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  • C TAP Harness 4.5

    Peter Paris requested that C TAP Harness support being built as C++ code. I've not been a big fan of doing this with pure C code since I find some of the requirements of C++ mildly irritating, but Peter's initial patch also fixed one type error in a malloc uncovered because of one of C++'s rules requiring the return of malloc be cast. It turned out to be a mostly harmless error since the code was allocating a larger struct than it needed to, but it's still evidence that there's some potential here for catching bugs.

    That said, adding an explicit cast to every malloc isn't likely to catch bugs. That's just having to repeat oneself in every allocation, and you're nearly as likely to repeat yourself incorrectly.

  • Paul Wise: FLOSS Activities August 2019
  • Sylvain Beucler: Debian LTS and ELTS - August 2019

    Here is my transparent report for my work on the Debian Long Term Support (LTS) and Debian Extended Long Term Support (ELTS), which extend the security support for past Debian releases, as a paid contributor.

  • Sparky news 2019/08

    The 8th monthly report of 2019 of the Sparky project:

    • Sparky 2019.08 (semi-)rolling based on Debian testing “Bullseye” released
    • Chours translate Wiki pages to Russian, so I do that to Polish as well; let me know if you would like to translate Sparky Wiki to your language
    • Sparky 2019.08 Special Editions released
    • Linux kernel updated up to version 5.2.11 & 5.3-rc6
    • Nemomen started translating Sparky tools to Hungarian
    • added to repos: FreeOffice office suite

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