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A developer is working on turning a Nintendo Switch into an Android tablet

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The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console/handheld, and it’s doing really well for itself in terms of sales and appeal. It also marks a change in attitude from Nintendo as well, as the device is not only powered by an Nvidia Tegra system-on-chip, but the company even reportedly wanted to employ the now-defunct Cyanogen Inc. to develop their operating system. Since the discovery of the Fusée Gelée vulnerability, Switch modding has really taken off in the community. Users have theorized for a long time now whether it would be possible to port Android to the Switch. After all, Linux has been ported to it and the device uses the Tegra X1 SoC for which there is documentation to refer to. All that’s left is the blood, sweat, and tears of developers interested enough in porting Android. One developer by the name of ByLaws is taking the challenge of turning a Nintendo Switch into an Android tablet.

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Nintendo Switch Android port work has begun

  • Nintendo Switch Android port work has begun

    From a pure hardware perspective, the Nintendo Switch does resemble an Android tablet anyway. It has a 720p capacitive touch screen in a tablet form factor and even runs on an NVIDIA Tegra X1, the mobile chip that powers the NVIDIA SHIELD. In fact, there was a time when Nintendo was rumored to be considering hiring Cyanogen, Inc. to port their Android-based OS to the device.

    At the end of the day, however, the Nintendo Switch is still a very closed product and Nintendo wants to keep it that way. Thanks to the latest Fusee Gelee hack, however, it has become possible to get deep into the system. A working Linux kernel has even been ported to it, which opens the door for other projects, like porting Android.

    It’s no walk in the park, of course. Developer ByLaws0 says that right now, the Switch only boots up to the Android logo due to an issue with nouveau, the open source NVIDIA graphics driver. It needs a lot of work on writing hardware drivers as well, which is to say a working Android on Switch port shouldn’t be expected any time soon.

Developers are porting Android to the Nintendo Switch

  • Developers are porting Android to the Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch is a versatile game console that you can plug into a TV or use as a handheld game system. Under the hood it’s got the kind of guts you’d find in a pretty good Android tablet, but it ships with Nintendo’s custom software instead.

    Last year hackers figured out how to jailbreak the Switch and get it to run GNU/Linux-based software. Now two developers are working to port Android to the device.

  • Foxxum and Asano launch Linux AOSP-based UI

    Asano will integrate the Foxxum app store on all sold devices to enable a state of the art Smart TV solution paired with high quality and price aggressive TV devices. The Foxxum app store features global and local apps and custom-made interface and designs for all brands.

Android On The Nintendo Switch: Coming Soon!

  • Android On The Nintendo Switch: Coming Soon!

    The Nintendo Switch has been well received in the market and has sold well over 20 million units since its release in 2017. The unique selling point of the device is the versatility it offers to gamers. The device can be either plugged into a TV or used as a portable gaming device. Shipped with Nintendos custom software, the Switch has a well-designed UI that is both snappy and intuitive.

    Last year, hackers had figured out a way to run GNU/Linux-based software on the device. At present two developers, Max Keller and Billy Laws are working on ways to port Android onto the device. The two have figured out a method to run a buggy version of the latest Android OS on the device. By switching to Android, users will be able to access the same games at cheaper prices.

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