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Asturix4 based on ubuntu 0 5 years 34 weeks ago
by punch_t
Elive 1.6 is out!!! 3 9 years 28 weeks ago
by joenosleep
3 years 23 weeks ago
by pico
Hacao linux 2.01 Professional released ! 0 10 years 48 weeks ago
by Hacao
Hacao linux 2.01 Professional Top News on Vietnamese ECHIP 0 10 years 46 weeks ago
by Hacao
has anyone done this and is it possible? Ubuntu Dapper on Thinkpad r60 celeron 7 10 years 43 weeks ago
by Zenmind
10 years 43 weeks ago
by Spinlock
How do I a rebel bride - wedding location Edition 0 5 years 43 weeks ago
by bancroft
I need a Guide. (live booting Ubuntu on a G3 Mac) 0 8 years 49 weeks ago
by captobvious
Issues with Mepis 6.0. Help! 3 11 years 9 weeks ago
by Third Eye
11 years 8 weeks ago
by Third Eye
Kanotix forums shut down, then open again 0 10 years 24 weeks ago
by eco2geek
Lost "root" login in Fedora 22-KDE 2 2 years 10 weeks ago
by EXXPuser
2 years 10 weeks ago
by hussam
Love your reviews. Frugalware .4? 1 11 years 24 weeks ago
by SpanielXing
11 years 24 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
Mandriva One Installation or other 3 10 years 38 weeks ago
by witakr
10 years 38 weeks ago
by witakr
MEPIS 1 10 years 5 weeks ago
by speedygeo
10 years 4 weeks ago
by speedygeo
MyahOS 0 4 years 37 weeks ago
by vorn213
New distros 0 3 years 30 weeks ago
by Roy Schestowitz
Nominating SimplyMEPIS as the desktop distro of choice 2 8 years 37 weeks ago
by masinick
8 years 36 weeks ago
by petitbob
pclos Business Edition 1 10 years 12 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
10 years 12 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
The state of 64bit Distros 2 10 years 5 days ago
by fieldyweb
10 years 5 days ago
by fieldyweb
Vietnamese Hacao.Office 2.01 released ! 0 11 years 8 weeks ago
by Hacao
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BeagleBone Announces the Open Source PocketBeagle USB-Key-Fob SBC

  • BeagleBone Announces the Open Source PocketBeagle USB-Key-Fob SBC
    You've probably heard of BeagleBones and the Beagleboard Foundation by now (check out that link if you're not familiar with them). They make open source SBCs and have an online community much like the Raspberry Pi Foundation. While Beaglebones don't have as large of a community or market share as Raspberry Pi, their boards are still quite popular because they tend to be more application-focused than Raspberry Pis. For example, there's the general-purpose Beaglebone Black, the sensor-oriented Beaglebone Green, and the Beaglebone Blue for robotics applications.
  • What is PocketBeagle?

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Graphics: NVIDIA, Nouveau, X.Org Server

  • NVIDIA Making Progress On Server-Side GLVND: Different Drivers For Different X Screens
    While NVIDIA isn't doing much to help out Nouveau, at least the company is contributing to the open-source Linux graphics ecosystem in other ways. In addition to presenting at XDC2017 this week on the Unix device memory allocator API and DeepColor / HDR support, they also presented on server-side GLVND. Server-side GLVND is separate from the client-side GLVND (OpenGL Vendor Neutral Dispatch Library) that evolved over the past few years and with modern Linux systems is supported both by Mesa and the NVIDIA binary driver. Server-side GLVND can help PRIME laptops and other use-cases like XWayland where potentially dealing with multiple GPU drivers touching X.
  • Nouveau Developers Remain Blocked By NVIDIA From Advancing Open-Source Driver
    Longtime Nouveau contributors Martin Peres and Karol Herbst presented at this week's XDC2017 X.Org conference at the Googleplex in Mountain View. It was a quick talk as they didn't have a whole lot to report on due to their open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver efforts largely being restricted by NVIDIA Corp.
  • X.Org Server 1.20 Expected Around January With New Features
    X.Org Server 1.19 is already almsot one year old and while X.Org is currently well off its six month release cadence, version 1.20 is being figured out for an early 2018 release. Adam Jackson of Red Hat who has been serving as the xorg-server release manager held a quick session on Friday at XDC2017 to figure out what's needed for X.Org Server 1.20. His goal is to see X.Org Server 1.20 released in time for making the Fedora 28 version. For that to happen nicely, he's hoping to see xorg-server 1.20 released in January. The Fedora 28 beta freeze is the middle of March so there is still time for the 1.20 release to slip while making the F28 Linux distribution update.

ASUS Launches Its Thinnest and Lightest Flippable Chromebook, the Flip C101

ASUS announced a new Chromebook on its website, the Flip C101, which is a smaller and lightweight version of the C302 model. Featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, the all-new Chromebook is priced at only $299 in the US. Read more