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Software: 17 Best Free Project Management Tools and Release of Vivaldi Browser 2.5

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  • 17 Best Free Project Management Tools for You

    Whether you are a single user with many tasks, a startup company, or an already established business looking for an efficient way to plan your workflow and organize your projects, there are several project management tools you can use to get work done.

    They are modern, easy to manage, and best of all, easy to get up to speed with if you’re a newcomer to project management.

    Here is our list of the best project management tools you can use to increase your productivity and that of your team for free.

  • Browse with full color: Vivaldi browser enables Razer Chroma

    Today, we launch Vivaldi 2.5 which brings a first-of-its kind integration with Razer Chroma, the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices. With this unique integration, you’ll enjoy a thrilling and immersive browsing experience with lighting effects on Chroma-enabled devices.

    It sounds wild, but trust us – it’s fun. And adds another dimension to your browsing altogether.

    We’ve also added more customization options in this update where you can adjust the size of Speed Dials and select tabs more easily.

  • Vivaldi Browser 2.5 Released with Razer Chroma Integration

    Vivaldi web browser released new stable version 2.5 today with many exciting new features and improvements.

Vivaldi 2.5 Released as World's First Web Browser

  • Vivaldi 2.5 Released as World's First Web Browser with Razer Chroma Integration

    Today Vivaldi Technologies releases the Vivaldi 2.5 web browser as the world's first desktop web browser to feature deep integration with the Razer Chroma, world's largest lighting ecosystem designed for gaming devices.
    Vivaldi is already extremely popular among those who want to configure every single aspect of their web browser, but Vivaldi 2.5 raises the bar to another level by bringing Razer Chroma integration for Chroma-enabled devices.

    With Razer Chroma integration, Vivaldi users will now be able to enjoy a truly immersive browsing experience on their Chroma-enabled devices with lighting effects that dynamically syncs colors from websites you're visiting.

    "This unique integration with Razer Chroma adds another dimension to browsing altogether," says Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi CEO. "Razer Chroma respects a user’s play style and unique expression of individuality and that’s a natural fit for Vivaldi."

    You'll probably love this feature if you're a gaming enthusiast, which could make you switch to Vivaldi as your main browser, but the awesome lighting effects provided by the Razer Chroma integration will be fun for everyone.

Vivaldi 2.5 Internet Browser Launched With Razer Chroma Support

  • Vivaldi 2.5 Internet Browser Launched With Razer Chroma Support

    The popularity of Vivaldi has increased over a short period, but now it is even more talked about after it included Razer Chroma integration for Chroma-enabled devices in the Vivaldi 2.5. If you are a Vivaldi user than you will take advantage of the fact that Razer Chroma integration allows you to browse on your Chroma-enabled devices experiencing a vast range of effects such as lighting one that syncs colors in a dynamic way when you change websites.

    “This unique integration with Razer Chroma adds another dimension to browsing altogether,” says the CEO of Vivaldi Jon von Tetzchner.

    Vivaldi has the natural fit of respecting the unique way in which a user expresses their individuality, and also they play style, so Razer Chroma keeps that as well. If you are an avid gamer than there is no way you will now enjoy what this feature provides you with.

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