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SECO Unveils 3.5″ Ryzen Embedded SBC, Docker-Compatible EDGEHOG OS Linux Distribution

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Separately from the hardware announcement, SECO has launched a Yocto-based, Docker-compatible Linux distribution called EDGEHOG OS and supporting containers, OTA updates, and remote management.

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COM Express modules showcase Ryzen R1000 and Epyc 3000

  • COM Express modules showcase Ryzen R1000 and Epyc 3000

    Seco’s “COMe-C89-CT6” COM Express Type 6 and “COMe-C42-BT7” Type 7 modules run Ubuntu or Win 10 on AMD’s Ryzen R1000 and Epyc 3000 SoCs, respectively. New ATX dev kits are also available.

    As part of Seco’s Embedded World announcement, which was headlined by a SBC-C90 SBC and Linux-based Edgehog distro. the Italian embedded firm announced two compute modules that run Ubuntu or Win 10. Like the SBC-C90, the new COMe-C89-CT6 COM Express Compact Type 6 module supports AMD’s Ryzen Embedded R1000. However, it lacks the SBC’s support for the beefier, up to quad-core Ryzen Embedded V1000. This is the first compute module we’ve seen that is dedicated solely to the dual-core R1000, although both the MEN Micro Basic Type 6 CB71C and Kontron Compact Type 6 COMe-cVR6 have added R1000 to their original V1000 support.

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KF6 Progress Report: Almost Bastille Day (July) Edition

So the world has been hectic lately, dunno if you’ve seen the news, but that means that I didn’t publish an update since my previous KF6 progress report back in February! Now that the lock down has been (temporarily?) lifted where I live and that things are a bit less crazy, it’s time for an update. An actual Qt 6 is not published yet and we didn’t branch for KF6 yet either. Still as can be seen on the KF6 Workboard there are plenty of tasks in our backlog which can be acted upon now. No need to wait to participate, all the work done now will make the transition to KF6 easier later on anyway. What has been done since the last post? On the workboard, we currently have 22 tasks in progress and 4 tasks done. Clearly that’s not a huge activity in more than four months but the state of the world might explain it in part. Obviously with so little tasks done, they mostly revolve around our usual suspects. If you fancy becoming one of the unsung heroes of KDE, come and help working tasks from the KF6 Workboard! More hands are needed and right now is a good time to discover it and get into it than when Qt6 will be released. Indeed, when Qt6 will be around it will be much less quiet around here. :-) Read more

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