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Purism Ships Librem 5 Dev Kits as the Linux Phones Will Arrive in April 2019

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Based on the newer and more powerful i.MX 8M 64-bit ARM boards, upgrading older devs kits based on the generic i.MX6 boards, the Librem 5 dev kits will soon arrive in the hands of early adopters as Purism needs all the help it can get from the community to continue and accelerate the development of its Linux-powered, privacy-focused phones, the Librem 5.

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Librem 5 dev kits are shipping!

  • Librem 5 dev kits are shipping!

    The Librem 5 dev kit’s hardware is done and shipping! We are beyond excited for our backers to receive their dev kits before year-end. Our entire PureOS Librem 5 development team will getting the same dev kits, upgrading the generic i.MX 6 boards (which most of the demos you have seen have been based on) to the Purism i.MX 8M based dev kit.

    We aim from this point forward to have a community assisted development environment. There is still a lot of work required to make the dev kit truly functional for Librem 5 development, so we need your assistance. The frenetic pace of development continues and it’s astonishing how much we’ve accomplished in the two months since we’ve put the hardware together. But the path is still long and arduous.

Purism’s Librem 5 Linux phone nearing launch

Purism Librem 5 developer kit now shipping

  • The Linux smartphone is back: Purism Librem 5 developer kit now shipping

    The Linux phone is not dead yet, although the Ubuntu Phone project has been buried a while ago. Purism's upcoming phone promises to deliver support for both the company's own PurismOS, but also for Ubuntu Touch, which has been picked up for further development by the UBports team last year, after Canonical abandoned it. Sriram Ramkrishna, Business and Community liaison for Prism, revealed yesterday that the first Librem 5 developer kits are on their way.

    According to Sriram, the generic i.MX 6 boards — which were used for most demos that made it to the public so far — have been upgraded to the Purism i.MX 8M-based hardware. Since there is still a lot of work required to bring the whole project closer to its market-ready status, the backers who are receiving the kits will also get access to a Matrix channel. "This channel will be staffed by our engineering team who will be on hand to answer questions, work with the community on merge requests," but all those interested can send an email to to gain access to the group.

Dev kits for Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphone are now shipping

  • Dev kits for Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphone are now shipping

    Actually company’s not even the right word — Purism is a “social purpose corporation” that prioritizes software and hardware freedom, privacy, and security over profit. All of the laptops the company sells are powered by GNU/Linux software. And Purism’s first phone will be too.

By JC Torres

  • Purism Librem 5 dev kits ship, bodes well for Linux phone

    With all the privacy issues popping up left and right, you’d think people would be more concerned about the things they put online or even just on their phones. But without options that protect users’ privacy and security, they really have little choice anyway. Companies like Purism are taking steps to fill that need and it has just taken one major step forward by finally shipping the development kits to its backers, which could be good news for a promised April 2019 launch of the Librem 5 smartphone.

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