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Firefox Has an Official Flatpak App, Here’s How to Install It

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After already being available as a Snap app in the Snap Store, the Mozilla Firefox web browser is now also installable as a Flatpak app from Flathub.

Senior software engineer Mihai Tabara announced earlier this week that his team over at Mozilla managed to successfully build Flatpaks of the upcoming Firefox 75 release.

Early builds have been published in the Flathub store into the beta channel for early adopters who want to install the web browser on their favorite GNU/Linux distribution using this universal binary format.

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Also: Firefox 75 Enters Development with Revamped Address Bar

Benchmarks Of Firefox 74 + Firefox 75 Beta On Linux

  • Benchmarks Of Firefox 74 + Firefox 75 Beta On Linux

    With the release of Firefox 74.0 yesterday and that also pushing Firefox 75.0 to beta, here are some fresh benchmarks on Ubuntu Linux of Firefox 73 vs. 74 vs. 75 Beta, both out-of-the-box and when force enabling WebRender.

    Using the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card, fresh benchmarks of Mozilla Firefox were done off Ubuntu 19.10 paired with Linux 5.5 and Mesa 20.1-devel.

Firefox 74 Is Now Available for All Supported Ubuntu Releases

  • Firefox 74 Is Now Available for All Supported Ubuntu Releases

    Released earlier this week, the Firefox 74 web browser introduces a new sandboxing technology for Linux systems to keep users safer than before when surfing the Web, rolls out DNS over HTTPS by default for users in the US, and deprecates the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 cryptographic protocols.

    Only TLS 1.2 is now used by Firefox starting with version 74. Websites that do not support this protocol will show an error page.

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