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Python Programming, Interview With Brett Slatkin, Switching From Python to Java and More

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  • How to Plot a Histogram with Pandas in 3 Simple Steps

    The post How to Plot a Histogram with Pandas in 3 Simple Steps appeared first on Erik Marsja.

    In this post, we are going to learn how to plot histograms with Pandas in Python. Specifically, we are going to learn 3 simple steps to make a histogram with Pandas. Now, plotting a histogram is a good way to explore the distribution of our data.

  • Python Community Interview With Brett Slatkin

    Today I’m speaking to Brett Slatkin, a principal software engineer at Google and the author of the Python programming book Effective Python. Join us as we discuss Brett’s experience working with Python at Google, refactoring, and the challenges he faced when writing the second edition of his book. Without any further ado, let’s get into it!

  • World's average country population and inspection paradox

    Have you ever thought how much is the world’s average country population? And what does it say about the country you are living in or for the quality of life of the average person? All these questions are related to what we call the “Inspection Paradox” which we are going to illustrate here using Python.

    First of all we need to find some data. For that purpose we could use wikipedia. We are going to do everything without even opening a web browser! There is a nice Python library we could use to access and parse data from Wikipedia. In order to install it we need to simply run.

  • Is Switching From Python to Java is a Good Idea?

    The idea of having Python as a first programming language has a rational background. First of all, the syntax of Python is short and clear and the underlying model of objects and variables working is perfectly consistent. That means you can write “real” and pretty powerful applications without great effort. So there is nothing strange that many schools teach students programming using Python.

    However, knowing two languages is always better than one. If you are thinking of learning a second language after Python, Java could be a really nice choice. In this article, we are going to discuss switching from Python to Java in the case of a beginner software developer.

  • Tensorflow basics

    Machine learning might be frightening for beginners.

    So let's learn something extremely simple so you could feel the ground.

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