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FOSS in Digital Coinage

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  • Insiders Weigh January Deadline for Bold AML Regulations Targeting Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges

    The European Union’s Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD), published in April, is expected to be implemented in the UK on January 10, 2020. The legislation attempts to influence open-source software, making it subject to customer due diligence and anti-money laundering requirements.

    Through the directive, HM Treasury is attempting to regulate digital assets, the open-source community and developers who write code that facilitates Bitcoin and crypto transactions.

  • Uruguayan government asks open-source blockchain platform to solve regional challenges

    The open-source blockchain platform, Aeternity, was recently asked by the Uruguayan government and Universidad ORT Uruguay to prove real-world applications of the blockchain technology by solving seven challenges.

  • Open Source Built Exchange HollaEx Launched

    On January 1st, 2020,, a cryptocurrency trading platform engineered using open-source exchange software by bitHolla, will be open for trading. For the launch, HollaEx will be launching a promotion where users who register using the referral link will get 30% lower trading fees on the platform.
    BitHolla announced the release of as an innovative digital asset exchange utilizing in October 2019 and the exchange will be open to the public on January 1st, 2020.

  • Orbs co-founder Tal Kol: Don't decentralize for the sake of it

    The co-founder of Orbs and former head of engineering at Kin explains why setting up a business in blockchain is like building a colony on Mars.

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Proprietary Software and Security Holes

  • Linux Client for Cisco Webex is Coming Next Month

    Webex is the video conferencing and online meeting tool from Cisco. At present, you can use Webex through a web browser in Linux but soon you would be able to install the Webex application on Linux. In a blog post, Cisco revealed the plan to release Webex Linux client in May. There is no set date, just the information that Webex application will have Linux support in May.

  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday, April 2021 Edition
  • Over half of ransomware victims pay the ransom, but only a quarter see their full data returned

    More than half (56%) of ransomware victims paid the ransom to restore access to their data last year, according to a global study of 15,000 consumers conducted by global security company Kaspersky. Yet for 17% of those, paying the ransom did not guarantee the return of stolen data. However, as public awareness of potential cyberthreats grows there is reason for optimism in the fight against ransomware.

  • Where are phishing emails more likely to originate from?

    The country where emails originate and the number of countries they are routed through on the way to their final destination offer important warning signs of phishing attacks.

    For the study, researchers at cloud-enabled security solutions provider Barracuda Networks teamed up with Columbia University researchers.

    They examined the geolocation and network infrastructure across more than two billion emails, including 218,000 phishing emails sent in the month of January 2020.

  • Print Friendly & PDF: Full compromise

    I looked into the Print Friendly & PDF browser extension while helping someone figure out an issue they were having. The issue turned out unrelated to the extension, but I already noticed something that looked very odd. A quick investigation later I could confirm a massive vulnerability affecting all of its users (close to 1 million of them). Any website could easily gain complete control of the extension.

EasyOS Dunfell version 2.7 released

Throughout 2020 and early 2021, the flagship releases of EasyOS were the "Buster series", built with DEB packages from Debian Buster 10.x. There were also releases of the "Dunfell series", compiled from source in a port of OpenEmbedded, that took a back-seat. Now, EasyOS Dunfell version 2.7 has the driver's seat and is the flagship release. Almost all of the packages are compiled in a port of OpenEmbedded, with the exception of a few large and difficult-to-cross-compile packages, such as LibreOffice and SeaMonkey -- these were compiled in the running EasyOS 2.7 pre-release. LibreOffice and SeaMonkey are the latest versions, and 2.53.7. Network management has been enhanced with ModemManager, which NetworkManager Applet and ModemManage GUI are frontends for. NetworkManager Applet is an icon in the systray and ModemManager GUI is in the "Network" menu. The Linux kernel is 5.10.26. There have been some significant bug fixes since the previous release of EasyOS, including faster startup of a Linux distribution desktop in a container (without wallpaper corruption), Osmo stability, and the XorgWizard previously causing X not to start. Read more

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