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Rockchip-powered Raspberry Pi competitor Novasom SBCs aim for enterprise, industrial use cases

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Single-board computers (SBCs) predated the release of the Raspberry Pi, though the popular hobbyist board completely upended the market. Incumbent makers found themselves suddenly needing to compete with a low-power $35 system, with a robust community built around it-to say nothing of the numerous fruit-themed competitors that came after it.

Novasom, a Romanian SBC manufacturer, is trying to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack by focusing on enterprise and industrial use cases, highlighting the unexpected problems that can result from using a hobbyist board in a mission-critical environment. Novasom's RASPMOOD initiative is reflective of that: RASPMOOD boards are designed to be drop-in replacements with identical placements for GPIO, mounting holes, and connectors, on a board designed for "a 100% online mission or to survive EMC or environmental stresses, or to be connected and reconnected multiple times," according to the company's website.

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