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Canonical Works for Microsoft

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Canonical even issued a press release

  • Visual Studio Code launches as a snap

    As of today, Microsoft Visual Studio Code is available for Linux as a snap, providing seamless auto-updates for its users. Visual Studio Code, a free, lightweight code editor, has redefined editors for building modern web and cloud applications, with built-in support for debugging, task running, and version control for a variety of languages and frameworks.

Canonical uses Microsoft to manage its code

  • Remote collaborative design

    Hands up if you or someone in your team work remotely. I am sure there are many of you out there. One of the biggest growing trends, since I started working in the technology industry 15 years ago, is how common and accessible working from home has become. There are many advances that contributed to its adoption, but surely how we evolved our processes and the creation of specific tools to help collaborate asynchronously (and in real time) has helped a great amount.

    I wanted to share a little bit about how we collaborate on building Some of you might very well be aware of these things, but writing them down might help you think and reflect. Here comes the click-bait title – four things I wanted to know about working remotely but I was quite afraid to ask…

Microsoft Emil latest to promote Canonical's Microsoft sellout

More lies today

  • Microsoft Loves Linux: Open Source Visual Studio Code Now Available As A Snap [Ed: This title contains a lie or two that Microsoft paid a lot of money to spread. "Open Source Visual Studio"? Keep repeating lies like these. It's proprietary software (just not "Code"); Also "Microsoft loves Linux". Many last month said "Open Source Windows 10" (and then something about a lousy calculator, which spies on the user, just like MSVS).]

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols the latest to do puff pieces

Yet more of this

Now in India

Canonical trying too hard to impress Microsoft

Malicious proprietary blob from Microsoft (MSVS) using free bait

Microsoft sites very happy

Canonical continues doing Microsoft marketing… for Microsoft

  • Why the Visual Studio Code team launched a snap

    Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is a popular free code editor with built-in support for debugging, task running, and version control. While available for Linux via tarball, rpm, and debian package options, the Visual Studio Code team had been seeking new options that would support seamless upgrades to match their rapid release cadence. Joao Moreno and Daniel Imms, Software Development Engineers at Microsoft, recently spoke with Canonical to explain why they decided to publish a snap.

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