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My Favorite FF2 Tip

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The first time I needed a tip for Firefox 2.0 was to make its tabs have the close button "like before" (and I was pointed to Now I am using the default FF2 behavior and I feel a little awkward with the classical one.

Stuff like network.dns.disableIPv6 is old news for most people, and tweaking various other network config variables doesn't bring much. So I was not thrilled by Speed Up Firefox web browser.

What I welcomed warmly was another collection of FF2 tips and tricks: Random Firefox Tweaks.

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ACPI, kernels and contracts with firmware

This ends up being a pain in the neck in the x86 world, but it could be much worse. Way back in 2008 I wrote something about why the Linux kernel reports itself to firmware as "Windows" but refuses to identify itself as Linux. The short version is that "Linux" doesn't actually identify the behaviour of the kernel in a meaningful way. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the kernel can deal with buffers being passed when the spec says it should be a package. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the OS knows how to deal with an HPET. "Linux" doesn't tell you whether the OS can reinitialise graphics hardware. Read more