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launch4j 3.2

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:26pm
Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in Windows native executables. The executable can be configured to search for a certain JRE version or use a bundled one, and it's possible to set runtime options, like the initial/max heap size. The wrapper also provides better user experience through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, and a Java download page in case the appropriate JRE cannot be found. The increase in size of the application is small.

Release Notes: It is now possible to configure the JRE search to look for 32-bit or 64-bit Java Runtime Environments. The logging was improved. Problem with loading JVM options from Ini file was fixed. A crash was fixed when the classpath was not defined.

Tags: Software Development, Build Tools, Software Distribution Tools

Licenses: MIT/X, BSD Revised

Paranoid TelnetD 0.2

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 5:33pm
Paranoid TelnetD is written in straight C with few dependencies. It is intended for use with embedded or legacy devices (like the hand-scanners used in warehouses) that communicate via telnet. It features: 'telnet only' user accounts, separate from the system authentication (so only the specified usernames/passwords can login via telnet, and only via telnet); user, IP address, and MAC address whitelisting/blacklisting; chrooting with 'bind mounts' to allow access to certain directories under the chroot jail; and 'honeypot mode' in which all authentication fails and all events are logged at syslog 'crit' level.

Release Notes: This release adds IPv6 support, fixes segfaults, provides more conservative use of file descriptors, and makes Shadow MD5 passwords work.

Tags: Telnet, Server, telnetd, chroot

Licenses: GPLv3

DiffImg 2.0.2

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 4:03pm
DiffImg is a simple image comparison tool which takes two RGB images with the same size as input. Some statitics are computed, and the positions at which pixels differ are displayed as a color mask.

Release Notes: Changes the default location of the translation file on Linux ("/share/diffimg/locale" instead of "/share/locale"). Adds an OS X target (experimental). Adds Debian package files. Adds a portable option. Minor fixes.

Tags: Desktop, image analysis

Licenses: GPL v2

congruity 18

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 1:58pm
congruity is a GUI application for programming Logitech Harmony remote controls. Configuration setup is via the Logitech Web site, in the same fashion as Logitech's own Windows/Mac OS software. congruity will handle processing the files downloaded from the Web site, which perform "check connectivity", "configuration update", "firmware update", and soon "ir learning" operations. It uses libconcord for the underlying remote interaction, is written in Python/wxPython, and is portable to at least Linux and Windows.

Release Notes: This is a significant feature and bugfix release for MHGUI, and all MHGUI users are encouraged to upgrade. It does not contain any changes to the congruity application itself, so non-MHGUI users do not need to upgrade. Major improvements to MHGUI include: support for Harmony 650 and Harmony Link; support for configuring the Watch TV button on Harmony 200/300; updates to the Device Configuration page to indicate clearly which commands are mapped and which are not; and a rework to process long running network and USB operations in the background and provide better status.

Licenses: GPLv3

aria2 1.18.5

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 12:17pm
aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. It has a powerful segmented downloading ability, downloading a file from multiple sources and multiple protocols and utilizing your download bandwidth to the maximum. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded from HTTP(S)/FTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalink's chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.

Release Notes: This release fixes a BitTorrent download failure on the Mingw build.

Release Tags: stable-1.18, Bugfixes

Tags: Communications, File Sharing, Internet, Web, FTP, Bittorrent

Licenses: GPL

Sculptor 3.0.3

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 11:52am
Sculptor is a productivity tool that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages. You express your design intent in a textual specification, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. You can use the concepts from Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in the textual Domain Specific Language (DSL), e.g. Service, Module, Entity, Value Object, Repository. The generated code is based on well-known frameworks such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Java EE. Sculptor takes care of the technical details and the tedious repetitive work, and lets you focus on delivering more business value (and have more fun). The DSL and the code generation drives the development and is not a one time shot. The application can be developed incrementally with an efficient round trip loop. Sculptor is useful when developing typical enterprise or Web applications that benefit from a rich and persistent domain model.

Release Notes: This minor release provides a few bug fixes and adds support for generator properties which are common within a multi-module Maven project.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: Software Development, Libraries, Java Libraries, Application Frameworks, Eclipse, XText, Xtend, Maven, DSL, DDD, Code generator

Licenses: Apache 2.0

PC-BASIC 14.03

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 11:43am
PC-BASIC is an interpreter for GW-BASIC files. It can run and convert between ASCII, bytecode, and "protected" (encrypted) .BAS files. It implements floating-point arithmetic in the Microsoft Binary Format (MBF) and can therefore read and write binary data files created by GW-BASIC.

Release Notes: This release adds many new features, including fullscreen and scalable windows, greatly-improved sound, support for non-US codepages, support for BLOAD, BSAVE, POKE, and PEEK of video memory, printing on Windows and CUPS, and support for the serial port. There are compatibility improvements to almost every BASIC keyword and many bugfixes, in particular to mouse and joystick handling. A full CC-licensed keyword reference is now included.

Release Tags: GW-BASIC, emulator, retro, Interpreter

Tags: GW-BASIC, emulator, Interpreter, retro

Licenses: GPLv3

checkit 0.1.0

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 11:26am
checkit is a file integrity tool that adds data assurance capabilities to file systems which support extended attributes. It allows you to detect any data integrity issues or file changes to any file. By storing a checksum as an extended attribute, checkit provides an easy way to detect silent data corruption, bit rot, or other modification errors. It was inspired by the checksumming performed by filesystems like BTRFS and ZFS. These filesystems ensure data integrity by storing a checksum (CRC) of data and checking read data against the checksum. With mirroring of data, they can silently heal the data should an error be found.

Release Notes: This release adds export and import ability. The checksum can now be exported to a hidden file and imported from a hidden file, to allow use on filesystems and archives which do not support extended attributes.

Tags: Checksum

Licenses: GPLv3

4MLinux 8.1 Allinone Edition FINAL

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 10:35am
4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: The status of the 4MLinux 8.1 series has been changed to STABLE. The final release has all the features included in 4MLinux 8.1 Rescue Edition, 4MLinux 8.1 Media Edition, 4MLinux 8.1 Server Edition, and 4MLinux 8.1 Game Edition.

Tags: Linux distribution, Live-CD, system, rescue, Console, Server, multimedia, Games - Linux, X windows

Licenses: GPLv3

ABC Path Solver 0.4.0

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 9:33am
ABC Path Solver is a Perl program and library that automatically solves an ABC Path game while giving the reasoning. ABC Path is a puzzle game in which one should position the letters from "A" to "Y" in a 5*5 grid based on clues. It is featured in ABC Path Solver uses a mixture of deduction and solving by trying several branches, which should allow it to solve all initial boards.

Release Notes: This release adds a --gen-v1-template flag to generate a skeleton input file and various code cleanups (in part for CPANTS Kwalitee).

Release Tags: CPAN, Beta

Tags: Games, Puzzles, Japanese, solver, solve, nikoli

Licenses: MIT/X

RedKite CMS

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 9:14am
RedKite CMS is a Content Management System built on top of Symfony2 and Twitter-Bootstrap frameworks. It lets you manage the content of your website inline, using an interface designed to increase the quality of the user experience. You are not required to have technical skills related to Web programming to build a website using this CMS.

Release Notes: The application is fully released under the MIT License. Bundles comes with the application instead of downloading them by composer. The TinyMCE editor has been configured to allow adding font-awesome icons from source code. An annoying bug has been fixed that moved the top/bottom arrows used to move the interface to the opening popover.

Tags: CMS

Licenses: MIT License

R128GAIN 1.0.6

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 9:03am
R128GAIN is an FFmpeg and SoX-based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner for audio and video files. It helps you normalize the loudness of your audio and video files to the same level.

Release Notes: This release reimplementes remuxing according to the respective FFmpeg example.

Tags: EBU R128, cli, GUI, loudness normalization, ATSC A/85, BS.1770

Licenses: GPL

SimpleFootie 0.2

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 8:49am
SimpleFootie is a text-based football match engine simulation. It currently simulates score calculations and intends to provide a robust and extensible infrastructure.

Release Notes: Simplified and corrected match calculation in neutral ground. Support for neutral venues in the Web application interface. Command-line argument support.

Release Tags: Bug fixes, Web, cli

Tags: Football, Soccer, Sports, Simulation

Licenses: Apache 2.0

QXmlEdit 0.8.10

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 8:15am
QXmlEdit is a simple XML editor. Its main features are unusual data visualization modes, nice XML manipulation and presentation, and multi-platform support. It can split very big XML files into fragments, can compare XML files, and has a graphical XSD viewer.

Release Notes: This release sports a new user interface design using a single column in the tree view.

Tags: XML Editing

Licenses: LGPL

patool 1.5

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 8:03am
Various archive formats can be created, extracted, tested, listed, searched, compared, and repacked by patool. The advantage of patool is its simplicity in handling archive files without having to remember myriad programs and options. The archive format is determined by the file(1) program and as a fallback by the archive file extension. patool supports 7z (.7z), ACE (.ace), ADF (.adf), ALZIP (.alz), APE (.ape), AR (.a), ARC (.arc), ARJ (.arj), bzip2 (.bz2), CAB (.cab), COMPRESS (.Z), CPIO (.cpio), deb (.deb), DMS (.dms), FLAC (.flac), gzip (.gz), ISO (.iso), LRZIP (.lrz), LZH (.lha, .lzh), LZIP (.lz), LZMA (.lzma), LZOP (.lzo), RPM (.rpm), RAR (.rar), RZIP (.rz), SHN (.shn), tar (.tar), XZ (.xz), zip (.zip, .jar), and ZOO (.zoo) formats. It relies on helper applications to handle those archive formats (for example bzip2 for BZIP2 archives). The archive formats tar, zip, bzip2, and gzip are supported natively and do not require helper applications to be installed.

Release Notes: Fixes detection of existing broken symlinks when unpacking.

Tags: Archivers, Compression, Command Line

Licenses: GPLv3

lnav 0.7.0

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:25am
The Logfile Navigator, lnav for short, is a curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files. The value added by lnav over text viewers or editors is that it takes advantage of any semantic information that can be gleaned from the log file, such as timestamps and log levels. Using this extra semantic information, lnav can do things like interleaving messages from different files, generate histograms of messages over time, and provide hotkeys for navigating through the file. These features are meant to allow the user to quickly and efficiently focus on problems.

Release Notes: The scrollbar is now highlighted with red or yellow to show which sections of the logs have errors or warnings. Tab-completion has been added for searches so that you can complete whatever is currently displayed on screen. Syntax-highlighting has been added for the command prompt (i.e. search regexes and SQL queries). The xterm title is updated to display the current log file. A "headless" mode allows you to use lnav to process logs from a script.

Release Tags: Major

Tags: Systems Administration, Database, Logging, Log Analysis, Site Management

Licenses: BSD Revised

Super Grub2 Disk 2.01 RC2

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 4:08am
Super Grub2 Disk is a bootable floppy, CDROM, or USB system which lets you boot into your system. It is simply a Grub2 disk with a lot of useful menus. It can try to autodetect all of your operating systems, load your grub.cfg configuration file, and load grub2's core.img, even if the mbr is damaged. It has multi-language support.

Release Notes: The operating system detection script now always shows the operating system partition. A bug that avoided proper EFI detection was fixed. New standalone images for: x86_64-efi, i386-efi, i386-coreboot, and i386-ieee1275 are available. A bug that made translations not show correct characters was fixed. The Spanish translation was updated to match the newest options. Some minor design improvements were implemented.

Release Tags: RC, x86-64, i386, pc, coreboot, efi, ieee1275

Tags: Grub2, Grub

Licenses: GPLv3 or later

Guacamole 0.9.0

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 12:43am
Guacamole is an HTML5 Web application that provides access to desktop environments using remote desktop protocols such as VNC or RDP. A centralized server acts as a tunnel and proxy, allowing access to multiple desktops through a Web browser. No plugins are needed. The client requires nothing more than a Web browser supporting HTML5 and AJAX.

Release Notes: File transfer support is now implemented. Support for RemoteApp has been added. Public key authentication is now supported for SSH. Error handling has been improved.

Tags: VNC, Remote Access, remote desktop, Web Application, rdp

Licenses: Affero GPLv3

JPPF 4.1 beta

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 12:38am
JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.

Release Notes: The values of the configuration properties can now be scripted. A priority can be assigned to the local executor and auto-discovered connections. The driver management port is directly provided to the client during the connection handshake. Tasks can now schedule themselves for resubmission.

Release Tags: major features, Unstable

Tags: GRID, grid computing, cloud, cloud computing, Java, Parallel processing, Parallel Computing, Distributed Computing, Open Source

Licenses: Apache 2.0

S3QL 2.8.1

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 12:33am
S3QL is a file system that stores all its data online. It supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, and OpenStack and effectively provides you with a hard disk of dynamic, infinite capacity that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. S3QL provides a standard, full featured Unix file system that is conceptually indistinguishable from any local file system. Additional features include compression, encryption, data de-duplication, immutable trees, and snapshotting, which make it especially suitable for online backup and archiving. The design favors simplicity and elegance over performance and feature-creep. Care has been taken to make the source code as readable and serviceable as possible. Solid error detection, error handling, and extensive automated test cases are provided.

Release Notes: There are no changes in S3QL itself. The S3QL 2.8 tarball accidentally included a copy of the Python dugong module; this has been fixed.

Tags: FUSE, Compression, File system, backup, storage, encrypted backup, encryption, de-duplication

Licenses: GPLv3