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Cisco 3750 Switch ASA VPN Routing 0 2 years 19 weeks ago
by Ayaerlee
a simple network question 5 9 years 13 weeks ago
by Xarzu
9 years 12 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
impossible mount and unmount cd, dvd and usb pen and hard disk 2 9 years 17 weeks ago
by danilo
9 years 17 weeks ago
by danilo
Wireless Internet Connection 2 9 years 43 weeks ago
by ridgey28
9 years 42 weeks ago
by ridgey28
having a problem installing a driver. 4 10 years 33 weeks ago
by yugiohgx476
10 years 33 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
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Linux Kernel 4.9.5 Released with Updated Radeon Drivers, KVM and PPC Fixes

A new maintenance update of the Linux 4.9 kernel series was announced today by renowned Linux kernel maintainer and developer Greg Kroah-Hartman, versioned 4.9.5. Coming only five days after the previous point release, Linux kernel 4.9.5 appears to be a big milestone that changes a total of 132 files, with 1515 insertions and 821 deletions. There are numerous improvements implemented in this fifth Linux 4.9 maintenance update, but first we'd like to remind you that Greg Kroah-Hartman recently marked this kernel branch as long-term supported (LTS), yet this is not apparent from Read more

Linux-based IoT gateway certified for Azure

IonSign’s “Gluon GMU491 Cloud Gateway” runs Debian on a TI Sitara SoC and aggregates multiple sensor and Modbus inputs for Azure and AWS. Finland-based IonSign has begun shipping an IoT gateway billed as a “complete industrial grade production unit for data collection and edge computing.” The Debian Linux based Gluon GMU491 Cloud Gateway is designed for collecting sensor, meter, fieldbus, or automation system data and packaging it for direct delivery to commercial cloud platforms. Read more

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