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Seen in a Sig 34 9 years 48 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
5 years 13 weeks ago
by Béranger
KDE??? 3 9 years 7 weeks ago
by gryphen
9 years 7 weeks ago
by gryphen
How do you take screenshots with the menu showing? 5 9 years 2 weeks ago
by Wolven
8 years 22 weeks ago
by Tips
CMS? 1 8 years 7 weeks ago
by GreenLantern
8 years 7 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
A question about the letter "L" 0 8 years 1 week ago
by eco2geek
counter petition for microsoft Open XML standard fast track 0 7 years 42 weeks ago
by kamrananvaar
Dialup dilemma 0 6 years 34 weeks ago
by afs
Is it too much to ask... 4 5 years 10 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
4 years 45 weeks ago
by poodles
Distros to add 3 48 weeks 6 days ago
by Roy Schestowitz
39 weeks 4 days ago
by vtel57
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Ubuntu 14.04, Highly Recommended by the Engineers of Dell

Barton George, Dell’s Director of Developer Programs has stated in a blog post that the necessities of programmers have ground and they wanted to have a bigger and better version of a laptop that runs Ubuntu Linux and that’s how they thought about the Precision M3800. Not much they, but him, Jared Diminguez, a Dell software engineer that has gathered all data and combined it with his grand passion, in order to make big efforts seem as easy as batting one’s eyelashes. Read more

Witcher 2 Bug Prompts Linux Creator To Recommend Devs Play Steam Games

It’s common for NVIDIA and AMD to tweak their drivers to optimise specific titles, but patches to operating systems just for games? Usually developers work around platform quirks, but that’s not good enough for Linus Torvalds, the man behind Linux. When crashes in The Witcher 2 were caused by Linux’s core software, Torvalds not only requested the bug be fixed, but that Steam games should be used in the future as “good tests of odd behaviour”. Read more

Today in Techrights

FileZilla 3.10.1 Released With Bug Fixes And Some Minor Changes Install In Ubuntu/Linux Mint


FileZilla is free and Open-Source ftp/sftp client with features FTPSFTP and FTPS (FTP over ssl/TLS). It has a very nice and easy to use user interface.FileZilla 3.10.1 released yesterday with bug fixes and minor changes.

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