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After more than 10 years in development Wayland still hasn’t replaced

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For over 10 years, a display server protocol called Wayland has been in development. Its goal is to offer Linux-based systems a streamlined alternative to the widely adopted X Window System.

Windowing systems like Wayland and X provide an interface for programs to draw graphics on your screen.

This includes desktop environment software that offers similar functionality to the macOS and Windows desktops, as well as applications like games.

The X Window System, also referred to as X11 or X, was developed at MIT as part of a project to create a graphics system that was hardware and vendor independent.

X version 11 (X11) was released on 15 September 1987, and Xfree86, a version of X11 for IBM PC Compatibles based on Intel’s 386 architecture, was released in 1992.

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