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I Finally Have a Dedicated Linux Laptop Again (But You Won’t Be Jealous)

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Prior to now I’d been making do with a co-opted Acer Chromebook R11 as my go-to Linux portable. While that machine is perfect for travelling (and boasts a great screen) let’s just say the modern Ubuntu desktop isn’t a comfortable fit with just 2GB RAM!

And prior to that it was a succession of low-power, low-end netbooks — that’s how long it’s been!

Now, not being rich (a recurring theme) my budget for a new Linux laptop was a modest £400 max. That put the sort of Linux laptops I regularly write about — Slimbook, Entroware, StationX, Dell, et al — out of my reach.


But thankfully all the major laptop makers offer a range of mid-level Windows 10 notebooks that were in my grasp.

Budget aside, my main requirements were thus: it had to be new; 12-14-inch screen; a minimum of 8GB RAM; and a processor that, ideally, wasn’t a Celeron.

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