few times, CookieByte Entertainment just recently did a massive update to the game. Major changes included:

  • Replaced the Forest and Village environments with shiny new ones.
  • Houses in the village environment now have fleshed out interiors with furniture that responds to physics and destructible walls.
  • AI factions will now use heroes fully, including physics abilities and attacks - brace yourselves!
  • Performance improved considerably.
  • Creatures and recruiting creatures are removed in this iteration, along with creature dwellings on the world map - we received plenty of feedback from players finding it confusing and unrewarding as it is now. We plan to reintroduce creatures in some way down the road after we experiment a bit.

They also have a brand new trailer:

Watch video on

Plenty of smaller changes came with this update too including two different types of water tiles. So you now have shallow and deep water, with shallow water stunning enemies if you hit them into it and deep water killing them. A large forest mushroom map item was added which you can break in half and kick at enemies, multiple new VFX and SFX added, UI improvements and so on. Full update notes can be found here.

Once finished, this could end up being one of the most entertaining turn-based strategy games around. It's already good enough to spend quite a number of hours in thanks to the random skirmish campaigns you can do, while also picking which side you wish to be.

You can pick it up on Steam (20% off until September 30) or try a heavily outdated demo on, not that the demo really represents it any more but it's still there.

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Astro Golf, a simple and relaxing game about shooting some balls in space

Thursday 26th of September 2019 09:30:22 AM

Tags: Indie Game, Unity,, New Release, Casual, Sports

After spending tons of time with Factorio recently, I needed something that used a little less brainpower to relax with and Astro Golf is a game that fits perfectly. It's about interplanetary golf, launching a ball across planets and getting it to touch their gravity and slide into a hole.

Simple stuff, incredibly relaxing and it was made on Linux too with Unity.

Watch video on

The design of it is so clean and uncomplicated, yet weirdly stylish at the same time. When you manage to score, the level then warps around the current planet to change into a new level. It's such a brilliant bit of minimalist artwork and animation I'm a little in love with it.

The developer claims every level can be done in a single shot…lies! Well, they're probably not lying, I'm just absolutely awful at it but who cares it's space Golf! Fantastic time waster, with a promise of "endless" levels there's plenty of time to master getting a hole in one every time.

Good stuff! You can find it on for around $3.

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Dynamic physics 3D platformer 'Crumble' has a fresh demo available with very varied levels

Thursday 26th of September 2019 09:04:11 AM

Tags: Platformer, Upcoming, Indie Game, Demo, Unity

Roll around as a ball with a loose tongue you use as a swing in Crumble, now with a much updated demo available to try.

A game I tried out and did a little video for back in April, it's actually really good. I can't help but laugh at the goofy little face on the blue ball you control as their tongue flaps around.

Talking about what's new the developer said it has "new contents, new levels, improved mechanics and visuals!". Seems like a lot of work went into it too, it looks and feels a lot better than the first demo. There's a little intro now and the second level makes great use of the tongue swinging system and it's quite a challenge.

Crumble has a surprising challenge to it! Being a round shape rather than a person certainly adds a new dynamic to 3D platforming with a feel you don't get as a person jumping around. It's silly but the entertaining kind of weird that I like to see. The faces your ball pulls when swinging around gave me a good laugh.

True to the name, Crumble, the world isn't exactly stable. One level has cannons firing at you as you attempt to escape, with the cannon balls smashing into the platforms (and sometimes you) which makes it a bit of a rush to get through.

My favourite part though? It has to be the third level, where you control an aeroplane by rolling around on it to move. Such a brilliant idea! Damn tricky too.

There's no current release date set for the full version. It will of course be a much bigger game at release though with a full campaign mode, a multiplayer part mode for up to 4 local players, a skin unlock system, online leaderboard and more. I'm looking forward to trying it after thoroughly enjoying what the demo has to offer.

You can try the demo it's up on, Game Jolt and Steam.

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The massive overhaul for Factorio is now live for everyone, get ready to build big

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 08:43:31 PM

Tags: Update, Indie Game, Simulation, Humble Store, GOG, Steam

After first releasing the test builds for Factorio 0.17 around half a year ago, the team at Wube Software have now finished it up enough to let everyone have it. Note: Copy personally purchased.

It's quite the difference. Overhauling a number of major parts of this engrossing building and automation game. It has a brand new map editor, redesigned enemies with a graphical overhaul, automatic mod downloads when joining a server, a "massively" optimised fluids system, a completely new and modern rendering backend to take advantage of modern GPUs, a much better introduction scenario for new players, a new and improved look for the interface and plenty more smaller features.

The amount you can do in it is crazy! I fell in love with Factorio pretty early on, since even a self-confessed dummy like me can get along with the building and designing aspects of it. It can get a little complicated when you really start building up but it handles the complexity so nicely to keep you in the loop and feel like you're always getting somewhere. It just becomes a game I enjoy watching, there's just so many moving pieces. Just look at this, it might be terrible BUT IT WORKS and I feel like a mad scientist:

Factorio is such an unbelievable destroyer of time itself though. Even today as I jumped in to "test" it was all working correctly, multiple hours vanished down the transport belt never to be seen again. A large part of that being me getting something going, then half an hour later realising my production chain was terrible and doing it over again, researching something new and then needing to work that into it and repeat. It's a glorious chain of repetition. The best part though? The immense zoom-out you can do to take a good look what what you've done.

For the next version they've already got a plan in place. It should bring in some mini tutorials, a new campaign, high-resolution sprites for any that's currently missing, final balancing and final adjustments to the newer UI to make it all fit in. Presumably, after that it should finally leave Early Access after multiple years.

If you've not picked it up yet, this is a really excellent time to do so. If you don't see any articles on here tomorrow, it's probably because I'm trying to launch a rocket in Factorio.


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Mesa 19.2 released to push open source graphics drivers

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 08:05:22 PM

Tags: Mesa, Drivers, New Release

A few months after the last release, Mesa 19.2 is officially available today pushing open source GPU drivers to new heights.

Since this is a major release, as the developers note you might want to wait for the first point release (19.2.1) to clear up any nuisance issues as it sees more testing.

As an NVIDIA owner and user, I don't tend to follow Mesa development and their release notes aren't exactly an easy read unless you really know your graphics API features. You know the drill with driver releases: you should hopefully see better performance, support for newer hardware and so on. Anyway, these are the highlights they noted:

  • GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage on radeonsi (Navi)
  • GL_ARB_seamless_cubemap_per_texture on etnaviv (if GPU supports SEAMLESS_CUBE_MAP)
  • GL_EXT_shader_image_load_store on radeonsi (with LLVM >= 10)
  • GL_EXT_shader_samples_identical on iris and radeonsi (if using NIR)
  • GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod on i965, iris
  • EGL_EXT_platform_device
  • VK_AMD_buffer_marker on radv
  • VK_EXT_index_type_uint8 on radv
  • VK_EXT_post_depth_coverage on radv
  • VK_EXT_queue_family_foreign on radv
  • VK_EXT_sample_locations on radv
  • VK_EXT_shader_demote_to_helper_invocation on Intel.
  • VK_KHR_depth_stencil_resolve on radv
  • VK_KHR_imageless_framebuffer on radv
  • VK_KHR_shader_atomic_int64 on radv
  • VK_KHR_uniform_buffer_standard_layout on radv

Around 25 bugs were solved with this release as well including issues with KWin, Overwatch, Tropico 6, Geekbench 5, Supraland, The Surge, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and more.

Our friends over at Phoronix have a few interesting links of features added in Mesa 19.2 which you can find here.

You can find the official release notes here.

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GOG are giving away Freespace 2 in their Interstellar Sale with some good discounts on too

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 01:51:28 PM

Tags: Game Sale, Free Game, GOG, DRM-Free

GOG have another interesting sale going on as well as Freespace 2 going free for the next 48 hours, don't miss out!

If you're not aware, Freespace 2 can be played on Linux thanks to the FSOpen project after Volition open sourced the game engine used way back in 2002. Freespace 2 is also one of my absolute favourite space combat sims and it's still awesome to this day even when compared to some newer games.

Grab Freespace 2 free on GOG here.

There's also the big Interstellar Sale going on, with some good Linux games going cheaper like:

There is of course various DLC for games discounted as well.

The Interstellar Sale runs until September 30th, 2019, at 1 PM UTC.

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Looks like the grand strategy space game AI War 2 could release in October

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 12:01:05 PM

Tags: Strategy, Indie Game, Early Access, RTS

AI War 2, the space grand strategy game currently in Early Access being developed by Arcen Games is looking close to a full release in October.

Recently, Arcen have been releasing some pretty big updates to the game polishing up all aspects of it and replacing some older placeholder elements. One such update was released yesterday and in the Steam announcement they mentioned a tentative release date of October 22nd.

That release date will mark the 10 year anniversary of the previous game, AI War: Fleet Command, being released on Steam. A game which later came to Linux as well in 2014.

Watch video on

Feature Highlight:

  • Many optional factions, each with their own goals and strategy, create a living galaxy.
  • A new Fleets system gives you even more ships than befire, and allows you to customize your empire more than ever.
  • A ton of map types, and with a lot of sub-options to make them even more varied.
  • Mercenaries to hire, factions to ally with, and oodles of targets to capture or hack --with the AI or aliens.
  • Warden and Hunter sub-fleets of the AI provide for new challenges (and sometimes opportunities) in how both you and the AI interact with each other.
  • Polished gameplay mechanics, representing everything learned from first game’s six expansions.
  • Trimmed fat: repetitive boring tasks have been automated or streamlined, but more options than ever have been added for you to customize things when you want to. Our goal is never to waste your time, but always have an array of interesting challenges for you to pursue at once.

Seems like they've done well over the course of development, the game has progressed along nicely and it's sat with a good user rating on Steam. As much as I want to love it, as a huge fan of space sci-fi and real-time strategy games, I end up feeling quite overwhelmed by AI War 2 (the tutorials aren't done). I adore the battles though, they become so huge it's crazy with shiny lasers firing all across the screen, the battle scenes you end up seeing can get pretty intense.

You can pick up AI War 2 on Humble Store and Steam.

If you do buy a copy or if you already have and you have some thoughts about it, do let us know in the comments.

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Fairy metroidvania inspired by Slavic myths, Catmaze, adds Linux support

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 10:52:23 AM

Tags: Metroidvania, Steam, Indie Game, New Release, Action, Adventure

Ready for your next Metroidvania? Catmaze, a game inspired by Slavic myths is now officially supported and available on Linux as of earlier this week.

Created by developer Redblack Spade, who also made the 2017 dark puzzle game Reflection of Mine (supports Linux) and the upcoming psychedelic metroidvania Fearmonium (will also support Linux) Linux support arrives for Catmaze well over a year after the Steam release but good things come to those who wait right? Seems so, with it having a "Very Positive" rating on Steam from over 200 users.

Watch video on

Feature Highlight:

  • Ancient tales come to life in a large open labyrinth of gloomy marshes, Slavic villages and centuries-old forests;
  • To help Alesta in fierce battles with the dangerous mythical beasts come the summoned creatures – familiars who have served the sorcerers from time immemorial. Choose from a variety of familiars with unique abilities;
  • The world is filled with characters whose destinies are in your hands - the completion of many side quests will determine how this adventure will end;
  • Respect for all traditions of the metroidvania genre allows you to return back in search of secret paths and acquire new skills. The danger of the adventure is emphasized by the possibility of saving only in certain places;
  • Fascinating battles with bosses, who have come from Slavic tales and tell us their unique history;
  • Elements of role-playing games, allowing you to customize the characteristics of Alesta to your individual style of playing.

You can find Catmaze on Steam where it's currently 45% off until September 30.

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Broken Lines will bring a story-driven tactical RPG in an alternative WW2 setting to Linux

Wednesday 25th of September 2019 10:24:47 AM

Tags: Action, Strategy, RPG, Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming

With quite good looking graphics and gameplay that has me wanting to see more, Broken Lines could be a good tactical RPG for Linux and it's releasing later this year. This is one we completely missed from Gamescom!

The squad has crash-landed behind enemy lines, in the heart of Eastern Europe. With no officers, no leaders, and no intel, they must find an unbreakable resolve if they are to survive. But with only their training and instincts to guide them, survival becomes a difficult goal.

It recently appeared in the Linux section on Steam, with the developer confirming to me on Steam Linux will be supported and they've tested it to ensure it works. Interesting to see that mentioned, since Linux is often left until the last moment.

Watch video on

It's being developed by PortaPlay, who made the 2016 real-time tactics game Tales from the Void (no Linux support on that one) which seems to have been largely ignored by press and gamers alike so hopefully Broken Lines will do better.

Feature Highlight:

  • Tactical RPG with diverse characters. Experience the story through the eyes of each soldier as they fight for survival in an alternative WW2 setting.
  • Turn-based planning with simultaneous execution (WeGo turn-based gameplay)
  • Authentic tactical choices: suppression, destructible cover, realistic ballistics, and camouflage are at your disposal.
  • Rogue-like campaign structured with different narrative paths, resources, and permadeath.
  • A challenge for even the most experienced gamer. A far-reaching moral system means that the soldiers may desert at any moment if you prove to be incompetent.
  • An emotional story, tense atmosphere, and multiple endings based on the decisions that you make.

You can wishlist and follow Broken Lines on Steam, releasing towards the end of this year.

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today's howtos

  • How to install Chromium on Ubuntu using SNAP
  • 3D using Godot

    It is time for another installment of Godot (previous entries: introduction, 2D). This time, I have dived into the world of 3D. The goal is to recreate parts of an old time favorite: Kosmonaut. Something I remember playing a lot on my dad’s 286 with amazing EGA graphics. The state of the game when writing can be seen in the short screen capture below. This is more of a tech demo status than a full game at the moment, but I hope you will still find it interesting. You can also get the complete source code. [...] Once we have a world with a track (the grid map), we add a player to the scene (the yellow blob in the image above – I need to learn Blender to create a proper ship). The player scene contains the ship – and the camera. This means that the camera follows the player automatically – very convenient. The player script is responsible for this ship’s movements based on user input. Inputs can either be pressed for a long time, used for sideways movement, or just tapped (i.e. the release is ignored), used for jumping. Each of the inputs are mapped to a keyboard key (or other input device) in the Project Settings dialog, under the Input Map tab. This feels a bit awkward to me and makes me lose the feeling of flow – but I don’t know how to do it better.

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Xfce 4.16 development phase starting

In the 4.14 cycle we tried to do a 1:1 port of what used to be our Gtk2 desktop environment, avoiding visual changes. In the 4.16 cycle we plan to harmonize the appearance of certain elements that either became inconsistent through the port or already were inconsistent before (e.g. toolbars or inline toolbars). We will also play with client-side decorations where we feel it makes sense (for instance replacing the so-called XfceTitledDialog, that is used for all settings dialogs with a HeaderBar version). Before anyone gets too excited (both positively or negatively): It is not planned to redesign more complex applications (like Thunar) with Headerbars in 4.16. We will however try to keep the experience and looks consistent, which means gradually moving to client side decorations also with our applications (please note that client side decorations are not the same as HeaderBars!). Through this change e.g. “dark modes” in applications will look good (see the part about the Panel below). Now before there is a shitstorm about this change I would kindly ask everyone to give us time to figure out what exactly we want to change in this cycle. Also, switching to client-side decorations alone is not a big visual departure – feel free to also dig through the client-side decorations page if you want to read/see more on this. Read more

GNU/Linux Distros on Distrotest

  • Some New Operating Systems on Distrotest that Caught My Attention!

    Distrotest is one site that provides a variety of Linux distributions that can be run directly on the browser. Or you can also run it on a remote desktop client application, for example using Remmina. So, you can try various linux distributions online without having to install it or make a live CD. when I visited the distrotest. Apparently, there have been many new systems added. However, there are several new systems that caught my attention.

  • Forbes Raves Upcoming Linux Desktop Will 'Embarass' Windows 10 and macOS

    The article points out that Deepin is also a stand-alone desktop environment for any current Linux distribution -- and that it's one of the 248 operating systems available for online testing at

kwin-lowlatency 5.17 Brings A Better Experience To The KDE Desktop

Following this week's release of KDE Plasma 5.17, a new release of the independent kwin-lowlatency code has been re-based against version 5.17. Read more