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KDE/Qt: Qt on CMake Workshop Summary, Upcoming News in Plasma 5.16, and KDE Plasma Browser Integration

  • Qt on CMake Workshop Summary – May ’19

    From May 2nd to May 3rd another Qt on CMake workshop was hosted at the KDAB premises in Berlin, where interested stakeholders from both The Qt Company and KDAB gathered together to drive the CMake build system in Qt further. Many of KDAB’s customers are using CMake in their Qt projects, so we are keen to see the CMake support for Qt improve and happy to help out to make it happen. The workshop was public, for anyone interested, but we had no external visitors this time. We’d be happy to have some more CMake enthusiasts or interested people in these workshops, so be sure to sign up for the next CMake workshop (watch the qt-development mailing list for this)!

    This workshop in May was mostly intended to reassess what has happened in the wip/cmake branch of qtbase since the last workshop and to discuss any further work. We spent almost half of the first day just deciding how to approach certain things such as how the CMake build system port will affect the upcoming Qt6 work, which is currently gaining momentum as well. We had between 8 and 10 people present across the 2 day workshop, from KDAB and (mostly) The Qt Company.

  • Upcoming news in Plasma 5.16

    We already had WireGuard support in Plasma 5.15, but it existed as a VPN plugin based on a NM WireGuard plugin, which wasn’t really working very well and didn’t utilize many of already existing NM properties. With release of NetworkManager 1.16, we have a new native support of WireGuard which is much more usable. It now exists as a new connection type so it’s implemented a bit differently compared to other VPNs. This mean that we had to implement first support for this connection type and its properties into NetworkManagerQt and implement an UI on top of that. The UI part of the new WireGuard support, same as the old VPN plugin, were implemented by Bruce Anderson. We are also probably (at this moment) the only one who provides an UI for WireGuard configuration so thank you Bruce for such a big contribution.


    Remote desktop portal brings possibility to control remotely your Wayland Plasma sessions. It utilizes screensharing portal to get the screen content and adds API for mouse/keyboard/touch control. Unfortunately at this moment only mouse support is implemented, mainly because I use KWayland::FakeInput protocol and mouse support is the only one currently implemented there. At this moment there is no Qt/KDE based application using remote desktop portal (or at least released one), but I have added support into Krfb, which is currently on review and I hope to get it merged for KDE Applications 19.08. Alternatively you can use gnome-remote-desktop.

  • KDE Plasma: Control Audio/Video Playing In The Browser Using Android Or Media Player Plasmoid

    KDE Plasma Browser Integration is a cool feature added in Plasma 5.13 of which some users are probably not aware, so I thought I'd explain what this does and how to enable it.

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