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Thanksgiving Dinner

29% (35 votes)
8% (10 votes)
6% (7 votes)
What's Thanksgiving?
56% (67 votes)
Total votes: 119

re: Turkey and Ham

What? No Pizza and Cheesecake option?

re: Turkey and Ham

vonskippy wrote:

What? No Pizza and Cheesecake option?

Oh man, how could I do that? ...especially considering that's pretty much what I'll be having here. ...if Pizza Hut is open. Big Grin

You talk the talk, but do you waddle the waddle?

Turkey and Ham!

A smoked turkey and a spiral cut honey ham of course!!

EDIT: I seldom post without an edit.

re: Turkey and Ham!

rex_binary wrote:

A smoked turkey and a spiral cut honey ham of course!!

Yum! I'm eating at your house this year! Big Grin

You talk the talk, but do you waddle the waddle?

You will all be waddling

Too much Thanksgiving feasting and everyone will be waddling the waddle.

For seekers only

re:You will all be waddling


EDIT: I seldom post without an edit.

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