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Software: ModernFW, KDE Applications, Guake, HPLIP

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  • ModernFW Was An Exciting Announcement This Week That Went Largely Unnoticed

    Of Intel's keynote announcements this week kicking off their first public Open-Source Technology Summit, surprisingly not attracting too much attention this week was news of their ModernFW initiative to create a new modular and open-source firmware solution to replace aging legacy code on motherboards.

    From a quick look around a few days after the announcement, ModernFW was only even mentioned on a few websites for this ambitious open-source project that has a similar trajectory to Coreboot/LinuxBoot. ModernFW is to be a new firmware stack that does away with legacy code and provides a lightweight implementation derived from TianoCore that is just enough to boot an OS kernel. Hopefully this will ultimately lead to more collaboration with LinuxBoot in particular given their similar intentions.

  • KDE Applications 19.04.1 also available in flathub

    Thanks to Nick Richards we've been able to convince flathub to momentarily accept our old appdata files as still valid, it's a stopgap workaround, but at least gives us some breathing time. So the updates are coming in as we speak.

  • New Guake Drop-Down Terminal PPA (Ubuntu And Linux Mint Installation)

    Guake is a drop-down terminal for the GNOME desktop which includes split terminal functionality, session save/restore, support for transparency, and many other features.

    Seeing that Ubuntu has quite outdated Guake versions (3.4.0 for Ubuntu 19.04, and 3.0.5 for Ubuntu 18.04, while the latest Guake version is 3.6.3), and creating a Launchpad PPA for the latest Guake releases is the most requested "feature", I created a Guake APT PPA for Ubuntu 19.04, 18.10 and 18.04. Ideally Guake should be packaged as a Snap or Flatpak package, so it can be installed on many other Linux distributions, but I don't have experience with those types of packages.

    The PPA also works in Linux Mint 19.x, and any other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu (18.04-19.04).

  • HPLIP 3.19.5 Released with Ubuntu 19.04 64-bit Support

    HP developed open-source Linux drivers, HPLIP 3.19.5, was released with new printers and most recent Linux Distro’s support.

    HPLIP 3.19.5 added support for 64-bit version of Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora 30, and Debian 9.8.

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