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DXVK 1.2

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  • DXVK 1.2 is out, possible performance increase for CPU-bound scenarios and D3D11 extensions support

    Developer Philip Rebohle is continuing to advance DXVK, with another major release now available today.

    DXVK 1.2 includes a slight rework of command buffer submissions, to make them run on a separate thread. This should hopefully increase performance in times where you're CPU-bound. Additionally, command buffers are submitted more frequently, which should avoid some stalling and also increase GPU utilization.

  • DXVK 1.2 Released With Support For Direct3D 11 Vendor-Specific Extensions

    Just two weeks after the corrected DXVK 1.1 re-release debuted and DXVK 1.2 is now available.

    Philip Rebohle continues working on new features for this Direct3D 11 over Vulkan translation layer that's used by the likes of Wine and most notable Valve's Steam Play / Proton.

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