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Vietnamese Hacao.Office 2.01 released ! 0 10 years 25 weeks ago
by Hacao
The state of 64bit Distros 2 9 years 17 weeks ago
by fieldyweb
9 years 17 weeks ago
by fieldyweb
pclos Business Edition 1 9 years 29 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
9 years 29 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
Nominating SimplyMEPIS as the desktop distro of choice 2 8 years 2 weeks ago
by masinick
8 years 1 week ago
by petitbob
New distros 0 2 years 47 weeks ago
by Roy Schestowitz
MyahOS 0 4 years 1 week ago
by vorn213
MEPIS 1 9 years 21 weeks ago
by speedygeo
9 years 21 weeks ago
by speedygeo
Mandriva One Installation or other 3 10 years 3 weeks ago
by witakr
10 years 3 weeks ago
by witakr
Love your reviews. Frugalware .4? 1 10 years 41 weeks ago
by SpanielXing
10 years 41 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
Lost "root" login in Fedora 22-KDE 2 1 year 26 weeks ago
by EXXPuser
1 year 26 weeks ago
by hussam
Kanotix forums shut down, then open again 0 9 years 41 weeks ago
by eco2geek
Issues with Mepis 6.0. Help! 3 10 years 25 weeks ago
by Third Eye
10 years 25 weeks ago
by Third Eye
I need a Guide. (live booting Ubuntu on a G3 Mac) 0 8 years 13 weeks ago
by captobvious
How do I a rebel bride - wedding location Edition 0 5 years 7 weeks ago
by bancroft
has anyone done this and is it possible? Ubuntu Dapper on Thinkpad r60 celeron 7 10 years 8 weeks ago
by Zenmind
10 years 7 weeks ago
by Spinlock
Hacao linux 2.01 Professional Top News on Vietnamese ECHIP 0 10 years 10 weeks ago
by Hacao
Hacao linux 2.01 Professional released ! 0 10 years 12 weeks ago
by Hacao
Elive 1.6 is out!!! 3 8 years 45 weeks ago
by joenosleep
2 years 40 weeks ago
by pico
Asturix4 based on ubuntu 0 4 years 51 weeks ago
by punch_t
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Security News

  • Wednesday's security updates
  • Secure your Elasticsearch cluster and avoid ransomware
    Last week, news came out that unprotected MongoDB databases are being actively compromised: content copied and replaced by a message asking for a ransom to get it back. As The Register reports: Elasticsearch is next. Protecting access to Elasticsearch by a firewall is not always possible. But even in environments where it is possible, many admins are not protecting their databases. Even if you cannot use a firewall, you can secure connection to Elasticsearch by using encryption. Elasticsearch by itself does not provide any authentication or encryption possibilities. Still, there are many third-party solutions available, each with its own drawbacks and advantages.
  • Resolve to Follow These 8 Steps for Better Data Security in 2017
    Getting physically fit is a typical New Year's resolution. Given that most of us spend more time online than in a gym, the start of the new year also might be a great time to improve your security “fitness.” As with physical fitness challenges, the biggest issue with digital security is always stagnation. That is, if you don't move and don't change, atrophy sets in. In physical fitness, atrophy is a function of muscles not being exercised. In digital fitness, security risks increase when you fail to change passwords, update network systems and adopt improved security technology. Before long, your IT systems literally become a “sitting duck.” Given the volume of data breaches that occurred in 2016, it is highly likely that everyone reading this has had at least one breach of their accounts compromised in some way, such as their Yahoo data account. Hackers somewhere may have one of the passwords you’ve used at one point to access a particular site or service. If you're still using that same password somewhere, in a way that can connect that account to you, that's a non-trivial risk. Changing passwords is the first of eight security resolutions that can help to improve your online security fitness in 2017. Click through this eWEEK slide show to discover the rest.
  • Pwn2Own 2017 Takes Aim at Linux, Servers and Web Browsers
    10th anniversary edition of Pwn2Own hacking contest offers over $1M in prize money to security researchers across a long list of targets including Virtual Machines, servers, enterprise applications and web browsers. Over the last decade, the Zero Day Initiative's (ZDI) annual Pwn2Own competition has emerged to become one of the premiere events on the information security calendar and the 2017 edition does not look to be any different. For the tenth anniversary of the Pwn2Own contest, ZDI, now owned and operated by Trend Micro, is going farther than ever before, with more targets and more prize money available for security researchers to claim by successfully executing zero-day exploits.
  • 'Factorio' is another game that was being hit by key scammers
    In another case of scammers trying to buy keys with often stolen credit cards to sell on websites like G2A, the developers of 'Factorio' have written about their experience with it (and other stuff too).

Red Hat News

Development News: LLVM, New Releases, and GCC

PulseAudio 10 and Virtual GPU in Linux

  • PulseAudio 10 Coming Soon, Using Memfd Shared Memory By Default
    It's been a half year since the debut of PulseAudio 9.0 while the release of PulseAudio 10 is coming soon. PulseAudio 9.99.1 development release was tagged earlier this month, then usually after x.99.2 marks the official release, so it won't be much longer now before seeing PulseAudio 10.0 begin to appear in Linux distributions.
  • Experimenting With Virtual GPU Support On Linux 4.10 + Libvirt
    With the Linux 4.10 kernel having initial but limited Intel Graphics Virtualization Tech support, you can begin playing with the experimental virtual GPU support using the upstream kernel and libvirt.