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Screencasts and Shows: Debian 10.1 KDE Run Through, LINUX Unplugged and mintCast

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  • Debian 10.1 KDE Run Through

    In this video, we are looking at Debian 10.1. Enjoy!

  • Manjaro Levels Up | LINUX Unplugged 318

    It’s offical, Manjaro is a legitmate buisness; so what happens next? We chat with Phil from the project about their huge news.

    Plus we share some big news of our own, and the strange feels we get from Chrome OS.

    Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Ell Marquez, and Philip Muller.

  • mintCast 317 – Yak Shaving

    This week, in our Wanderings, Toyam (Void Linux maintainer) shaves a yak and gets to soldering, I blew up and recovered my Mint install, Tony’s been editing audio and LUGing, Josh has been playing with Windows Subsystem for Linux , and Joe finally gets the Note 10

    Then, in our news we cover the Linux Mint Monthly News, exFAT in the kernel, iPhone and Android exploits and the new Pinebook Pro

    In security, we talk Firefox and why you should give it another try

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