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LibreOffice Community Member Monday: Petr Valach

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I was born in Brno, but for nearly 30 years I’ve been living in Prague. I work for a software company where I am member of a mobile applications project. But IT isn’t my only hobby. I do lots of things – personally, astronomy and physics are the most important for me. There is nothing quite so interesting. And I am happy when astronomical or astronautical institutions (for example, the International Space Station) use free and open-source software.

I was member of the scout movement, so scouting is one of my “hobbies” too (it’s not a hobby, but lifestyle). In the Czech Republic, there is something special, a mixture of pure scouting with the education system of our boys’ book author, Jaroslav Foglar. He lead his scout group called The Boys from Beaver River for 60 years and wrote over 20 books, which are bestsellers. Indeed, Jaroslav Foglar is the most successful author in the Czech Republic, who directly or indirectly influenced literally everybody here. I am a member of the community associated around him, and member of Foglar’s association. Recently we’ve had meetings in the Foglar group clubhouse every month.

I am a member of the editors of (focused on LibreOffice and and LinuxEXPRES (focused on free and open-source software generally). I am lead editor at, which supports these magazines and websites, the Czech community around LibreOffice, other astronomical and astronautical magazines and more.

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DRM, Ransom, and Proprietary Spyware

  • Stream-Ripping Is Next Frontier for Piracy Wars

    The developing fight has the potential to be a consequential one both for the entertainment industry and beyond. Section 1201 has been around for a quarter century and has been explored a few times in court — most notably when the movie industry fought to ensure that no one cracked encryption and made permanent computer copies of DVDs and Blu-Rays. That said, copyright experts say that what constitutes an illegal “circumvention” is largely untested in American courts. What's more, with auto owners, smart phone owners and others now complaining that copyright law prevents them from tinkering, Congress has taken a renewed interest in 1201. Recently, Sen. Thomas Tillis (R-NC) has highlighted the need for reform, commenting, "I’m looking forward to our section 1201 hearing this month because my sense is that we may need to tweak that provision to ensure that the exemptions adequately account for consumer concerns, including by allowing for third-party repair of software-enabled devices."

    As for the Section 1201 debate around youtube-dl, the conversation confronts so-called "stream-ripping," a phenomenon that some in the industry worry will erode revenue. Given that streaming platforms have largely supplanted file-sharing hubs this century, it makes sense that access control has become a focal point. Taking steps like a crack down on password sharing is one part of the picture. The industry is also waging a quiet legal war against illegal [sic] streaming boxes, pirate IPTV and, now, rippers.

  • We're Against Digital Rights Management. Here's Why.

    What is DRM? DRM consists of access control technologies or restrictive licensing agreements that attempt to restrict the use, modification, and distribution of legally-acquired works. Examples include encryption technology used on DVDs, keys (or passwords) with video games or copying restrictions on ebooks.

  • Why Warner Bros. had to move its 2021 films to HBO Max

    But the shift to HBO Max is a bet on long-term growth in streaming offsetting the immediate loss from theatrical and other revenue streams. It’s part of a long-term play at making streaming a primary business for WarnerMedia that’s been accelerated by the effects of the pandemic. This does come with some downfalls that are impossible to ignore: In 2019, Warner Bros. was the top earner for WarnerMedia, bringing in $14.4 billion — just under 50 percent of all revenues within the division. Some of it was from the box office, but a lot of it came from home video purchases and syndication. Since HBO Max is paying Warner Bros. for the rights to the films, it’s not additional revenue but shifting catalogs between one WarnerMedia property to another.

  • Windows ransomware used to hit aircraft leasing asset manager

    Premier aircraft leasing asset manager SKY Leasing has been hit by a gang of cyber criminals using the Windows Avaddon ransomware and the attackers have leaked 20 files of the company's data on the dark web.

  • Microsoft apologises for feature criticised as workplace surveillance [Ed: Fake apology. "We're sorry we got caught!!!" Microsoft spin echoed by this Bill Gates-bribed (repeatedly even) 'news' site]

    Microsoft has apologised for enabling a feature, “productivity score”, which critics said was tantamount to workplace surveillance.

  • Salesforce scoops up team chat pioneer Slack for $27.7B

    Salesforce has acquired collaboration software vendor Slack in a deal worth $27.7 billion.

    The acquisition — details of which leaked last week — will see Slack’s business chat application integrated with Salesforce’s cloud tools, serving as the new interface for its Customer 360 product portfolio.

  • Slack’s Butterfield Expects to Become a Salesforce President

    Slack Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer Stewart Butterfield said he believes he will become one of Inc.’s presidents after the companies’ $27.7 billion combination is completed.

    Butterfield, who will continue to lead his workplace chat upstart when it becomes a Salesforce unit, also said the idea that competition from Microsoft Corp. forced the deal will be “dispelled.”

Sparky 2020.12

The December snapshot of Sparky 2020.12 of the (semi-)rolling line is out. It is based on the Debian testing “Bullseye”. Changes: • packages updated from Debian testing repos as of December 3, 2020 • Linux kernel 5.9.11 (5.9.12 & 5.10-rc6 in Sparky unstable repos) • Calamares 3.2.34 + kpmcore 4.2.0 • APTus replaced by APTus AppCenter 20201203-RC1; it is still under development but it is enough stable to let you test and work on it • added ‘sparky-www’ – it is a small package, which provides a custom Sparky’s start page, powered by DuckDuckGo, to your favorite web browser; the start page is located at /opt/sparky/index.html and has to be loaded manually to a web browser, after installing the package • Firefox 83.0 • Thunderbird 78.5.0 • LibreOffice 7.0.3 • VLC 3.0.11 • Exaile 4.1.0 beta1 • libpython3.9 is installed, but Python 3.8 is still the default one • python2.x & libpython2.x removed • GCC 10.2.0 as the default compiler • added RSS feed clients: QuiteRSS to LXQt and Liferea to MATE and Xfce iso images Read more

CMS: State of the Word, WordPress and More

  • State of the Word 2020

    State of the Word is an annual keynote address delivered by the project co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. [...] A Question and Answer period with pre-recorded videos will follow State of the Word. To take part, record a video of you asking your question to Matt on your computer or phone (landscape format, please). Don’t forget to include your name and how you use WordPress! Try to keep your video to under a minute so Matt can answer as many questions as possible.

  • Showcase Your Work to the Best Effect with a WordPress Gallery Plugin

    In this article, we are going to see best WordPress Gallery Plugin to Showcase your Portfolio. showcase your work to the best effect with a WordPress Gallery Plugin. No matter what kind of website you have, be it an online shop or a blog, you have to make it stand out. There are about two billion websites today, which means that getting yours noticed is extremely hard. Granted, less than half of these pages are active. However, even with those numbers it will be difficult to attract traffic to your page and then keep visitors interested enough to stick. Increasing the visual appeal of your site is as important as offering valuable content if you want to keep people interested.

  • What Happens When You Install Too Many Shopify Apps - SpeedySense

    In a nutshell, when you install too many apps, you call on problems. Your site will get sluggish, and you will lose customers due to the site’s poor performance. And it will be much harder to fix those issues.

Games: APICO, Liquidation - Echoes of the Past and Chat Clients

  • Take care of the bees in the latest demo of the super sweet APICO

    APICO is a game you absolutely have to try if you love casual farming, building and exploration. It's simply wonderful as you run around collecting and breeding bees to build up an apiary. We briefly mentioned APICO back in September, being completely charmed by its wonderful non-violent gameplay that sees you keep an eye on one of nature's most important insects.

  • Check out the brand new trailer for the RTS 'Liquidation - Echoes of the Past'

    Liquidation - Echoes of the Past is an upcoming tactical fantasy/sci-fi singleplayer and multiplayer real-time strategy game with rpg elements. It's looking and sounding impressive with a curious mix of themes from the likes of Starcraft and Dawn of War and it's coming along with Linux support eventually. "The game takes place in the dying plane of Veá, which has been repeatedly ravaged and drained of its very life essence over the course of a massive war that has been going on for centuries. Now, with the doomed world drawing its last breath, you arise as a lesser deity tasked with restoring the balance in Veá and ending this war before it’s too late."

  • XMPP Client in Godot –

    I started on last Thursday, with setting up the TCP connection. I first set up prosody on my computer, with it only accepting traffic from the localhost so I had something to test again. I also installed Gajim and Kaidan so I had an idea of what proper xmpp clients look like (and so I could chat with myself). Unfortunately, because of QML shenigans, Kaidan doesn’t start. For the stream itself, I am very indebted to this little project, as it showed me that you can use the process function in Godot to periodically listen to the TCP stream, which was a connection I hadn’t been able to make from the documentation. After I got that done, I still had some trouble getting the server to accept my data… turns out Godot’s convenience functions for strings and others helpfully prefixes it with a few bytes to indicate the size of the sent data. Using put_data(string.to_utf8()) for this solved everything. Now the server was accepting my stream! I also came across one annoying limitation in Godot: I can do host resolving, but I cannot seem to do a lookup on DNS SRV, which is used in the XMPP spec to point at the precise IP address and port to use for an XMPP Client. This means that right now the add-account button requires you type in the IP address and port of the server manually, which is really annoying.

  • Cordless Discord Developer BANNED From Discord

    3rd party Discord clients have never been allowed on Discord but most people who use them don't care but due to seem recent bans involving the Cordless developer being banned from discord I don't feel comfortable recommending that people use them anymore.