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ADB Exploit

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  • ADB Exploit Leaves Thousands Of Android Devices Exposed To Attackers

    A network worm has surfaced on Android devices that exploits Android Debug Bridge (ADB) feature of the mobile OS – a feature that is enabled by default by phone manufacturers.

    Security researcher Kevin Beaumont revealed this issue in a blog post stating that ADB is completely unauthenticated and thousands of Android devices connected to the internet are currently being exploited through this vulnerability.

  • Root Bridge — how thousands of internet connected Android devices now have no security, and are being exploited by criminals.

    Android has a feature called Android Debug Bridge (ADB for short) which allows developers to communicate with a device remotely, to execute commands and fully control the device.

  • Tens of Thousands of Android Devices Are Exposing Their Debug Port

    The security community raised the alarm regarding a serious issue last week —that of Android devices shipping with their debug port open to remote connections.

    The issue is not new, being first spotted by the team at Qihoo 360 Netlab in February, this year, when they detected an Android worm that was spreading from Android device to Android device, infecting them with a cryptocurrency miner named ADB.Miner.

    The ADB.Miner worm exploited the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), a feature of the Android OS used for troubleshooting faulty devices.