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Top 10 Best Linux Laptops Out Right Now

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Linux has a cult following and for good reason. From powerful functionality to robust services, it is hard to beat a Linux laptop when it comes to day-in, day-out use. Preferred by everyone from programmers to hacking communities, Linux laptops are some of the best hardware out there for someone just learning to code or who has done it for years. They’re just a superior option to a Windows or Mac machine in many, many ways.

But you already know that, right? That’s why you’re here to find out about the best Linux laptops out on the market right now. And we’ve got you covered. In this article we will discuss the 10 best Linux laptops currently available on the market and why you should consider adding them to your arsenal. There’s a device at every price point and budget consideration so you should be able to find something that hits that sweet spot for you.

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