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  • Understanding ELF using readelf and objdump   2 days 5 hours ago

    How can I download PDF?

  • Ubuntu - More coverage or less coverage?   4 days 21 hours ago

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  • The Story Behind 'init' and 'systemd': Why 'init' Needed to be Replaced with 'systemd' in Linux   2 weeks 1 day ago

    While I admit that systemd is trying to rewrite the Linux base ecosystem, it has also bridged the gap between distributions. This helps upstream developers because they can now ship systemd units with their applications and not fear how distributions will handle starting services.
    So far the only annoyance I have in systemd is the journal. since it is not a plain text file, it can get corrupted when computer shuts down incorrectly (journal file is not closed correctly) after power goes out (which happens a lot here due to power surges). On next boot, i lose the old journal because it is now corrupt. This wouldn't happen in plain text logs.
    Apart from that, I like systemd so far.
    The 'factory reset' feature in the future might need intrusive changes but let's see what happens...

  • Android Circuit: The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Challenges The iPhone 6, Asus Challenges Android Wear, and Xiaomi Challenges Everybody Else   5 weeks 14 min ago

    These days there are so many choices for cell phones, that it can be almost too much. Especially when considering between an android and a iphone.

  • Video: Fedora mentioned on TNT's Major Crimes series   6 weeks 2 days ago

    Obviously, the script writers didn't do their homework. One of them may be a Linux dabbler.

  • Video: Fedora mentioned on TNT's Major Crimes series   6 weeks 2 days ago

    What's this Fedora he speaks of? Is that some good "app"?

  • Video: Fedora mentioned on TNT's Major Crimes series   6 weeks 2 days ago

    "Running Apache or maybe Fedora under Linux" - yeah.. Let's say I wouldn't hire that guy to admin my servers. Smile

  • Musing: Microsoft to offer its software on Linux – A theoretical consideration.   9 weeks 8 hours ago

    I have been using Linux for over 15 years now because it is a better operating system.
    I have not needed to use Windows in over a decade now.
    However, I have nothing against Microsoft. Microsoft writing applications for Linux would be a good thing. But sadly, those applications will be closed source and with the userland architecture of Linux, system updates are very likely to break those applications (ABI changes, soname changes, etc..). Without source code, distributions can't recompile those applications when system libraries are upgraded.
    Microsoft won't bother maintaining such applications.

  • Linux's DistroWatch site stumbles   10 weeks 6 days ago

    Maybe the article is based on a misunderstanding, or maybe things have changed for the better since the article was written. The dot org domain has been traditionally the one to use.

  • Linux's DistroWatch site stumbles   10 weeks 6 days ago

    Not sure why but if you go to the page comes up. Just not using the .com

  • Tux Machines is 10   11 weeks 1 day ago

    srlinuxx will ALWAYS waddle the waddle! She'll be very missed. I hope she logs in occasionally and lets her fans know she's still kickin'. Smile

    Dr. Roy and Rianne are doing a great job of keeping the Tux Machine will oiled and running efficiently.

    Looking forward to many years of informative reading and interaction here.

    ~V. T. Eric Layton (aka Nocturnal Slacker, vtel57)

  • Linux Kernel 3.14.8 Brings New Hardware Support   13 weeks 1 day ago

    Maybe it can be backported as part as a non-official effort. I think the backporting policy is clear in the interest of stability and reduction of unexpected breakage. Also, if you backport a feature rather than a fix (usually a change to just a line of code), then you need to keep merging the security fixes (assuming you fork away from the "official" backports), which for some versions of Linux can last 10 years (RHEL and others).

  • Linux Kernel 3.14.8 Brings New Hardware Support   13 weeks 1 day ago

    One feature that 3.15 has that 3.14 has not could be important for many of us, faster resume from suspend to RAM by skipping spin-up of hard drives. It saves about 7s on my systems. My fast system now resumes before I can sit down. My slowest system resumes in half the time it used to take.

    Anyone suspending to RAM to save battery or power could benefit if they still use spinning drives. This is something that should be back-ported to all distros even if it's not a security issue.

  • Linux 2D Performance: Nouveau vs. NVIDIA   14 weeks 11 hours ago

    In AMD's world things are a bit better.

  • Linux 2D Performance: Nouveau vs. NVIDIA   14 weeks 23 hours ago

    perhaps one day, the open source driver will catch up.

  • Tux Machines is 10   14 weeks 6 days ago

    I miss seeing Susan around here, but you've done well to keep the site active and interesting. Long live Tux Machines!

  • Tux Machines is 10   14 weeks 6 days ago

    Congrats on the hard work Smile

  • First ideas for a better GNOME browser   15 weeks 5 days ago

    Indeed, I wonder how that happened...

  • First ideas for a better GNOME browser   15 weeks 5 days ago

    I guess you picked this up from Planet GNOME's RSS feed without checking the dateline. PGO seems to be having trouble with reposting a bunch of old stuff ATM, and this post is from 2011.

  • Pale Moon (A Firefox Based Browser) Will Not Adopt The Australis Interface   16 weeks 4 days ago

    I think Geekster is posting his own assumptions as news. Pale Moon is on the 24.x ESR. He noticed it doesn't have Australis theme so he decided to post that Pale Moon is not adopting it.
    Australis was introduced in firefox 29.0 and not 24.x.
    The next ESR which is version 31 or 32 or something will have Australis UI.
    When PaleMoon moves to the next ESR, they will get Australis UI along with it. If they decide to get rid of it (and I haven't found any news source that says they will do so), they will have to do a lot of work to revert to classic UI.

    I'm not a fan of Australis but so far, Geekster provided no sources to his claims that Pale Moon will not be adopting Australis.

  • Is Adobe Flash critical to the future of Linux?   16 weeks 6 days ago

    Putting aside advertisements, the main user of Flash is YouTube, and this too is changing (video tag and VP9/Ogg).

    I think Flash will go away quicker than many imagine, just like ShockWave.

  • Is Adobe Flash critical to the future of Linux?   16 weeks 6 days ago

    Agreed. And the linux flash plugin isn't getting any new major version anymore. Only security fixes for an old version.
    We need either a free implemtation of flash or wait till flash is obsolete which will probably take a decade.

  • Knoppix 7.3.0 / ADRIANE 1.7 (CeBIT) Release   17 weeks 1 day ago

    Knoppix release 7.3.0 was a release for the German CeBIT 2014 conference and the German version of Linux Magazine EXCLUSIVELY. Translate the page for more information at

  • Knoppix 7.3.0 / ADRIANE 1.7 (CeBIT) Release   17 weeks 3 days ago

    I've tried the English version of knoppix, but I cannot find any link to download Knoppix 7.3.0
    Any help will be appreciated

  • Rianne Schestowitz Bio   17 weeks 5 days ago

    About Foss :

    The fundamental difference between the movements is in their values, their ways of looking at the world, for the open source movement , the issue of whether software should open source is a practical question, not an ethical one. As one person put it “ open source is a development methodology, free software is social movement “ for the open source movement, non-free software is a suboptimal solution. For the free software movement, non-free software is social problem and free software is the solution.Today the young generation is facing challenging times, While many new opportunities are opening for employment, they also need new skills and Knowledge. The traditional course at higher education level are the engines of knowledge advancement but it is job oriented course related to new area of knowledge and employment which are the most use full ensuring a bright future for the most deserving young generation. In this direction, Foss technologies are very efficient, free of cost ( licence) and are suitable to even large network systems. Further there is no need to paid ( Licence ) fee for the these technologies, once the IT user/students are conversant with these technologies, they can easily take on software projects of their own to earn a handsome amount and an independent entrepreneur or consultant. They will have no need to depend upon others for employment.

    This unique program is a one of it's kind initiative of the " foss" awareness campaign in Rajasthan which will develop new skills in the IT user/students within a short of span of months to enhance their employability and earning power a million times.

    We believe that encouragement of FOSS will result in:
    * Development of the domestic IT industry
    * Creation of jobs* Encouragement of skills development and up gradation
    * Enable localization of software to Indian languages
    * Reduction of India's dependence on monopolistic proprietary software vendors
    * Encourage the usage of open standards
    * Bridging the digital divide
    * Rapid modernization and computerization of India's education system
    * Technology up gradation of India's Small and Medium Enterprises
    * Efficient usage of budget outlays for e-government
    * Faster technology development through Collaborative Innovation.

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