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Linux on laptops: Ubuntu 19.10 on the HP Dragonfly Elite G1

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If you're looking for the easiest possible experience in procuring a Linux laptop, you just can't argue with an OEM experience like Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition, or System76's Galago Pro. But it's nice having the option to retrofit Linux onto a laptop you just plain like rather than being limited to the ones sold with it—and if you like the Dragonfly Elite, it makes a great Linux laptop. We didn't face any significant hurdles getting Ubuntu 19.10 installed (we were completely done in well under ten minutes), and the laptop was completely and immediately functional, without the need to mess around with anything.

The Dragonfly Elite is a great performer. Everything from booting to opening applications to running them felt quick and crisp; for more detail, refer to Valentina's original review. The important thing from our perspective is that changing operating systems didn't slow the system down or make anything get perceptibly clunky—it's still a well-behaved eighth generation i7 system with 16GB of RAM and fast solid state storage, and it behaves just as you'd expect such a system to.

The battery life is also excellent, with a solid six to seven hours of full-screen, online 720P YouTube watching at full screen brightness. If you're watching offline media and willing to drop the screen brightness down to 50%, you could almost certainly watch movies on the Dragonfly Elite for a full ten-hour plane ride across the Atlantic.

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How Well Does the HP Dragonfly Elite Run Ubuntu? Very

  • How Well Does the HP Dragonfly Elite Run Ubuntu? Very

    If you’re in the market for a powerful new Linux laptop then the 2-in-1 HP Dragonfly Elite (first-gen) might not be your first thought.

    This 13.3-inch notebook isn’t sold with Linux, and instead coms preloaded with Windows 10.

    But Jim Salter at Ars Technica decide to try out the latest Ubuntu 19.10 release on the Dragonfly Elite to see if a non-Windows experience was up to scratch.

    And the result?

    Pretty dang encouraging!

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