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Steam, Tax, and Moonlight

  • Steam Survey Purports A 0.28% Linux Gaming Marketshare For February

    With these initial numbers for February 2018 only reporting a 0.03% increase for the Linux market, it seems more plausible and hopefully won't be subject to more corrections by Valve later in the month. At least what seems most people will agree to is that the overall Linux gaming marketshare remains a sub-1% group with not many gaming firms generally seeing more than a couple percent Linux sales figures if they are lucky.

  • Rhode Island Legislator Proposes A Tax On Video Games Based On Existing Entirely Voluntary Ratings System

    Violent video games may not cause violent people, despite what some people think, but we can certainly point out that they make a certain class of people very, very stupid. That class is the political class. Every time some violent happening occurs in America, the reaction by grandstanding politicians with no imagination is to lash out at video games for causing all the world's violence, to propose such games be banned entirely, or to propose a tax on them. On the question of taxing or banning these games, these politicians fortunately run face-first into the First Amendment and the Supreme Court's 2011 decision that video games are art, they are speech, and the government can't infringe upon that speech.

  • Moonlight is an Open Source NVIDIA GameStream client

    Have you ever imagined yourself playing PC games on a mobile device or for that matter, any device? Mobile devices are usually not that capable to handle games with high graphics requirements. But still, you can enjoy all your PC games on any other device by streaming the content. Streaming also lets you play from anywhere around the globe without carrying that bulky gaming equipment. While many companies are offering to game on their hardware, in this post we’ve talked about a tool from NVIDIA that lets you stream games from your computer to any device. Moonlight is an open source GameStream client that is based on NVIDIA’s GameStream Protocol.


    Now talking about Moonlight, it is a free GameStream protocol client. Moonlight is available for most of the platforms including Windows Chrome, Android, iOS, Embedded Devices (Raspberry Pi), PS Vita, Samsung Gear VR devices. Using Moonlight, you can connect to any computer that is running GameStream and start playing your games.

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Linux Foundation: Microsoft Openwashing,, OCP, Kernel Commits Statistics

  • More Tips for Managing a Fast-Growing Open Source Project [Ed: Microsoft has infiltrated the Linux Foundation so deeply and severely that the Foundation now regularly issues openwashing pieces for the company that attacks Linux]
  • improves Kubernetes networking in sixth software release, one of Linux Foundation’s open source projects, has introduced its 18.01 software release with a focus on improving Kubernetes Networking, Istio and cloud native NFV.
  • Bolsters Kubernetes, NFV, and Istio Support With Latest Release
    The Fast Data Project ( released its sixth update since its inception within the Linux Foundation two years ago. While the update list is extensive, most are focused on Kubernetes networking, cloud native network functions virtualization (NFV), and Istio.
  • Linux Foundation, OCP collaborate on open sourcing hardware and software
    The virtualization of network functions has resulted in a disaggregation of hardware and software, increasing interest in open source projects for both layers in return. To feed this interest, the Linux Foundation and Open Compute Project (OCP) recently announced a joint initiative to advance the development of software and hardware-based open source networking. Both organizations have something to offer the other through the collaboration. The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV project integrates OCP as well as other open source software projects into relevant network functions virtualization (NFV) reference architectures. At the same time, OCP offers an open source option for the hardware layer.
  • Kernel Commits with "Fixes" tag
    Over the past 5 years there has been a steady increase in the number of kernel bug fix commits that use the "Fixes" tag.  Kernel developers use this annotation on a commit to reference an older commit that originally introduced the bug, which is obviously very useful for bug tracking purposes. What is interesting is that there has been a steady take-up of developers using this annotation:

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Positive Red Hat Results Expected Next Week

Fedora: Fedora 28 Beta Delay, Mindshare Monthly Report and More

  • Fedora 28 release dates and schedule
    With the release of Fedora 27, the Fedora 28 release schedule is falling into place. As of now, the current Fedora 28 release schedule is as follows.
  • Fedora 28 Beta Has Been Delayed
    It's time for the Fedora 28 release dance and to place your bets if F28 will be released on time or is another Fedora release challenged by release delays. Fedora 28 Beta had been due for release next week but has now been set by its first delay. Fortunately, a buffer was already built into the release schedule so for now is not impacting the final release of Fedora 28 due out in May.
  • Fedora 28 Beta status is NO-GO
    Release status of the Fedora 28 Beta is NO-GO. Due to missing RC for the F28 Beta release and presence of blocker bugs, the decision is “No Go”. The Beta release slips for one week to “Target #1” date (April 3rd). We are not going to slip the Final GA yet.
  • Mindshare Monthly Report – FAD and First Actions
  • Digitizing VHS with Fedora
    I have a dozen or so movies on VHS that we still watch. To be honest, I'm not that concerned about the commercial movies; those are easy enough to replace. But what about our home movies? My high school cross country team videos and my wife's marching band videos, among others—you won't find those on Netflix anytime soon. So I decided it was time to get serious about something I'd been meaning to do for a long time: Digitize my VHS tapes. In this article, I'll describe how I set up my Fedora desktop to convert my VHS tapes into 1s and 0s. Previously, Don Watkins described a different setup for VHS conversion.
  • Fedora 27 : The LibreOffice the 6.0.2 and versions.