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A question about the letter "L" 0 10 years 38 weeks ago
by eco2geek
CMS? 1 10 years 44 weeks ago
by GreenLantern
10 years 44 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
counter petition for microsoft Open XML standard fast track 0 10 years 27 weeks ago
by kamrananvaar
Dialup dilemma 0 9 years 19 weeks ago
by afs
Distros to add 3 3 years 33 weeks ago
by Roy Schestowitz
3 years 24 weeks ago
by vtel57
How do you take screenshots with the menu showing? 5 11 years 39 weeks ago
by Wolven
11 years 7 weeks ago
by Tips
Is it too much to ask... 4 7 years 47 weeks ago
by bigbearomaha
7 years 30 weeks ago
by poodles
KDE??? 3 11 years 44 weeks ago
by gryphen
11 years 44 weeks ago
by gryphen
Seen in a Sig 34 12 years 33 weeks ago
by srlinuxx
7 years 50 weeks ago
by Béranger
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So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?

The year of Linux desktop was a running joke. The concept of Linux being ready for the mainstream with users confidently running it on their desktops, sadly, never happened. Some bravely pushed the idea: the latest being Canonical with a more macOS-like desktop, easier to configure and use than the standard Linux distro. It came with an app-store concept too. Read more

Servers: Docker, Red Hat and InfluxData

Laptops: Chrome OS and System76

  • Chrome OS Gets Material Design for "Do Not Disturb," Android-Like Screenshots
    Chromium evangelist François Beaufort is sharing today information on a new Material Design refresh for Google's Chrome OS' "Do Not Disturb" mode, which landed in the latest Chrome Canary channel. According to the developer, the Material Design refresh for the "Do Not Disturb" mode will make the Notification Center look nicer, but also consistent with the Android user experience. Those using the Chrome Canary experimental channel can give it a try right now.
  • System76 'Lemur' and 'Galago Pro' Ubuntu Linux laptops get 8th gen Intel Core CPUs
    The famed Linux-laptop seller also says, "The Lemur you know and love is now even better with the Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, allowing you to multitask up to 40-percent faster. The slim, 3.6 lb laptop with impressive 14.1-inch 1080p IPS display is still your perfect travel companion; easy to carry from meeting to meeting or across campus." New processors aside, these laptops should be pretty much identical to prior generations -- which is a very good thing. If you want to configure a Lemur with a Coffee Lake chip, you can build your own here. A Galago Pro with an 8th Gen Intel Core processor can be configured here.

Events: Open Source Summit Europe, LibrePlanet 2018