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Games: Cyber Shadow, vkQuake3 and Wine 4.2-based Products

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  • Cyber Shadow published by Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) looks awesome & it's coming to Linux

    Cyber Shadow from developer Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker and publisher Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight) looks seriously good and the good news is that it will come to Linux.

  • The Rust Vulkan "Gfx-rs" Portability Layer Can Now Run vkQuake3

    The Rust-written gfx-rs portability initiative that has similar goals to MoltenVK for allowing the Vulkan API to be supported/translated on non-native platforms can now run the Vulkan-ized Quake game.

    Gfx-rs is of interest to Mozilla and other parties for helping Vulkan see well-rounded platform support on platforms like macOS where it means having to translate calls to use Apple's Metal API. The goals are similar to MoltenVK except it's implemented in the Rust programming language and serving more as a graphics abstraction library rather than just focusing on macOS/iOS support.

  • CodeWeavers on how Proton (Steam Play) helped improve Wine 4.2

    CodeWeavers, specifically developer Andrew Eikum, has written a blog post giving a little more detail on how working with Valve on Proton (Steam Play) has helped shape Wine.

    Recently, Valve released Steam Play Proton 4.2, which as the versioning suggests is based on Wine 4.2 and Valve did note in the changelog how "166 patches from Proton 3.16 have been upstreamed or are no longer needed." (as noted in my previous article).

A Lot Of Valve's Proton Work Is Landing Back In Upstream Wine

  • A Lot Of Valve's Proton Work Is Landing Back In Upstream Wine

    Yesterday Valve released Proton 4.2 as a big step forward for this Wine-based software that is integral to their "Steam Play" for running Windows games on Linux. CodeWeavers, which is working on Proton/Wine improvements under contract for Valve, provided a look today at the massive amount of patches that have been upstreamed already from Proton to Wine.

    Proton is currently carrying 214 patches on top of upstream Wine 4.2, which is down from the 380 patches for the former Proton/Wine 3.16 release. Much of that difference is from patches that were upstreamed out of Proton or work that was separately addressed in upstream Wine or previously back-ported from newer releases back to Proton 3.16.

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