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CrossOver 18.1.0 and Humble Team17 Bundle for GNU/Linux

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  • Announcing CrossOver 18.1.0

    I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released CrossOver 18.1 for both macOS and Linux.

    CrossOver 18.1 supports Visio 2016 on Linux.

    For macOS users, CrossOver 18.1 contains a number of important bug fixes. We have resolved a bug which prevented game downloads and the Steam Store page from working on the latest Steam release. CrossOver 18.1 also addresses an issue some macOS users experienced running recent versions of Quicken on CrossOver 18. Those who experienced crashes or launch failures when using Quicken 2016-2018 should see full functionality on CrossOver 18.1.

  • CrossOver 18.1 Released With Visio 2016 On Linux, Restored Controller Support On Steam

    A new feature release of CodeWeavers' Wine-based CrossOver software for Linux and macOS is now available.

    The CrossOver 18.1 release for Linux users brings support for Microsoft Visio 2016, the diagramming and vector graphics software that is part of Microsoft Office. Visio 2019 is available as of two months back, but Visio 2016 is currently the latest release working properly under Linux thanks to CodeWeavers.

  • The Humble Team17 Bundle is up, another chance for some cheap Linux games

    Humble have teamed up with developer and publisher Team17 for another bundle full of goodies, there's some Linux games included too.

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