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Python Leftovers

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  • Select Pandas Dataframe Rows And Columns Using iloc loc and ix

    In this post, I will talk about how to use Python library Pandas iloc, loc and ix functions to select rows and columns from csv and excel files

  • Navigating Python Code with Wing Pro 7 (part 3 of 3)

    Last week and the week before, we looked at some of the code navigation features in Wing, including goto-definition, find uses, and project-wide search, code index menus, and the Source Browser.

    This week we'll finish up this mini-series by looking at how to quickly and easily find and open files or visit symbols in Python code by typing a name fragment.

  • API access for Google Calendar and Google Sheet access

    Doing some research, it seemed that gspread python library was the easiest one to get the access to the spread sheet and then be able to process it.

    Access requires setting up a credentials.json that is created using the google developers console (we should create a new project, create new credentials, etc). Please, read gspread documentation on requisites and steps for obtaining this file.

  • How I learned Python

    I never thought about learning python. However, once I got into machine learning it was a no-brainer. Everything was python and I just had to know it. So when I did the AI Nanodegree course at Udacity, I learned all the python I needed.


    Python is super fun and you can prototype stuff so fast it's insane. If you are just a little skilled, you can write scripts to scrape the web, shuffle and move your data around, develop a UI etc. in less than half an hour. It just doesn't get in your way in any shape or form.